Public Statement

This short message is to establish that we are unwilling to tolerate any sexism, harassment or racism in our community. If you witness the abovementioned at any of the CCC gatherings, please speak out, back up anyone who has been the target of such behaviour, and encourage your peers to do the same. Please also know that the organizers of any CCC event will support you in doing so.

Sexism and racism contradict the preamble of the statutes of the CCC [1] and a public statement of the CCC issued 2005 [2]. The Chaos Computer Club and the organizers of the Chaos Communication Congress take harassment seriously. The Chaos Communication Congress will adopt an anti-harassment policy and respond to such behavior more quickly and firmly in the future.

46 Responses to “Public Statement”

  1. peter says:

    thank you!

    I’m happy to read that you take a welcoming environment at your conferences serious!

  2. ijon says:

    I hope this is a prophylactic precaution and does not happen because of harrassment or racism at the last events.

  3. Afelia says:

    You failed to demonstrate otherwise at the 28C3 multiple times. Women felt _not_ welcome like the years before. You should consider your own info desk personnel seriously.

    • nickfarr says:

      I take to heart what you’re saying, especially since such an incident happened during one of my events…and in the moment, I failed to react appropriately…and for that, I apologize.

      Building a safe space for *everyone* is our collective responsibility as a community. The conference organizers and the Angels cannot be everywhere at once. However, if there are specific incidents that involve organizers or angels, I urge you to contact the orga immediately to describe what happened so corrective action may be taken. (

      While it is unfortunate that there were incidents where some did not feel safe, I am very happy that we’re bringing these events out into the open and talking about them.

      With this statement, and this conversation, I hope that we can identify what went right at the 28c3, and what went wrong so we can take positive steps to do what we can to make sure they do not happen at future events….and those positive steps will not be possible without your help.

      • Jay says:

        Thanks Nick – I for one was glad to see you standing up and calling this behaviour out during the congress.

        People often join in laughter and puerile jokes without fully thinking about the implications – and sure, we have to be open and allow people to say what they think, but we need to be mindful of the implications too (the very hacker ethic).

        It’s hard to stand in solidarity when you’re in a distant seat in Saal 1 but I’m sure many others agreed just as strongly.

    • f_e says:

      I don’t think that it’s right to generalize in that way, Afelia. There have been incidents that I as a human being wasn’t comfortable with and I am happy that measures have been taken to make up for some of those bad experiences (public announcements, apologies, supportive feedback from the audience).

      I am female and felt very welcome. And I am truly sorry for those who didn’t. We’re working on it, I suppose.

    • LeV says:

      No, this is not true. I, as a women, have felt welcome at the congress every time and I see it gets better and better from year to year as more and more women attend this event. This is a positive progress.

      Apart from that, the personnel at the info desk consists of angels, volunteers. If you want to improve the situation volunteer for the info desk next year. Women being visible at such an event will motivate more women to come around.

    • downhill says:

      Please try to communicate with us if something like that happens. Call 110 on DECT immediately if you feel like someone is being harassed. There’s also 1024 if you just want an archangel to calm things down and talk to people. Complaining later isn’t good, call directly. And better call maybe one time too often than the other way round. There are public DECTs around the building and there should be enough people with DECTs around. Telling after the congress won’t help as much for resolving problems.

      • PublicRelaxion says:

        The 28c3 did found enemies behind own lines late. I do not agree with “telling after the congress won´t help as much as resolving”, because the “Nazi” handling fuckup did made some weakness obvious. Of course, this Nazi did drive a security pentest and CCC jumped into a PR trap by unforeseen public interest. What to learn from?

        110 should review his role as he did not manage to “calm down and talk to people” nor to resolve the Nazi problem well known 4 days long. Some angels reported, that he did veto for “Nazi laissez faire” against the majority of the organizer team.
        Here it appears not very helpful to advise visitors and angels to contact the decision makers more directly.
        It was not a matter of delayed problem escalation but a wrong deescalation strategy applied.

        After Constanze found a personal consistent way to manage both security and PR, Nazis did get an impression on heaven response time, but did not get an insight how CCC security will be organized in case of an attack. A great desinformation act;)

        The twitter channel of C3Info is a PR entity to be used with care. The Info arcangel did not realize. InfoAngels seemed to be untrained to fullfill CCC rules and policies claimed in 2005. Well, participation in heaven is for volunteers only.

