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Last status of the Network was:

  • WAN is up (2x 10Gbit LINK OK, Peerings to: Cogent, KPN, Telia, Versatel and DHosting up and running)
  • LAN is up
  • DHCP seems to be running
  • IPv4 is working (
  • IPv6 works (2001:4ce8::/32)
  • DNS for IPv6 will be up at 23c3 :)


The network was realised using components of HP ProCurve and Foundry. A 10Gbit Backbone was built to ensure high bandwidth. All 2342 Access-Layer ports were Gigabit capable.


WLAN should be working (the access points will be reset regularly, so there might be short interruptions from time to time)

hint for wifi users - there is permanent more or less problems with wifi network. on irc channel at freenode, someone recommended: For more reliable wireless, set frag threshold to 500 bytes and rts threshold to 250 bytes.



This picture shows the bandwidth usage of the Internet Uplink during the 4th day of the 22c3.

Uplink BGP Paths
Uplink BGP Paths
Max Average
In 526.9 Mbit/s 255.4 Mbit/s
Out 1325.2 Mbit/s 874.3 Mbit/s

So for the next times: use more bandwidth :)

Connectivity of our AS248, as seen on RIPE BGPlay at 30.12.2005 is shown on the right.


Some people asked the NOC to provide some of the configurations... We will provide the configs of our Core-Routers, Uplink-Routers and Switches as soon as possible.

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