36C3: Resource Exhaustion (2019)

Call for Subtitles


Have you been hit by Post-Congress depression? Are you sitting at home and watching recorded Talks from between the years?
Bring a little bit of Congress to your home and help with improving quality and accessibility of the CCC recordings! You can work on the subtitles from the comfort of your home, as long or as short as you like to!

How does this work?
The transcripts are generated automatically by speech recognition software and improved and corrected by you. Since talks contain lots of domain-specific terms and may have speakers with heavy accents, this is very much necessary. The next …

Resources exhausted: Tear Down

Resources exhausted: Tear Down


TLDR: Tomorrow its over, teardown starts at 18:15, don’t do anything stupid.

Dear life forms participating in Congress,

tomorrow, 36c3 will sadly come to an end and teardown awaits. For that, we need your help.

We ask all assemblies to start dismantling their installations after the Closing Event at 18:15 on December 30th. Please use gates Hall 2 – Gate 2.5, Hall 2 – Gate 2.6 and Hall 3 – Gate 3.6 for loading. There will be angels with pallet trucks to help to move your stuff to the gates. Entry to the premises has to happen via Gate Süd 1. We kindly ask you to first pack your stuff, move it …

Don’t miss out on our Chaos Ballett on Day 2


Moving their bodies as and to code: We’re proud to host Chaos Ballett performing a story by Sina Kamala Kaufmann, featuring Margarida Isabel de Abreu Neto, Lena Fritsch et.al. Music by: Thomas Liebkose & Fabian Rack feat. Kabel Trace.

One of the acts where hiding them in the distance on the larger stages would be a shame, our content curation team “Art & Culture” recommends watching the Ballett!

Call for interpreters: translate 36C3!


Heading for Congress, unsure what to do there, interested in applying your impressive language skills? If you are multilingual and fluent in German, English and maybe other languages, please consider joining the translation team.

We interpret ALL talks in the five main halls live and in real-time. German talks are interpreted into English, and vice versa. Our work is transmitted live in the lecture halls, streamed to the Internet, and recordings are published on CCC sites and YouTube. A second translation channel will be operated in the same way.

That is a lot of material to translate and in …

36c3 – asking your questions!


We would like to introduce another important angel team to you! 

Not all interested people could buy a ticket, and not all interested guests always fit into every hall. That’s a pity, but there is still the stream at https://streaming.media.ccc.de

Also, some participants decide to watch the stream because  it is more comfortable in their own assembly than in the lecture hall –  others stay at home and watch the lectures from their own sofa.

However, interesting talks tend to leave some questions unanswered, so the audience can ask them in a moderated round of Questions & Answers after each …

36c3 Assembly Anreise

36c3 Assembly Anreise


Dear Assemblies,

please be aware that you need to have your congress-wristband to enter the premises starting from 27.12. Furthermore we need the number plates of the cars with which you intend to deliver stuff. Please send them as a mail to 36c3@c3loc.de or call us at 0341-39294864, the gate will only let declared cars pass.

Entry to the premises has to happen via Gate Süd 1, from there you’re able to drive directly to the halls. You can look up which hall your assembly is placed in using c3nav. Please use the logistics area in front of Hall 2 – Gate 2.5, Hall 2 – Gate 2.6 and Hall 3 – Gate …

C3GSM wants you to test yesterday’s future, today!


tl;dr: we will operate our own cellular network at 36C3. Bring your
mobile phone(s) and C3SIM card(s). Check the Wiki for latest status and device support.

Like previous years at 36C3 the C3GSM team will run a local cellular
network for mobile phones, alongside the
POC’s DECT system and the NOC’s IPv4 and IPv6 systems. As core network
for our cellular network we use the open source projects osmocom (for
2G/3G) and NextEPC (for 4G). There will only be a very limited number of
SIM cards available to buy. However, cards from previous CCC events can
be used, so please don’t forget to bring them. …

Self-Organized-Sessions open to get filled by you!


Self-Organized-Sessions are your chance to present a topic that is dear to you in a way that works best for you: It may be a workshop or a lecture, it may be a discussion, but it could also be a contest or a game. You can choose any duration between as short as 30 minutes and up to 3 hours.

Choose any topic you care about – your favorite programming language, a hobby you’ve started hacking, or a discussion group to find friends with similar interests – expand the topics and the program of 36C3!

Please head on to the Wiki and enter your session to contribute your bit to a diverse and versatile …

„Chaos macht Schule“ – Youth Hacking Day at 36C3


You cannot possibly start hacking soon enough! That’s why “Chaos macht Schule”—the German initiative by the Chaos Computer Club to take Hacking into schools—runs Youth Hacking Day at December 28th 2019 from 10:00 to 17:00 CET at 36C3. Several assemblies provide workshops for young hackers, ranging from soldering to building robots, but also covering more traditional subjects like programming or mathematical puzzles.

To give youth a first glimpse of what it’s like at one of the biggest hacker conferences in the world, there will be special tickets for Youth Hacking Day—like in previous years. …

Meet the 36C3 track team “Resilience and Sustainability”


We’re 36C3’s Resilience and Sustainability content team and want to show you just our bit of work that helped making this year’s Fahrplan as amazing as it has turned out.

Our team consists of hackers and scientists, tinkerers and PhDs and was formed for 34C3 when we felt that the conference was developing a blind spot between complete destruction of all the IT things and the fascinations for the resulting apocalypse. We wanted to give a stage to new and shiny useful technology for a better and more resilient world – with actual prototypes!

This year’s motto “resource exhaustion” added a …