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Congress or Camp would not be possible without the support of heaven and the angels. If you worked enough voluntary angel shifts at #cccamp19, you earned a special edition angel shirt.
Unfortunately, some of you never received your well-deserved shirt:
Maybe you never came by our tent; maybe we ran out of your specific size; you name it!

This is why we placed a follow-up order, ready for collection at #36C3 \o/

Please drop by the C3 Angel Fashion Operation Center at #36C3 to collect your #cccamp19 angel shirt, if you have not yet received one!
In case you did not quite complete the necessary number of shifts, you might still be lucky, so give it a try!

You give your best – we try to give you a shirt *

* Offer available while supplies last, terms and conditions apply.

Deutsche Version:

Es gibt noch und wieder Engelshirts vom #cccamp19. Holt sich euch bitte ab!
Auch wenn ihr die nötige Anzahl Stunden nicht ganz erreicht habt, könntet ihr Glück haben.

Also besucht uns beim #36C3 am C3 Angel Fashion Operation Center!