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Here are some Pictures taken ( with K800i) while bulding some MikroKopter at the Open_Source_Drone_workshop in the camp. Its my 1st Time soldering smd parts ,-) It's not as hard as expected but U need a very Contolled hand and some Concentration. With the Help of the Flying Spagetti Monster and all his friends God,Jah Buddah ( to many to name them - and i need help of them all 4 this PrJ) this all will work out and i can Fly my 1st time at the end Of this Camp ;-) Thanx for all the Tips/Tricks and support! Further tips are welcome too - WE shouldnt make the same mistakes multiple times - so WE can build things never expected ( e.g. aka Visions Part of Flying_Objects  !.)



All ICs on the brushles Controllers: Image:all_ic.jpg

4 Brushless Controllers: Image:Brushles_side1.jpg Image:Brushles_side2.jpg

Some Ideas For the Frame ( this Cup was the 1st thing i eat on the Camp - its very light-weight and the FlightCtrl fits in perfectly ;): Image:frame1.jpg Image:frame2.jpg

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