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Description a place for all Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and alike
Members 402, Emzy, Michaels, Silverbucket
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Self-organized Sessions Debate Night - Bitcoin for Socialists and Environmentalists, Dogeville, Freezing your crypto-currencies - very cold storage solution, Hacking on nix-bitcoin, Ice Dragon - A Lightning Network paywall service, Pile Farty
Tags bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, privacy, freedom of transaction, bike, raspberrypi, beer, lightning network
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We are a village interested in all topics Cryptocurrencies (mostly Bitcoin)

The village developed out of the Bitcoin Sofa (Chaos Communication Camp 2011) and was known as the Bitcoin-Village at last camp. This year at camp the lightning network will be one of our main topics to focus on and how we can build an open and sovereign payment infrastructure on that. Because a look into the HTTP specifications still tells us:

HTTP Status Code "402 Payment Required" --> Reserved for future use

The original intention was that this code might be used as part of some form of digital cash or micropayment scheme .. lets experiment, exchange on any ideas into that to be determined future ... because if we leave this to facebooks coin the error 402 could quickly turn into error 404: Your freedom of transaction was not found more private data needed.

Everybody is Welcome
  • If you have other ideas to the 402 topic, please feel free to exchange or even join our village with your tent.
  • If you have critique on Bitcoin (e.g. the energy consumption) we like to discuss openly and will even give you the microphone.
  • If you see other great solutions that can be built on a blockchain like system get together on a drink - but please don't pitch us your startup or ICO.
Workshops, Sessions & Projects

We plan a small workshop and session area (no filming) and also will show some of the projects village members are working on:

more to come :D - if you have a project of your own to show, please write to christian [ät]

"Commerce on the Internet has come to rely almost exclusively on financial institutions serving as trusted third parties to process electronic payments." (Satoshi Nakamoto 2008 Bitcoin Whitepaper)