        This year, the arcangel list remained empty.

        Is leadershio becoming a matter of obfuscation due to enemies out there?

  4. yag says:


    Could you please stop to project a few cases of “mimimi” on all women, who attented the congress? I think the overall atmosphere became more open over the past years and I, as a woman, felt secure and welcomed.

    • mimimi says:

      yeah, there’s no problem with sexism in the hacker community and everybody who thinks otherwise is “mimimi”. thanks for explaining!

  5. julia says:

    @Afelia The organizers of the 28C3 want to make clear with this statement that they take the events at 28C3 seriously and will take action accordingly.

  6. edlerj says:

    Thank you for this statement.

    We should keep in mind that hackers are not better human beings per se. It is necessary to keep this in mind at any time and question our own behaviour regularly.

  7. was says:

    Was war denn da los?

    • Manny says:

      Wo war denn da das Problem?

      – “Assange: Fickt keine Schwedinnen?” ist zu sexistisch.
      – Ein Teilnehmer Thor Steinar T-Shirt tragen ist zu nazistisch.

      Wenn’s sonst keine Probleme gibt! Uns geht es einfach zu gut, dass wir uns mit solchen plakativen Spiesserbefindlichkeiten beschäftigen. Warum nicht gleich mit Christina Schröder Websperren für Pedonaziporn basteln?

      In Wahrheit geht es doch bei solchen “Skandalen” wieder nur um die Selbstinszenierung und artifizielle Politisierung. Ich bin froh, wenn der CCC eine genderfreie Zone bleibt, wo man sich nicht für das Geschlecht einer Person interessiert.

      • marco says:

        Danke, du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen. Wir scheinen echt keine Probleme zu haben wenn wir uns schon künstlich solche schaffen müssen.

        • Arne says:

          Hmm, du bist weiß und männlich nehm ich mal an? Wie überraschend dass du kein großes Problem in Sexismus und Rechtsradikalusmuss siehst…

          • marco says:

            Der Kommentar sollte eigentlich im Kontext einer anderen Antwort stehen. First of all: Ich sehe sehr wohl ein problem im Rassismus, sowie im Sexismus und das muss aktiv bekämpft werden.

            Aber ich finde auch man sollte nicht auf jeden Feminazi (schöner Begriff) hören, und sich durch die Befindlichkeiten weniger einzelner in einem ungesunden Maß einschränken lassen. Auf dem Congress gibt es einfach keinen Flächendeckenden Sexismus, der ein Problem wäre. Und auch als Frau würde ich das so sehen und kenne genug Frauen die das ähnlich sehen. Vielleicht sollte man mal schauen ob man selbst ein Problem mit seiner Wahrnehmung hat, wenn man jede sprachliche Feinheit auseinanderklamüsern und auf ausschließlich Männliche Formulierungen hin untersuchen muss u.ä, statt immer die Fehler bei anderen menschen zu suchen.
            Gleichwohl gibt es mehr als genug Frauen die sich feministinnen nennen, sich den Kampf gegen Sexismus auf die Fahnen geschrieben haben, gleichwohl aber nur schreien wenn sie meinen Frauen würden ungerecht behandelt. Mit unterdrückung oder Einschränkung von Männern haben sie aber keinerlei Problem. (Und ja, evtl. pauschalisiere ich hier ein wenig, aber genau so wird es eben auch von den laut werdenden Feminazis getan)

            • wow says:

              Na aber holla… ich hatte früher mal den Eindruck, dass im CCC Umfeld sehr wohl reflektiert wird und auch Zusammenhänge analysiert werden. Hier ist so ziemlich alles drin, was ich eigentlich nicht erwartet hätte… angefangen von “Nazi-Meinungsfreiheit wahren” über “kampf für mein Pron” bis “links/rechts dasselbe”… Ist natürlich nur meine Meinung, aber Pron ist Privatsache und nicht Congresssache. Nazis und das von ihnen angestrebte Ziel entspricht genau 0% dem, was ich mir als Zukunft vorstelle, hat nix mit Meinungsfreiheit zu tun und ist mitnichten auch nur ansatzweise mit 99% der Linken vergleichbar (Siehe Statistik Gewalttaten, Ziele, Methoden…). Prons und Nazis im Zusammenhang mit C3 ist einfach nur noch peinlich, und jeder verharmlosende Kommentar macht es nur schlimmer. Was soll das werden?

