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Long-time italian wannabe hacker, born in 1981, stood in front of a CRT from the age of 6. This caused massive brain damage, red eyes and white-pale green skin due to display emitted radiations. A more comprehensive and boring description on myself and my interest can be found here. I haven't got a blog or a web site because I am lazy.

This is my first CCC experience, I'll travel with my manu_fla (my wife), sgrakkyu and darklady and we'll arrive in Berlin on August, 8th in the morning, hoping to arrive JIT for the opening ceremony.

I plan to take part in the italian village and i hope that Cash will make the Astro_Village reality, because I've always enjoyed spending the night watching the deep sky. I've also had few occasions to ask our fellow alien pals the answer to life, universe and everything and they always said "420", contrary to many expectations!

See you there! :)

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