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For unloading (and only for unloading) your car, you can park beside the bcc. You will notice, that there is only limited space, so bring your car to another place after unloading.

There are three parking slots for handicapped people behind the bcc.

Everybody else is on his/her own. There is a parking garage of some kind of shopping centre near the bcc. About 500 m to walk. The prices are like 1.50 EUR or 2 EUR per hour, but 15 EUR is the daily maximum.

Probably it's cheaper to park up to three S-Bahn-stations away from Alexanderplatz for free and have that short ride for 1,20€.


A good target should be the S-Bahn station Jannowitzbruecke, which is one stop from Alexanderplatz to the south-east. The streets south of the station (where also the C-Base is located) hold a decent amount of parking spaces. From there its also only a 10 minute walk back to the BCC.

Have a look at the map here

Find Alexanderplatz at the top, Jannowitzbruecke at the center.

Could anybody post a suggestion which S-Bahn station is a good point for parking ? Thanks. User:Pardus

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