  8. Philip says:

    @yag It is not helpful to marginalize and/or belittle real experiences of others. “I felt safe and I am a woman” does not equal “Every woman felt safe (and if she didn’t, it’s her problem)”. Comfort levels are differently and not fixed for everyone belonging to a common gender.

    If you felt safe and welcomed at the Congress yourself (great!), you surely want everyone to experience the same safeness in the future. If you can help, please do so. If you cannot help, that’s also okay but refrain from telling others how they should feel.

    • annon says:

      “Everyone”? Everyone expect those people with policital views that we don’t like.

  9. yag says:

    @Philip You got me wrong. I accept those feelings and I don’t want to say that everything is okay for everyone. Maybe you noticed that English is not my mother tongue. I just wanted to make clear that I don’t like the fact that Afelia generalizes and speaks for all woman.

    • mimimi says:

      I think you are mixing up the plural “women” (meaning more than one) with “all women”.

  10. yag says:

    In that case: I apologize to @Afelia. Sorry.

  11. tomate says:

    For me the situation was a bit spooky…. on one hand we took great effort to organize the queer geeks panel where we discuss equalism and on the other hand there were these sexist incidents.

    At least it shows us, that we are on the right way having these panels and that a discussion on this topic is needed within the hacker community.

    At least: Thanks for the clear statement.


  12. Olivier says:

    Thank you for taking the matter at heart!

  13. meh says:

    in the meantime cccelebrity fefe posts funny articles about gender trolls and organizes a twitter mob. good job.

  14. anonymous says:

    Es tut mir sehr leid, aber ich verstehe das hier wirklich nicht.
    Warum fühlen sich Frauen durch die Aüßerung “Fickt keine Schwedinnen” angegriffen? Wenn dann diskriminiert die Aussage doch Männer als Schwanzgesteuert?! Und die haben wiederum Humor bewiesen und darüber gelacht. Kein Nerd auf dem Kongress würde ernsthaft gegenüber einer weiblichen Hackerin respektlos sein. Und wenn, dann ist er das Problem und nicht der “Sexismus aller Nerds”. Und wenn sich einer von 3000 Durch einen Kommentar beleidigt fühlt, der nicht persönlich gegen ihn gerichtet war, dann sollte dieser Jemand vielleicht an seinem Problem arbeiten aber sicher nicht anderen Probleme vorwerfen.
    Wir sind alle Nerds und das war unser Kongress. Und das was nun bleibt, ist der nächste Fnord des Jahres.

  15. OneManicNinja says:

    if you are interested in this as a discussion topic, please subscribe and tune-in to the Rats&Rogues podcast. we’re having a conversation about women in infosec, and dealing with ‘male privilege’. Hopefully we can have listeners ask questions “live” and answer them in realtime. Follow me on twitter @OneManicNinja for more information.

  16. Tommiboy says:

    As i clearly see how rudly asking a woman to lift her skirt (though it was not clear out of the indymedia articles weather or not it was a real woman or a 3d model) is sexist and to be condemned by the whole community, I fail to see how not having intercourse with swedish women, especially in that context is more than a bad joke. So I’d really love to hear a talk or workshop on sexisism which explains that and gives advice for dealing with sexism in a group or as an individual. Maybe right after haecksenfruehstueck, like haeckerlunch. Cooked by men and women together.

    • julia says:

      The participant called ‘up her skirt’ while the speaker was filming her to demo the 3d-scanning capabilities of his system.

      Which is in no way better but at least directed at the speaker who basically ignored it and not at the woman who participated in the demo.

    • someone says:

      To suggest that it is only the decision of men whether to fuck Swedish women or not is not sexist? Making jokes about a possible rape is not sexist? Identifying Swedish women as a bigger threat than Big Brother is not sexist?

      • annon says:

        The point of the joke isn’t that the Swedish woman misbehaved but that Assange did.

