#tuwat, make congress accessible for all creatures


Are you suffering from post-congress withdrawal? Do you want to watch congress talks but keep scrolling media.ccc.de, thinking “meh”?
#tuwat, watch talks and be a productive part of congress at the same time!
Our subtitling efforts continue between congresses, join us on c3subtitles.de and in our IRC channel #subtitles on hackint.org!

What’s there to do?

Creating subtitles comprises two phases: writing the transcript and mapping it to the video.
For the first phase you will need to correct an autogenerated transcript. If you would rather like to write a transcript from scratch, you are of …

Translations at 34C3


TL;DR: Just like in previous years, a team of translation angels will be on hand to whisper simultaneous interpretations of all talks at 34C3 in your ear, starting right on day one. All German talks will be translated to English, and all English talks to German. There is a second translation stream in all four locations that we will use for various target languages – catch the heralds’ announcements for details. To listen to the translations, you will need a device with either a web browser, a generic audio stream player (such as VLC), or a Mumble client (“work in progress”). We cannot provide …

Assembly deliveries


Dear Assemblies,

the Congress is now right around the corner and you’re asking yourself how to best deliver your assembly equipment. Bringing things by car will be especially easy this year, as you can drive them right up to the gates of Hall 2.

This years procedure will look like this:

  • Use c3nav to find out where your assembly is located (search for the name and then click on “Details”) [currently c3nav is still WIP. If you can’t find your assembly right now, come back later. In urgent cases ask the assembly team.]
  • Look for the gate in hall 2 closest to your assembly.
  • Use the entrance “Tor 1 …

tu wat – GSM and UMTS will be ready


Good news everybody: There will be GSM at 34c3! We even have 5000 plain
white SIM cards available which will be distributed by the POC again,
for a small fee of 2€ per card. SIM cards from previous events will work
as well.

The GSM network will work on 1800 MHz (DCS-1800), so it should work with
all European and quad band phones.

Additionally to the GSM network, there will also be a UMTS (3G) network
on 850 MHz (Band 5). These frequencies are very common in US phones and
should also work a lot of modern high-end LTE (4G) phones. If you want
to be sure, please look it up for your specific …

Phone infrastructure at 34C3

Phone infrastructure at 34C3


Needless to say, we will provide to you a phone infrastructure at Leipzig. Please do not forget to bring your DECT and mobile phone with you (and the correct charger, maybe even a headset if you have one). The congress is hosted in Leipzig for the first time, really the biggest congress location ever and maybe we have some unknown constraints. We are prepared for this big event with up to four system components (in Hamburg we had one) and up to 60 antennas (in Hamburg we had 45). We try our best to provide a comprehensive DECT network, but can’t promise because of the unknown building. If you …

Call for Interpreters: translate 34C3!


If you are multilingual and fluent in German and English, please consider joining the translation team.

We interpret ALL talks in the four main halls live. German talks are interpreted into English, and vice versa. Our work is transmitted live in the lecture halls, streamed to the Internet, and recordings are published on CCC sites and YouTube. Also, like last year, we will be having a second translation channel in the two largest halls (Saal A & B) transmitted the same way.

That is a lot of stuff to translate, and for that we need YOU. At Saal A & B, you have the chance to contribute …

Self-organized Sessions forms are opening on WED DEC 20th, 9 PM CET


Many of you have been patiently asking for this: Finally we’ll have the wiki forms ready for you to enter your self-organized sessions on Wednesday, 9 PM CET. That way you’ll wide up the topics and the program of 34C3 and contribute your bit to a divers and versatile congress!

With the move to Leipzig come some changes: The CCL has fewer rooms than the CCH so we needed something new. Thus we created the concept of “clusters” with stages. This year there are a number of clusters, each one committed to one or two topics. Each cluster has at least one stage, some have more. They often have their …



Dear Angels,

Below are some important details for the 34C3 Buildup.
Please read them carefully.

Buildup Angel

Similar to the 34C3 it self, buildup and teardown only work thanks to the heroic effort and participation of countless volunteers. Warm thanks to everyone who helps to bring Congress to Leipzig, we very much appreciate every bit of help.
Even though buildup nominally starts on the 16.12. true parallelization does not take hold until the 18.12.. Before that we need some time to boot and warm up ourselves. For this reason our suggestion (especially to non-local volunteers) is to have a …

auchwat: Chaos Camping Crew


Du schläfst am liebsten im eigenen Bett?
In deinem fahrbaren Untersatz bist zu Hause?
Du suchst nur noch nach einem gut gelegenen Platz?

Deine Suche hat ein Ende.

Direkt auf dem Leipziger Messegelände haben wir 200 Stellplätze für Wohnmobile, Wohnwagen und Bullis klargemacht, von denen du dir nun schnell noch einen sichern kannst.

Für 100€ pro Reisemobil oder Wohnwagen bieten wir dir

  • einen Stellplatz vom 25.-31. Dezember (jeweils 12:00h)
  • inklusive Frischwasserversorgung
  • inklusive Stromversorgung (230V/16A)
    Hinweis: Der Anschluss kann als Schuko- oder als 3-poliger CEE-Stecker (DIN49462) …
Be a part of 34C3: Become an Angel in our System!

Be a part of 34C3: Become an Angel in our System!


If you asked yourself: How can a chaotic hacker event like the Chaos Communication Congress run so smoothly for so many years when nobody gets paid for anything? We would like to explain and also ask for your help.

We call all our volunteers „Angels“. They normally carry a badge, and they are the backbone of everything. They are cleaning, filling the stomachs, providing high quality videos, and answering your questions all day long.

Last year more than 2.500 Angels helped to run the Congress with 12.500 visitors. The number of participants who register as Angels has grown over the years. And …

Assemblies – it’s about time!

Assemblies – it’s about time!


tl;dr register your assembly asap

We’ll have a huge chunk of an exhibition hall for the Assemblies with nearly three times the space as there was in Hamburg. To transform a faceless and boring exhibition hall into a cosy, hacky, welcoming and inspirational place, we need you!

Over the last years the concept of Assemblies was constantly evolving and changing. With our move to Leipzig, there are new challenges and opportunities. In this huge space, Assemblies, people and groups will gather around different subjects, interests and competences. These will be represented by “Chaos Competence …

34C3 Tickets: Status and Open Sale


Since August, the first tickets for 34C3 can be bought using a voucher. This voucher phase will continue until October, 15th 2017 or until the ticket quota assigned for this phase is empty. At this point, all issued vouchers will be invalid with the exception of Angel vouchers which are valid until November, 15th 2017.

After the end of the first phase, we will open the ticket shop to everyone interested. To distribute chances to buy a ticket more fairly, we will distribute the remaining tickets into three quotas on three dates:

  • Thursday, 2017-10-19 20:00 CEST,
  • Sunday, 2017-10-29 15:00 CET …