Online Ticket Sale is Closing Soon / Vorverkauf schließt bald

Die Deutsche Version findet sich weiter unten.

If you still need a ticket for 30c3, your should order right now!

The ticket shop will not accept any new orders after December 10th, 23:59:59 CET.

We’re doing this in order to grant everybody enough time to make the payment. There will be an on-site sale too, but if you want to speed up the process at the entrance, better buy your ticket online right now. Keep in mind that we only accept cash at the venue!

If you have already paid for your ticket, but it has not been marked as paid on the website within 5 days of your payment, please contact us (be sure to provide some identifying information about your payment).

Letzter Aufruf für Ticketkauf-Verpeiler: Bestellt jetzt Euer Ticket!

Der Vorverkauf schließt am kommenden Dienstag, 10.12., um 23:59:59 CET.

Wir nehmen ab diesem Zeitpunkt keine neuen Bestellungen mehr an, um allen genug Zeit einzuräumen, die Überweisung zu tätigen. Wir werden zwar auch vor Ort Tickets verkaufen, nehmen dort aber ausschließlich Bargeld an. Zudem können Vorbesteller deutlich schneller abgefertigt werden.

Alle, die schon Tickets gekauft und bezahlt haben, aber noch keine Bestätigung in unserem Vorverkaufssystem haben, sollten sich dringend mit Informationen zu der Zahlung bei uns melden, sofern die Überweisung länger als fünf Tage zurückliegt.


9 Responses to “Online Ticket Sale is Closing Soon / Vorverkauf schließt bald”

  1. ibot says:

    Will it be possible to buy ickets in the eavening of day-0?
    I’m not sure, but I belive, someone told me that it was possibele last year.

    I would like to avoid the loooooooooooooooooooooong queue on the first day ;)

  2. d says:

    Re: day-0 tickets. Awesome plan. Last year I did not see a lot of people in the evening of day-0, but maybe the few there were selling tickets, it definitely was not a big thing.

    NOOOOOOO, I missed this message and now it is the 11th and now I have to camp outside in the Christmas cold to be in front of a very VERY long line. last year the lines were horrible, more cash payments means more overstressed volunteers and more waiting. (I wonder If there will be as much snow as that time in Berlin… maybe I have to camp in an iglo?)

    You know that I would not postpone buying a ticket if it wasn`t because serious real life stuff might have kept me from attending. And now I want to commit to traveling there no matter who/what I have to give the finger for christmas and what the career implications are and I cant commit to buying a ticket! (Did I mention I buy supporter tickets, especially if they come with a t-shirt, which I also pre-order?)

    “We’re doing this in order to grant everybody enough time to make the payment.”
    For me this achieved the exact opposite. At least in the days of “bad gateway” I managed to get trough in time, I thought those dark times were behind us?

    Payments take me in the order of 60 seconds using online banking. True with wiretransfers the banks hold on to the money for a day which is okay because you can trust banks and its not like they would do anything, like gambling with it. Lets be honest, if this SWIFT stuff was inconvenient there would be less money for banks and less stuff for the NSA to monitor. Credid cards and even moneytransfers work pretty smoothly. Its matching up payments with online tickets on the CCC (or OHM, CCC, WTH etc) end that takes time. Cant that be solved by trowing more volunteers at the problem?

    I see as PRO for halting pre-sales:
    – There will be less “stuck between the wall and the ship” payments without tickets.
    – There will be less administrative online payment processing work
    I see as CON:
    – There will be way WAY more administrative payment processing work at the front door. This means long lines in the snow and cold.
    – T-shirt sales will be and even bigger mess, if that is even possible
    – There will be a bigger pile of cash on-site
    – Cant there be electronic payments on-site? OHM (boo hiss) had them for coins and they were organizing on top of nothing but mud
    – The money wont be in the piggybank in time for organizing the event.

    I am so terribly upset that I am gonna pout and spend the entire day studying iglo building instructions on wikipedia!

    • zakx says:

      Hi d,

      I am deeply sorry that you missed the very small preorder period of 23 days (without a single “Bad Gateway”, according to our monitoring). I am also very sorry to inform you that we didn’t offer any t-shirts for preorder at all this year.

      While you may be able to tell your bank to send a wire transfer within 60 seconds, it usually takes everything from 2-5 days to actually turn up on our account. Within those days your bank usually tries everything to make sure that the payment reference, if you managed to think of providing it at all, will get lost. Especially if you’re trying to send money abroad. Most of the “processing time” is not manually matching up all the wire transfers but rather waiting for people to mail us more information about their “missing” payment.
      Accepting Credit Cards is a complete different story. Sure, you’ll get rid of the matching problem, but you’re inviting all kinds of weird charge, fraud and refund issues which not only take as much time as manually matching up failed wire transfers, but often end in some surcharge or fine we have to pay.

      Closing the ticket shop some 2 weeks before congress is also not a surprisingly new (or unannounced) practice — we did this last year, too.

      That being said, let’s get on to the good news:

      We’re doing our best to pull as much as possible of the cash desk queue into the building. We’re also working on speeding up the check-in process for everybody.

      We’ll open the cash desk (as usual) on Day 0 sometime in the evening. The queue’s usually very small at that time, so if you’ll be there, you won’t have to wait for a long time.


      • ibot says:

        “We’ll open the cash desk (as usual) on Day 0 sometime in the evening. The queue’s usually very small at that time, so if you’ll be there, you won’t have to wait for a long time.”

        Hi zakx,

        thx for information. This are good news :)
        Now I just have to find a way to arrive on time in Hamburg…


      • nichdu says:

        “We’ll open the cash desk (as usual) on Day 0 sometime in the evening. The queue’s usually very small at that time, so if you’ll be there, you won’t have to wait for a long time.”
        Thus, it is not possible to buy tickets in the morning and attend the keynote?

  3. dschises says:

    Ticket am 02.12. gebucht und gleich überwiesen. Immer noch als “not paid” markiert. Bereits zwei Mails geschrieben, noch keine Antwort. Muss ich mir Sorgen machen?


  4. HomerJ says:


    how big are the chances to get a ticket at day 0 or 1 at the cash desk? Are there enough tickets left or is it possible the congress will be sold out at day 1?

    Any experience about how long the waiting line could be at day 1 at the cash desk? What is a good time to arrive at the cash desk?

    thanks and regards


    • Martin says:

      There will be plenty of tickets – ever day.

      Some waiting-time is to be expected every day, but general rule of thumb: if you arrive like really early you’ll be first in line. But if you can make it, you can also come buy your ticket on day 0.