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Unlike the previous years there is not going to be a workshop room with a pre-planned lecture program. Instead we offer a table under the skylights of room A08 at the end of the Hackcenter. At this table fit about 23 people and there will be no digital projector. Here you can reserve some time for your workshop to be held at the Workshop Area.

If you need webspace for the publishing of content and documentation go to the hosting section, please. If you want to give a workshop at 22C3 go ahead and enter your offer below.

Please state:

  • start time and end time of your talk
  • the exact title of your talk
  • your name (make a link to your user page with contact information as we might have to get back to you)
  • a short description (use full sentences, no keywords)

Workshop should not be longer than two hours to allow for other workshops to take place as well. Please be there on time and leave on time.

See also: Lightning Talks


Day 1 – December 27

Start Time End Time Workshop Title Moderator Description
xx:xx xx:xx The Example Workshop J. Random Hacker This is just a example entry to give you an idea how to write down your workshop here. Please be as explicit as possible and leave this example intact. Make sure the moderator's name is linked and the linked page provides contact information.
11:00 12:00
12:00 13:00
13:00 14:00
14:00 15:00
15:00 16:00 General break
16:00 17:00
17:00 18:00 Python coding contest Sol Getting started with the contest...
18:00 19:00
19:00 20:00 CCC Regiotreffen (Language: German) Pylon Das Regiotreffen, als Treffen der Erfa-Kreise und Chaostreffs, wird im offenen Workshop-Bereich statt finden. Tag 1 wurde gewählt, um die Zeit auf dem Congress sinnvoll für mögliche Ausarbeitungen zu nutzen.
20:00 21:00 General break
21:00 22:00 Hacking for the Revolution Prometoys Hacking for the Revolution is a working title for a meeting. The idea is to bring people together, who are interest in technologies and changing society progressively. This meeting should be organized and realized in grassroot-style. This could the place for first discussions and contact between interest people.
22:00 23:00
23:00 24:00

Day 2 – December 28

Start Time End Time Workshop Title Moderator Description
11:00 12:00 RSBAC-Workshop Telmich Creating some RSBAC-secured systems and enabling in Kernel user management. Please see website for requirements.
12:00 13:00 (if no one else uses this, the RSBAC-Workshop would perhaps use it as buffer)
13:00 14:00
14:00 15:00 Holo-Workshop Claus Cohnen An overview of hologram production, containing the general holographic principle, lasermaster origination. whitelight transmission holograms, reflection holograms, rainbow and embossed holograms et al. HoloClaus will show several different hologram types and some nice holograms will be available as well as the production of holograms at the congress itself using the famous Holokits. Booth and holograms will be located in the Arts 'n Beauty area, the hologram production in another smaller dark room/area.
15:00 16:00 General break
16:00 17:00 OSS: Reliability and Maintainability? Jan Tobias Let's have a nice chat on aspects of code quality in open source software. I'll give a short intro to common (mis)believes on the topic and hope for interesting and possibly controversial opinions from you. Target groups are OSS developers and people interested in software development.
17:00 18:00 Wireless Community / Wireless Hacker Meeting Rene Its not sure we meet each other at the Workshop Area, if we are not there, come to the Wireless Area.

(Creative Commons Workshop postponed to Day 3, 13:00h because it overlaps with the talk about SonyBMG's rootkit in Saal 4, which surely draws a similar audience. Sorry. This time slot is vacant again, feel free to use it for your workshop.)

18:00 19:00 Wikipedia: Wie schreibe ich gute Artikel? Irrlicht Der Workshop soll Hilfestellung beim Erstellen von Artikeln für die deuschsprachige Wikipedia geben. Hierbei soll es weniger um technische Aspekte gehen, denn um Fragen der Themenauswahl, der Vorrecherche, der Gliederung, der Stilistik u.s.w., d.h. alle Faktoren, die begünstigen, dass der Artikel nicht auf den Löschkandidaten landet.
19:00 20:00 Typespeed Contest telmich Typing as fast as you can. One against one. Website and registration are online!
20:00 21:00 Pro-Piracy meeting Meet The Pirate Bay and Piratbyrån crew for an open discussion about copyfighting, the future of BitTorrent, and more...
21:00 22:00 hacking biometric systems Stephanie, starbug, ... We have different biometric systems and want to defeat them with You.
22:00 24:00 please come to the wireless area (c ring above the entrance) the workshop will be held there!

