Be a part of 34C3: Become an Angel in our System!

Be a part of 34C3: Become an Angel in our System!

If you asked yourself: How can a chaotic hacker event like the Chaos Communication Congress run so smoothly for so many years when nobody gets paid for anything? We would like to explain and also ask for your help.

We call all our volunteers „Angels“. They normally carry a badge, and they are the backbone of everything. They are cleaning, filling the stomachs, providing high quality videos, and answering your questions all day long.

Last year more than 2.500 Angels helped to run the Congress with 12.500 visitors. The number of participants who register as Angels has grown over the years. And we would like to keep it that way. We don’t know yet, due to still shifting requirements, how many Angels we will need. But be sure to register if you want to find out.

This year’s Congress will take place in a new location in Leipzig and will have even more visitors. This means: We cannot know yet all possible new tasks that a new building and location will generate. But at the same time, we want to keep our way in organizing the event which is run entirely by volunteers. This can only work, if you consider being an active part in it.

Being an Angel does not only mean work, it is also an unique way to get to know the inner workings of the Congress, to meet hilarious and interesting like-minded people and to feel really as a part of the crowd. And you will go to „Heaven“ as we call the epicenter of coordination for all Angels. Heaven will always find a task and a co-angel to work with for you.

Really, #tuwat!

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Picture: kambor-wiesenberg, CC BY 2.0.