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The job of a herald is to briefly introduce the speaker, and then stick around in case something goes wrong -- i.e., if the speaker needs assistance with technical or organizational problems.

If you want you can also moderate the Q&A-section of your sessions, but usually the speakers can do that by themselves. Just make sure everything goes smoothly.

Job Description

  • Prepare a short introduction of the speakers and session (see the schedule and speaker page for content). Your announcement can be as short or long as you wish; at the very least mention the speaker's name and topic.
  • Before your shift starts: get the radio (Funkger√§t) from the Control Room (Regieraum), which is at the back of Saal 1 -- there's a stairway next to the NOC. Say hello to the person in charge there who'll assist you in setting up the projection. Bring the radio back to the control room at the end of your shift.
  • Before a session starts: introduce yourself to the speaker; see if he has technical problems, and use the radio to set up the projection (the guys in the control room will probably contact you themselves).
  • If everything is set up and the speaker ready to start: make your introduction.
  • Stick around in case something goes wrong

...and that's about it.


Sessions in Saal 1 are scheduled as follows:

Time Day 1/Tue Day 2/Wed Day 3/Thur Day 4/Fri
12:00-15:00 Martin Konrad Ingo Ingo
16:00-20:00 Verena Kosta Kosta Martin
21:00-24:00 Martin, Petschke Volty Volty -

You are free to announce sessions in the smaller rooms as well; just get there in time, and introduce yourself to the speaker before you start the session.


Contact martind if there are further questions, or if you want to be a herald.

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