        Let’s say the presenter would have instead said: “Don’t rape Swedish woman”. Would that also have been sexist?

        • someone says:

          If the intention was that people laughed about it then yes, of course, “don’t rape Swedish women” would be sexist.

      • Tommiboy says:

        Still don’t get it, sorry. Maybe if you stop thinking that i have the intellectual abilities of a common carpet and instead assume that i wanted to learn about sexism would help here. And I’d appreaciate (your) help to identify, well, more subtile sexism, more subtile as to ask someone to film the private parts of a human and how to deal with it.

        Thanks to julia anyway, your articles are a nice entrance into the whole topic. Still, if it is a problem especially in our community as it is frequently stated, more needs to be done.

      • rob says:

        “To suggest that it is only the decision of men whether to fuck Swedish women or not is not sexist?”

        I was not there and only saw the slide but THAT is certainly not how I understood the joke. Of course it takes 2 people to decide to fuck (if we exclude rape as unacceptable, which I do). But each of them can for him/herself decide NOT to. That means that yes, every man could decide to not fuck swedish women.

        In order to not write so many posts I just continue with some other thought, which are not a direct reply.

        So, where is the joke and why is it sexist? IMHO the joke is supposed to be that Assange is innocent, that he has been tricked, and that he would not have all this trouble, had he only been smart enough to “not fuck swedish women” who later lie and accuse him of rape under ridiculous swedish laws.
        Of course the laws, the possible lying and Assanges guilt are all up for debate, and I would not claim to know the truth. And if you have doubts about Assanges innocence (and who, except the poeple involved, could really be certain?) then it is tasteless and sexist, because it reproduces the stereotype of the woman who falsely accuses men of rape. Might still be funny to some people, depending on the individual tolerance to these things. But this tolerance is higher in some people and lower in others.

        I would not think of it as a rape joke though, because I’m sure that the people who laugh about it assume that there was no rape at all. If there was, it would probably be a lot less funny for them too. Maybe some people consider all jokes which have rape as a topic to be rape jokes – in that sense it would, of course, fall into that categorie. The explanation that Julia linked to is very insightful, and it also points out why such a joke could make people feel really uncomfortable, no matter in what categorie it might strictly be put: because what people find “normal” differs a lot between people. The nice people only laugh because they are sure that there was no rape. But the rapists might laugh even if it was rape, because they consider that to be normal. And they might think that everybody else laughs because “so what, bitches deserve it” or something like that, even though nobody else does really think that. It affirms their belief that rape is no big deal.

        Writing incoherent thoughts on the intertubes like I just did probably doesn’t achieve much. I even laugh about lots of tasteless crap myself. But I think it’s good to talk about it and try to explain to each other what we think. I’m not gonna debate the rape-joke-problem per se, I only wanted to help explain the situation. So there.

    • julia says:

      Concerning the slide about ‘fucking Swedish women’ I would like to point you to this article:

      And if you are interested in dealing with sexism in a group and an individual I can recommend the whole series ‘Feminism 101: Helpful Hints for Dudes’

      Which is ‘a primer for men who are genuinely interested in learning about how to be a more feminist-friendly dude.’

  17. whatever says:

    An offensive (whether Assange is innocent or guilty) joke is rightly condemned around the world within minutes. Half a minute earlier the same speaker had called for the murder (‘I hope your body turns up in a landfill’) of those who inform, displaying the name and photograph of one alleged ‘snitch’ in particular. And was rewarded with even more enthusiastic applause. Much has been written about the offensive joke, nothing I can find about the incitement to murder.

    Sometimes the priorities of our community makes me wonder.

  18. Lindworm says:

    To be honest I am very disturbed by the comments and the escalation these incidents at the Congress.

    First of all I personally don’t see that there was real sexism around even if there had been some bad jokes (witch you could also see as a sexism about man — “you go out there ***** without thinking twice”). Simply its just a bad joke.

    On the contrary I saw more happy women on the congress than ever, I had the feeling they blended in much much more than the years before.

    If a joke and one (single guy) bitchy words from the audience is (not to be tolerated) sexism. A joke from me and Nick on the stage about his EX-Girlfriend is sexism as well.

    Isn’t it sexism if there are TB of porn are traded on the confess by ftp?
    Aren’t we Hackers, open minded, mostly adult people that can lough about such small incidents? And since when are we hyper politically correct?

