Education – not our department? Auf dem Junghackertrack am Tag 3 wendet sich der CCC an das junge Publikum. Zwischen 12 und 20 Uhr gibt es jede Menge zu tun: Alarmanlagen basteln, elektronische Käfer (pentabugs) basteln oder lernen, wie Schlösser funktionieren – das “Chaos macht Schule”-Projekt, ein Zusammenschluss mehrerer CCC-Erfas stellt sich und seine Arbeit vor. Während gebastelt wird, gibt es Vorträge zum “Chaos macht Schule”-Projekt, der kreativen Nutzung von Medien und Datenschutz. Außerdem steht das “Chaos macht Schule”-Team in einer Podiumsdiskussion Rede und Antwort.

Der Eintritt für Junghacker (bis 14 Jahre) inkl. einem Elternteil in der Zeit von 11:30 Uhr bis 17 Uhr (Einlaß) ist kostenlos. Die Workshops sind ebenfalls kostenlos, Spenden werden aber gerne entgegengenommen.

Mehr Informationen zum Projekt hier im Wiki.

Alle Workshops starten um 12 Uhr und dauern den ganzen Tag. Pausen sind allerdings möglich. Folgende Workshops werden angeboten:

  • von Schräge Runde/Alwin Weber: Blödsinn mit Lötzinn
  • von der Chaospott-Assembly: Alarmanlagenbau
  • von der C3D2-Assembly: pentabugs
  • von der C3D2-Assembly: pentalight
  • von der Lockpicking Assembly: Lockpicking ab 15 Uhr
  • sowie Vorträge (alle Saal 12)


  • 12:30 Uhr: Datenschutz
  • 14 Uhr: Lockpicking
  • 15:30 Uhr: Runtergeladen und trotzdem gezahlt
  • 17 Uhr: Vorstellung von Chaos macht Schule
  • danach Diskussionsrunde

Alle Vorträge und Workshops auch nochmal hier: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Junghackertag.

29C3 Party Mode

After PartyWe already told you about talks, workshops and assemblies at 29C3, but it seems we didn’t talk about parties by now. So it’s about time to do so.

On location we will have two main spots. There will be a tent in front of CCH with DJs and live sets. Music will be on from 4 pm to 6 am every day. Since smoking won’t be allowed at all inside CCH the tent will also be a place where people are allowed to ruin their health. The second spot will be a chillout area at top level of CCH which we call Ten Forward. This one will have relaxed sounds – both, electronic and acoustic sets.

At 30th of December right after the last talk we will have an After Party at a very cool spot called Universum Alltona, starting at 8 pm. Join your fellow raving hackers and enjoy some wicked sets from Dr. Motte, Fannie Mae & Carsten Plug, Neal White and David & Klein. There will be food, drinks and also an ambient floor. People with a 4-day-pass will get free entry. The Universum can be found at Amalia-Rodrigues-Weg 6, S-Bahn station Diebsteich just 3 stops away into direction Elbgaustraße. As a goody we will also offer an old American school bus as a convenient shuttle between CCH and Universum from 7:30 to 12 pm for free.

For people heading to Berlin right after 29C3 our friends at c-base are also going to have a party as usual.

Experience the Congress the best way – join the angels!

What makes being an angel so special?
It’s the best way to meet new people. You will get to know a lot of people from the community in a short time, there are always other angels that can show you around and help you around Congress.

The Congress would not be possible without many people donating their time bringing the Congress to life and dealing with all the side effects of bringing thousands of hackers together in a congress center.

Since the very first Congress in 1984, everything is done by volunteers called ‘Angels’. In return, the angels get some quiet space in the famous ‘Heaven’ (which will be huge this year) including food and drink supply, a good feeling of helping out the CCC to rock the Congress and being part of the Congress experience. Without those great people, Congress wouldn’t be Congress. We are really proud of our supportive community and all the people that pitch in to help making the Congress overwhelming.

There are many ways to help during 29C3! Perhaps you want to be a part of setting up Congress or tearing it down? Or you can help out while the Congress takes place, e. g. you could be part of the video and streaming crew or run the cash desks, the infodesk, the network operations, be an signal angel or herald or even support us at the entrance. For more information please take a look at the wiki: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Volunteers.

To become an angel, all you have to do is to register in the engelsystem where you can sign up for your favourite shifts, times and profession.

A big thank you to all angels for the good work and for keeping the congress running!

Fahrplan released!

You will find the Fahrplan version 0.1alpha at: 


Please also have a look at the wiki, as there might be alternative interfaces to the Fahrplan, such as mobile apps showing up. See also the <a href=“http://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Calendar>Calendar to get an overview of the already planned <a href=“http://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Workshops>Workshops. If you like to do your own workshop or some other event at the congress, you can add it there. 

Online Ticket Sale is Closing Soon

If you want to buy a ticket from our online ticket sale, do it now!

**We’ll close on  December 10th 2012, 23:59:59 CET. **

We’re doing this in order to grant each of you 2 weeks for making the payment. Probably there will be tickets for sale on site on 29C3, but be warned – we do not promise yet.

Finish your assembly until Sunday!

The congress is coming closer. The next stage will be the placement of the assemblies. So please make sure that you have set up your assembly nicely until Sunday, 2nd of December:

  • complete all the information in the form, so everyone can get an overview of your assembly
  • in the “free text” field you can add pictures and other formats as well. Give an impression of your projects, the whole assembly and the people behind it. The “free text” will be the body of your page.
  • Make it clear if you’re planning workshops on site. If so, please update the information about them.

Last but not least: Choose an area for your assembly, if you wish:

You will find a new field in the assembly form, that is called “area”. You can choose your preferred location inside the CCH and give us some notes on criteria that are important for your assembly space. We will take your wishes into account, but can’t guarantee that you will end up there. So please make sure you have a look at the final plans before setting up your stuff. To get an overview on the new venue and it’s possibilities please visit the wiki page describing the areas for assemblies.

Workshops – and all other events besides the main talks

Congress is made by you! Please add your workshop. A “workshop” is just something, that happens at a special time and place, but not in one of the big halls.

As you may have read in the blogpost on assemblies this congress will be even more community driven than it used to be. One step towards this is allowing you to hold your own sessions on whatever topic you think is important. We kindly ask you to prepare “workshops”.

That does not mean, that it has to be something with hands-on and making – sure it could be! But workshops can also be a gathering of a project group or discussing a special topic. They can be contests or games, activities outside of the building or even small talks, a follow-up-discussion on one of the “big talks” or any other topic that happened recently – or something completely different that you think deserves a place at the congress!

This year we will generate one big schedule of all those events, so that you can see everything that happens on one page. This is done using the semantic features of the wiki – so it is very important that you use the forms properly when you add your workshop.

For workshops we will have four fixed places, and maybe some more dynamic space at your assembly. The rooms are:

  • workshop 12, with 60 square meters
  • workshop 13, with 78 square meters
  • workshop 14, with 60 square meters
  • and the speaker’s corner, that is an open space close to hall 1 and the main foyer.

Please refer also to the wikipage to find more details on how to add your workshop.