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For Users

We will have a LAN with internet uplink again this year. The automatic configuration will be implemented using DHCP. The wireless network will only be accessable via access points.

Therefore: Please do not run your own DHCP servers nor should you operate your own WLAN access points!


All network jacks in the BCC will be patched. I.e., you can get net access at every single jack. We therefore ask you to bring one or more network cable(s) (Cat5). Bringing various hubs/switches is also allowed/desired.

Testing and measuring devices for copper (TP) and glass fibre connections are still being desperately sought by the NOC, so if you have some, bring them with you.

We're specifically looking for multimode ST/SC or ST/LC fiber patch cables!

48 Ports/managed VLAN Switch for 9fans, don't have Gigabit cables yet

  provided by W. Lausenbart 


There will be a wireless network at 2.4 GHz 802.11a/b/g in the BCC. This year we have a new special solution to make it work. Aruba Networks will sponsor us with a wireless controller and some APs.

To give us a chance to get the wireless working, please:

  • do not bring any wireless access points with you and do not operate a wireless access point at the 22C3;
  • do not ever configure your laptop to run in Ad-Hoc mode nor otherwise create a network;
  • do not run DHCP servers.


The BCC will be connected to the public internet via several transit providers, via two Darkfibre links at speeds of 1 and 10 Gbit/sec.

Everybody will get a public IP. Read: no strange NAT stuff. Nothing will be filtered or logged. At the most we will prioritize interactive services to be able to work smoothly even with the uplink under full load.

IPv4 IP addresses will be within the range, the IPv6 network will be 2001:4CE8::/32 .


No matter what operating system you're using: Your software should be up-to-date. You never know...

The Internet is a public network, everything which goes across it and is not encrypted should be considered public. Plain text passwords are easily sniffed and can allow other people to access your resources!

The 22C3 Network is part of the Internet and should be viewed in the same way.

A hard ARP table entry of the MAC address of the default gateway is recommended

arp -s gateway-ip gateway-mac

because from our experience this address gets spoofed quite often.

Important MAC Addresses
IP Address Mac Address Comment 00:0C:DB:29:BF:80 Wired Gateway 00:0C:DB:2A:17:00 Wireless (Fixed IP) Gateway

Note: Wiki's are modifiable, check these against the MAC Address on paper around the conference.


  • Real IPv4 address (no NAT)
  • IPv6
  • Ability to register a reverse DNS entry for your own IPv(4|6)


It will be possible to place servers in the hackcenter server room (A85).

Please talk to the NOC helpdesk (downstairs).

Infos for Nerds

The network structure will be a disconnected backbone, i.e. there will be a switch connecting the routers on the separate floors and the uplink. The hardware used will be a mix of Aruba, Cisco, Force10, Foundry, HP and Juniper devices.


In the event of any network emergency, network outage or questions, contact the NOC-Helpdesk.

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