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You might also want to consider the Surf&Rail ticket offers from Deutsche Bahn, available for this week on the routes Berlin-Erfurt (39€), Berlin-Bonn and Berlin-Stuttgart (59€). It's a two-way-ticket, so a fair price in my opinion.

from $HOME to Berlin

  • 1 place from Cologne to Berlin (and back?) --took
  • 2 Places in a Car from south western Germany (Ulm, Stuttgart) to Berlin, December 26. or 25. --Jojoo 23:56, 10 November 2005 (CET)
  • 2 places in a car, helicopter or a rocket from Bregenz or Friedrichshafen to Berlin, 26th December. One way only. --flex
  • 1 place for travelling from Erlangen(Bavaria) to 22c3 hope don´t have to get ther by train couse it´s very expansive. -- Raze
  • 1 place for travelling from Hamburg on the 26th orm later. Anything that's cheaper than travelling by Deutsche Bahn will do. --Tschebursaschka 09:50, 24 November 2005 (CET) -- (Guckes) suggestion: go by bus. see berlinienbus and HH2B (2005-12-18)

  • 1 place for travelling from Ludwigshafen/Mannheim on 26th or 27th. One way, maybe I can help to find a accommodation for the time. --jes 22:43, 15 December 2005 (CET)
  • 1 place for travelling from Wuppertal to Berlin on 26th or 27th or even later.Possible to meet me at parking-sites or slip-roads --Tellerschnecke 15:57, 18 December 2005 (CET)

from Berlin back $HOME

  • Another Place from Berlin to Goettingen on December 30. My Address is 22c3 at Thanks!
  • On December 30, I need to get to Saxony. Looking for a ride to Cottbus, Görlitz or Spremberg (but most probably anywhere in that area would be fine). Alternatively we could share a "Brandenburgticket" to Schleife and split the train costs. Please either contact me at citizen428 AT gmail DOT com or leave a message at my user page. Thanks! --citizen428
  • 1 place from Berlin to Cologne, Bonn or Siegen, preferably at the late evening of friday - mario AT domgoergen DOT com or try 0171 7918979
  • 2 places from Berlin to Hamburg. In the afternoon of december 31 in a Ford Fiesta. 017623832181(


  • 1 Trainticket / 31.12.2005 10:00 from Berlin to Karlsruhe or Konstanz (
  • 2 of 6 Places in a Toyota Hiace from south England (Portsmouth) to Berlin, December 22nd. Returning 4th of January. What the Glen
  • 3-4 Places in a Benz from Linz, Austria to Berlin, December 26nd. Returning Berlin to Linz on December 30. Internet will be avaliable the whole way. Fuel costs will be divided (Hexen may travel for free). f1r3
  • 2 Places in a VW Polo from Osnabrück to Berlin (driving over Hannover), December 26nd. Returning 31rd. Stefan.Behte

Hi Stefan, melde dich bitte mal bei mir rain ...und bei mir bitte auch: trebroN

  • Hi, I'm looking for up to 3 passengers to split costs. Driving from Dordrecht, The Netherlands (Near Rotterdam). Leaving December 26, going back December 30. No smoking. It would be nice if you can drive (and are licensed to), but I am prepared to drive it all myself if necessary. There are no biological age requirements, as long as you BEHAVE like an adult :) Route within NL: Dordrecht--Gorinchem--Utrecht--Amersfoort--Apeldoorn--Hengelo--German border Juerd (Update: have one passenger, still room for two more!)
  • 1 or 2 persons from the Netherlands Leeuwarden--Bremen--Hannover--Berlin, probably leaving Tuesday morning Pardus
  • People from .nl, also have a look at (we started that page before this one)
  • Transfer for up to 3 ppl from Rhein-Main area and back. depart 20, return 31. One way is also no problem because I know I'll be in berlin quite early. -- status: 2 out of 3 reserved for the trip back from Berlin.dm8tbr
  • 1 Place on December 30 by train (ICE) at about 20:40. route: Berlin -> Hannover Hbf -> Bielefeld Hbf -> Hamm(Westf). meatz
  • 2 train tickets we bought in advance but can't use ourselves, 58 euros (basis for negotiation) per person vienna-berlin and back: vienna-berlin on 26.12.05, berlin-vienna on 01.01.06, both are overnight trains. Chica25
  • 3-4 places in an LPG powered Volvo 945 Turbo (maybe also a Volvo 965, depends) from Koblenz to Berlin (route: A48 -> A3 -> B49 -> A480 -> A5 -> A9) on the 26th and return on 30th. Wolfram
  • 1 place in a Civic to Erfurt over Dessau, Halle, Leipzig on 30 of December afternoon or evening (A9/A4). Ck63
  • 2 places from the region aroung ansbach ( within nürnberg) there and back again stettberger
  • Some places in a VW T4 from Berlin back to Oberhausen/Ruhrgebiet via A2. Depart at 31st, 11:59 AM. mail to 22c3lift[ät]
  • 3 places from Meerane (Zwickau), Leipzig to Berlin on 27th --qbi 10:45, 24 December 2005 (CET)
  • 3 places from Berlin, Leipzig to Jena on 27th --qbi 10:45, 24 December 2005 (CET)
  • 2 Seats in an Opel Agila from Ludwigsburg. We hope to arrive around 08:00 at the 27th. The returntrip includes a Visit (of some Friends) in Magdeburg, but should at least end around 21:00 at 31st in Ludwigsburg. The Storingspace is not infinite ;-) FUD 25th December 2005 11:35 (CET)
  • 2 seats in an Saab (or an VW T4) (from) back to Bochum/Dortmund (on the 26th (~12:00) and return) on 30th, ~30€ (~15€/way). mail to ich[et] or macipv6[et] --albert
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