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Description librehosters is a network of cooperation and solidarity that uses free software to encourage decentralisation through federation and distributed platforms. Our values connect transparency, fairness and privacy with a culture of data portability and public contributions to the commons.
Members Agnez, Gust, Realitygaps
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Self-organized Sessions Cryptpad, Ethical hosting: where are your data?, Hosting for non-geeks: communication needs, How to collaborate better, Lh lightning talks, Meet librehosters, Movies screening "weird Germany series" - day 2 : The old Kasper Hauser, Run your own Matrix server, Terraform and Docker to selfhost, YunoHost workshop: install your own!
Subvillage of 1komona
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes
Location 53.03136 N, 13.30688 E

There is daily timeslot at 17u00 to meet existing librehosters members and an open invitation to join the discussion of the directions of the network.