Wireless Workshops/Hands-on

Stephanie, Felix ... OpenWrt Hacking and Building Serial Mods. These are two more or less combined Workshops. We will help you installing OpenWrt and the OpenWrt Developer Environment ; if you are interessed you can solder your own serial mod to get acces to the serial console on your wlan router (we have kits and will help you if you need assistance - unfortenutately we can't help soldering more than 7 or so persons at a time, but you can come back later ).

Day 3 – December 29

Start Time End Time Workshop Title Moderator Description
11:00 12:00 Search Engine Policies HendrikSpeck Development of Guidelines and Policies for Good Search Engines.
12:00 13:00
13:00 14:00 Creative Commons Workshop Philip A short introduction into open content licences in general and hopefully, a discussion about existing problems (e.g. licence incompatibilities), their solutions and the meaning of "free".
14:00 15:00 Wizards of OS 4 vgrass The 4th of the [WOS] conferences will take place on 31 August to 2 September 2006. The general themes will again be free software, free content, free infrastructure. The workshop is intended to identify issues to be addressed and projects to be featured.
15:00 16:00 In Use (no General break)
16:00 17:00 ChaosFON - VoIP Infrastructure @ CCC e.V. thalunil This is a general meeting dedicated to the mostly german-speaking admins/contributers of

ChaosFON. We want to setup a distributed infrastructure for calling the CCC over telephone. Use: Press Contact, Member Questions.....alot like the structure.

17:00 18:00 Datenschleuder – Quo Vadis? erdgeist Es wird Zeit, sich Gedanken zu machen, was wir mit dem Erbe anfangen wollen, das uns mit der Datenschleuder in die Hand gelegt wurde. Alle zur Hilfe bereiten Hacker aller Erfas sind eingeladen, beim Brainstorming über Zukunft und Gestaltung der mitzumachen.
18:00 19:00 ROCK Linux BOF


Clifford Wolf ROCK Linux is a distribution build kit. This is a meeting for ROCK Linux developers and developers of ROCK Linux based distributions. There is a rough and ready list of topics in the ROCK Linux Doc Wiki.
19:00 20:00 ROCK Linux BOF Clifford Wolf Continuation of the above.
20:00 21:00 -
21:00 22:00 Swiss Gettogether Andreas Since all the swiss geeks never have a way to get to know each other personally at home, maybe this is a good chance. We're also hopeing to get some new participants for our "Chaostreffs".
22:00 23:00 Handheld Console Hacking Tob Some nice chat about hacking handheld consoles and developing homebrew software, flashparty included. I come from the Nintendo DS scene, but GBA, GP2X, GP32, Pokemon Mini, PSP, etc. people are also invited to join and talk about how their console can be tricked to run custom code and demonstrate their homebrew suff.
23:00 24:00

Day 4 – December 30

Start Time End Time Workshop Title Moderator Description
xx:xx xx:xx The Example Workshop J. Random Hacker This is just a example entry to give you an idea how to write down your workshop here. Please be as explicit as possible and leave this example intact. Make sure the moderator's name is linked and the linked page provides contact information.
11:00 12:00 Finding a worm's origin Tim Niemueller In this workshop I want to start an interactive session first giving an intro to a few techniques to track down the origin of intrusions. I will talk about this by describin a recent case study where I tracked down a recent Mambo worm of a script kiddie which aimed to create a botnet on IRC of willing drones using Keaten. After that there will be plenty of time for knowledge peering on how to track down these annoyances.
12:00 13:00
13:00 14:00 Smashing the patent system for fun and profit Ulrich Langer Is there a way to deal with patents in a hackish way? Patents are an ancient system, dictated by a group people without IT knowledge. There must be exploits! I'll draft a "low cost-finite monkeys - buffer overflow" and a "yellow peril DOS" attack against the system and we'll brainstorm about new ones.
14:00 15:00 BUILD your own RFID-Tag-Zapper! MiniMe We show you how to build your own RFID-Zapper using a single-use camera. Bring:
  • Single-use camera with flash(2,50Euros at Netto's, 7Euros for two at Rossmann's)
  • Some varnished copper-wire(lackierter Kupferdraht), we do have some left but not enough for everyone
  • A switch, i.e.: 705012 from Conrad.
  • Any RFID-Chips you have to test your RFID-Zapper
    You can optionally bring an soldering iron and some sharp knifes/Teppichmesser.

If you can't bring any of these, let us know so we can get it

15:00 16:00
16:00 17:00
17:00 18:00
18:00 19:00
19:00 20:00
20:00 21:00 General break
21:00 22:00
22:00 23:00
23:00 24:00

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