23C3: Who can you trust? (2006)

23C3 audio and video recordings available


We finally made it. Again, way too much time passed to finish off the complete set of recordings due to a technical problem on day one which forced us to re-capture and re-edit a quarter of the recordings. It always good to have backups.

But now we can provide you with the complete set of recordings in both audio-only and the complete video version. All videos are sized 640×480 pixels and are superbly encoded featuring very low bitrates and an unusually good video quality at the same time. All files can be played back on the iPod. Thanks to the 23C3 video crew of FEM Ilmenau and CCC Ulm for …

Looking for cool quotes, help wanted


We are currently producing a video documentary of the recent 23C3 event. We have tons of nice footage and interesting interviews, but we want more. So we are looking for cool quotes by speakers in the lectures being held at 23C3 and we want you to spot them for us as it is an enormous task for a few people but probably feasible for a huge crowd doing it in parallel.

So take a look at our preliminary video recordings (they are almost complete, just some talks of the first day are missing as they have to be re-captured from tape). We are looking for insightful statements that reflect our …

23C3 Lecture Videos forthcoming


While some 23C3 lecture recordings have already been leaked to the net, the official high-quality recordings are still in preparation (but making good progress). We do not encourage redistribution of the leaked videos as they lack proper license information, titles and correct meta-data. Please note that all material is released under CC-NC-

The to-be-released files come in MPEG-4 H.264 640×480 format and will be pretty small. The files are iPod-compatible and will hopefully be released as a podcast soon after.

23C3 Press reviews and other articles


Please contribute to our press review section and please also add longer blog posts about 23C3 as we consider them to be “press” as well. So far the list is lacking a lot of non-German reports. Thanks for your help.

23C3 is over.


We couldn’t be happier with how everything went. This have been four days of exciting activity and creativity, discussion and communication. Thanks to everybody for coming, sharing ideas and just being great.

Please give us some feedback. We really love to know about everything you liked or that can be done better next time.
Also you can tell us your opinion about every talk you saw. Go to the talk’s page in the Fahrplan and click at the green link.

We want your pics


You can submit photos to our Photo Documentation. The best way to do so, is to post a link to your gallery on that page. Of course, you can upload your photos directly to the wiki too, but links are preferred. Make sure to specify the license under which you publish your pictures. Since we would like to promote free access, please choose a Creative Commons license, preferably the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-by) license, which is the freest of all. Only under these terms, we can publish your photos in our publications or give them to journalists who want to write about the Congress. And …

IP Lecture Streaming


If you want to receive the 23C3 lectures live via TCP/IP, consult the Streams page in the 23C3 Wiki. It always reflects the current status and provides the necessary streaming URLs.

Getting faster to the congress


We are, as usual, expecting a really big run for entry tickets on the morning of the 27th – you had to wait about an hour last year. However, the ticket counter will open already on 26th in the evening. It is scheduled to open at 20:00, probably earlier. So if you are already in Berlin, please buy your ticket on the 26th in the evening. It will be a lot easier and faster for you and us – and will save you a lot of time standing in some cold ugly weather condition.

Everything else right now seems to work out quite smooth, no bigger fuckups, internet connectivity is already running. Oh, and just …

Hacker Ethics Hotline


Sometimes, while hacking, suddenly questions pop up:

What happens if I 0wn that box now?
Is it ethically justifiable to do this or that?
How much stress will happen if things go wrong?
What is the most efficient way to handle an interesting piece of information?
The Hacker Ethics Hotline offers fast and anonymous counseling on this and related topics.
Simply dial 1042 on the DECT phone next to you and make an appointment (real life, chat or phone). The Hacker Ethics Hotline is run by FX of Phenoelit, Ron, 46halbe and Frank Rieger.

Bring your DECT.


[basic info]
The POC will provide the telephone system (Alcatel OmniPCX 4400) combined with an asterisk system for VoIP which is fully integrated into the PBX System.

Additionally the POC will also provide cable bound phones
which will be connected via the structured cabling system of the BCC.

Everybody can bring his own DECT/GAP compatible phone, which will be registered into the system.

[payoff] “a cellphone is so much more useful – why bring a DECT phone, too?”

you should bring a DECT phone for the following four reasons:

  1. you can talk to other DECT phone users locally at the congress for …

Prepare for Impact


Today was the “kickoff” day at the bcc, our very first day getting everything set up for the congress in the building. As every year, it was mostly a delivery day. Shirts, the proceedings and a lot of other stuff we need for the organization arrived – all the stuff we need quite early in our congress setup.


Most of the hardware used for the congress network is already in the building, huge stacks full of switches and routers were delivered today. Quite a lot of …