Phone infrastructure at 34C3

Phone infrastructure at 34C3

Needless to say, we will provide to you a phone infrastructure at Leipzig. Please do not forget to bring your DECT and mobile phone with you (and the correct charger, maybe even a headset if you have one). The congress is hosted in Leipzig for the first time, really the biggest congress location ever and maybe we have some unknown constraints. We are prepared for this big event with up to four system components (in Hamburg we had one) and up to 60 antennas (in Hamburg we had 45). We try our best to provide a comprehensive DECT network, but can’t promise because of the unknown building. If you want a fallback, register a SIP extension and use a SIP Client e.g. with your smartphone.

We apologize for the very long waiting times to register your DECT phone. Technically it is not possible to speed up or process in parallel, but we will try a new solution called PoC-Q. You can push a button and get a queue ticket. Via a website you can check your position in queue and the estimated waiting time. Hence you can use your valuable time with whatever you want instead of waiting in PoC Help-/ Registration desk line in the glass hall. If you want to find out if your DECT device is compatible with the POC-PBX, have a look on the DECT Phone Compatibility List in the Eventphone Wiki or send us a tweet (@eventphone).


What about mobile phone network (GSM/UMTS)? You can assume that there will be a GSM/UMTS Network but very experimental. The GSM team give everything to setup the mobile network, but we cannot estimate how big and which frequencies. At the PoC we will install a dashboard with the current network status and we push the important news via twitter. 5000 blank, unlabeled SIM Cards will be available and we sell them at the PoC (CCL Level 0) from 26.12.2017, 11:00 a.m. Update: You can reuse SIM-Cards from past chaos events.

DECT, SIP and GSM/UMTS extensions can be registered in the Generic User Registration Utility (Guru).