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Contact - OKhIN (6546) on DECT - okhin
Description Come and drink refreshing hot beverages with others
Members Mmu man, Okhin, Pandark
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Subvillage of About:freedom
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This is the tea house, a place for people to gather and refresh with hot beverages while chilling and meeting each others.

La Quadrature du Net provides most of the infrastructure for the tea house, but everyone is welcome under the shadow of the octogonal build-up. The place is intended to be a chilling space, which encourages meeting other people while discovering tea or other herbal infused beverage.

We do manage a lot of (boiling) water and it is known to not mix well with computers and laptops. Also, we cannot provide electric plugs for all of you who want to get more watts into their electronic appliances, so do not expect to be able to juice up your stuff there. Boiling water will have the priority over your devices.

Everyone is expecting to help making the tea flow and keeping the tea house a place of rest for everyone. Which means that, in case of issues arising (natural ones such as thunderstorms or social ones such as people getting angry at each others) anyone is encouraged to find and document a solution. Or to log it for other people to know about what happened and why. The idea is that, at any moment, the people needed to make a decision about the tea house are sitting under it (or standing, or sleeping, but you should not sleep there).