29C3 Party Mode

After PartyWe already told you about talks, workshops and assemblies at 29C3, but it seems we didn’t talk about parties by now. So it’s about time to do so.

On location we will have two main spots. There will be a tent in front of CCH with DJs and live sets. Music will be on from 4 pm to 6 am every day. Since smoking won’t be allowed at all inside CCH the tent will also be a place where people are allowed to ruin their health. The second spot will be a chillout area at top level of CCH which we call Ten Forward. This one will have relaxed sounds – both, electronic and acoustic sets.

At 30th of December right after the last talk we will have an After Party at a very cool spot called Universum Alltona, starting at 8 pm. Join your fellow raving hackers and enjoy some wicked sets from Dr. Motte, Fannie Mae & Carsten Plug, Neal White and David & Klein. There will be food, drinks and also an ambient floor. People with a 4-day-pass will get free entry. The Universum can be found at Amalia-Rodrigues-Weg 6, S-Bahn station Diebsteich just 3 stops away into direction Elbgaustraße. As a goody we will also offer an old American school bus as a convenient shuttle between CCH and Universum from 7:30 to 12 pm for free.

For people heading to Berlin right after 29C3 our friends at c-base are also going to have a party as usual.

mrmcdX: Call for participation

English version below.

Es folgt ein Veranstaltungswerbetext. Für den Inhalt sind ausschließlich koffeinhaltige Erfrischungsgetränke verantwortlich. Eine elektronische Version dieses Textes findet sich unter

MRMCD Buildup

Vom 2. bis 4. September des Jahres 2011 veranstalten wir (Chaos Darmstadt, Chaos inKL., cccffm, CCC Mainz, CCC Mannheim sowie oqlt) die 10. MetaRheinMainChaosDays (kurz: mrmcdX).

Der Kongress rund um den gepflegten Hack (sowohl in technischer als auch sozialer Sicht) findet nun mittlerweile zum zehnten Mal statt. Der Veranstaltungsort ist wie in den letzten Jahren das Piloty-Gebäude der Technischen Universität in Darmstadt (49.877491° N, 8.654536° E). Drei Tage lang werden dort Vorträge, Workshops, Diskussionen und ein Hackcenter geboten.
Für Frühstück und Essen vom Grill ist auch gesorgt.

Wir freuen uns auf Vorschläge für Workshops und Vorträge, die unser technisch breit interessiertes Publikum begeistern.
In den vergangenen Jahren kamen diese z. B. aus Bereichen wie Open-Source-Projekte, angewandte und theoretische Kryptographie, IT-Sicherheit, Social Networks, Embedded Systems, Programmiersprachen, Anonymität, Netzpolitik oder auch Rocket Science.

Einreichungen werden gern über das Pentabarf-Submission-System unter entgegengenommen. Referenten erhalten während der gesamten Veranstaltung freien Eintritt.

Bei Fragen oder Anregungen erreicht Ihr uns per E-Mail (
Der offizielle IRC-Channel ist #mrmcdX im hackint.


And now for something completely different: the English version.

From September, 2nd to September 4th, 2011, the 10th MetaRheinMain ChaosDays (short: mrmcdX) will take place. They are organized by Chaos Darmstadt, Chaos inKL., cccffm, CCC Mainz, CCC Mannheim, as well as oqlt.

The congress is all about hacking (both technical and social aspects) and now being held for the tenth time. The location will be (like in the last few years) the Piloty building of Darmstadt University of Technology (49.877491° N, 8.654536° E). For three days, talks, workshops, discussions and a hackcenter will be offered. Furthermore, you will not need to starve as there’ll be both breakfast and barbecue available.

We are looking forward to your suggestions for workshops and talks which fascinate our broadly interested technical audience. In the past years, we covered topics like open source projects, applied and theoretical cryptography, security, social networks, embedded systems, programming languages, anonymity, internet policy or rocket science.

Submissions are gladly accepted via the Pentabarf submission system at Speakers will receive free entry for the complete event (but no free caffeine supply).

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via mail at The official IRC channel is #mrmcdX in the hackint IRC network.