How to contribute


If you find an event missing from our calendar don’t hesitate to send us an email with some details and we will add it. We need at least a date and a title, but we recommend to also include a brief description, location and the organizers contact information. Optionally, you can provide an url and a square teaser image.


For, we use hugo, a static site generator. Blog posts are created as markdown documents. If you want to create your own post for please use the template below. The so called frontmatter defines metadata for your post, such as title, publish date, header image, category and tags. If you are unsure about a suitable category or tags, or any other field just ask us, we are happy to help. Please provide a header image for your post. It should be at minimum 678 pixel wide and in landscape format. Your image should not exceed 500kb.

Optionally, you can provide us with a square teaser image for the “upcoming event” section on the top right of the blog.

Send your blogpost, header image and optionally the upcoming events image to


# Add a title for your blogpost. Do not add this title to the content of your post. It will appear as a first-level header.
title: 'title of your blogpost'

type: post

# Set the date for your blogpost. 
# Normally you should only set the date. There is no support for publishing posts at a certain time. 
# The publishing pipeline is run on every push / merge to the main branch and by a scheduler every morning. 
# A post with a date/time in the future will be published by the first run of the pipeline after the specified date/time.
# If a time needs to be specified for some reason, note that it is in UTC unless you add a time zone offset in the format +HH:MM.
# Format: yyyy-mm-ddT00:00:00
date: {{ dateFormat "2006-01-02" .Date }}T00:00:00

# Set a cover image for your post. Choose one from /static/media/ or upload your own there.
# Omit the leading “/static” in the path in the “Cover:“ line.
# If you dont want to use a cover image (not recommended), delete the “Cover:” line or turn it into a comment via a leading # character.
Cover: /media/mycover.jpg

# Add a category for your post, most likely it will be the event your post is related to.
# See for a list of categories.
# Examples: 37c3, camp-2023
  - category1

# Optional: add one or more tags for your post.
# See for a list of existing tags
# Examples: cfp, angel
# Please only invent new tags if there is a good reason. Tags are no stickers!
#  - tag1
#  - tag2

# Multilanguage configuration is currently available for English ( and French (
# After writing your post, make a renamed copy of your file and translate the content
# and frontmatter (most likely title) appropriately.
# Example:
#   /YYYY/MM/DD/    <- (German version, default)
#   /YYYY/MM/DD/ <- (English version)
#   /YYYY/MM/DD/ <- (French version)

## TL;DR

  * Punkt 1
  * Punkt 2
  * Punkt 3


Dein Text, nach TL;DR vielleicht mit einer einleitenden Überschrift 2. Ebene ...

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