    My personal opinion. There was too much buzz about the topic and the buzz made it serious not the incidents, there a private word would have done it as well.

  19. Chris says:

    Das man beim Nazivorfall entschlossener hätte handeln müssen steht außer Frage.

    Gegenderte Folien … Verbot von P0rn … was kommt als Nächstes?
    – Zeitverzögertes streamen der Vorträge um eine Nachgenderisierung bei möglichen “Fehlern” zu ermöglichen?
    – Bald nur noch RechnerInnen auf den Slides?
    – Müssen wir “das Sicherheitslücke” schreiben/sagen weil “die Sicherheitslücke” gleich auf mehrfache Art und Weise sexistisch ist?
    – Gibt es keine Bratwürste in der Kantine mehr weil man sie als Symbole der männlichen Dominanz verbannen muss (phallusförmig und so … )?
    – Gewissensprüfung beim Betreten des Kongresses?
    – Online-Durchsuchung um “frauenfeindliche Spiele” zu bekämpfen?
    – Der CCC eigene Pr0n-Zensursula-Filter?
    – …

    Wie wärs dann mit einer Quote für Religionsgruppen, Ernährungsweisen, politische Einstellungen (ja es gibt zwischen linksradikalen orthodoxen FeminsitInnen und rechtsradikalen MachokapitalistInnen noch eine ganze Menge … auch wenn das den/die AutorIn gewisser ArtikelInnen überraschen mag) … etc.?

    TicketverkaufIn ist nunmal FCFS, ob man jetzt buddhistischer Bohnenalergiker oder Vertreterin des Fliegenden Spaghetti Monster ist spielt dabei keine Rolle.

    Wer keine Probleme hat macht sich welche. Ich selbst kenne keine Community und kein Event das so offen, freundlich und tolerant wie die Hacker-Community bzw. der xxC3 ist. Vielleicht sollten sich manche Autoren welche den 28C3 verreißen mal überlegen wer hier eigentlich eine diskrimnierende und intolerante Position vertritt.

    Was das Nazi-Problem angeht werde ich gerne AKTIV mithelfen solche Individuen aus dem Gebäude zu werfen, bin nicht gerade zierlich :-)

  20. Chris says:

    … um den gesamten Bereich vor den letzten zwei Absätzen (mit Ausnahme des ersten Satzes des Posts) sollten eigentlich “Zynismus, Sarkasmus, Ironie”-Tags gelegt sein … leider hab ich die Klammern verbugselt …

  21. Againstreality says:

    It was about time. Nice work.
    I hope deeds will follow these words.
    Please everybody make sure that every event or space of us stays or becomes a saveplace for all to work and an to have fun.

    greetings Againstreality

  22. […] formuliert. Auch weitere Konferenzen gaben die Einführung einer solchen Policy bekannt. Selbiges plant beispielsweise auch der Chaos Communication Congress, der dieses Jahr in Hamburg stattfinden wird. Dort gab es in […]

  23. g says:

    We should learn of the genesis of the phrase “political correctness” itself to be very cautious in opening the door to generalised rules for conformist behaviour.

    While the “political correctness” phrase was initially meant as a joke (look it up if you don’t know that) by the community to label itself after the accusations of it’s adversaries it was first mis-interpreted by others as a credo, became a rule and was then used by exactly thos opponets to attack the community it originated. So take out self-irony and self-reflection, try to impose a unifid thinking upon a diverse group and you will be more intolerant to your group than any external group could ever be.

    To conclude the argument – the phrase got abused so much, that now – far from dealing with the initial problem they are now trying to coin a new phrase… :D merry vicious circle.

    This argument is meant to show the difficulties on treading the fine line between standing firm against intolerant ACTIONS and projecting an aura of self-censorship, where people are afraid to be themselves…

    Especially in cases of Nazism or Intolerance to other beings this difference is – in the last respect – the deciding factor between a possible rehabilitation of those that can be argued with and an intolerant screaming mob on BOTH sides.

    What I would love to see is a tolerant community that can react to “dumb” or “offensive” disruption i na way that does not radicalise the group – therefore protecting the core of what it is to be a hacker :P