33C3: Works For Me (2016)

Das zehnte Türchen der #35C3 Memory Lane: Portable Power!

35c3-kalender 10

Das zehnte Türchen.

Wem die elliptischen Kurven von gestern nicht kompliziert genug waren: Hier haben wir die nächste Eskalationsstufe in der nach oben offenen Nerd-Skala. Es geht um Game Boys von Nintendo. Das allgegenwärtige Spielgerät der 1990er-Jahre, das 1991 schon als „Elektronik-Droge“ betitelt wurde, erfreut sich auch heute noch einer treuen Anhängerschar, nicht zuletzt wegen des schmissigen Slogans:

„Now …

Das achte Türchen der #35C3 Memory Lane: Tief durchatmen!

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Das achte Türchen.

Kreativität wird auf dem Chaos Communication Congress in vielen Formen, auch manchmal leicht abseitigen, gefeiert. Im Jahr 2015 wurde bekannt, dass ein deutscher Autobauer sich von dieser Kreativität ein Scheibchen abgeschnitten und mit technischen Kniffen im großen Stil Abgasgrenzwerte überschritten hatte. Über diesen Abgasbetrug berichteten erstmals auf dem 32C3 Daniel Lange und Felix Domke. Doch …

33C3: works for all


Der Dokumentarfilmer Mark Zorko hat beim 33C3 eine kleine Kurz-Doku aufgenommen. Sie trägt den Titel “works for all” und wird nun pünktlich zu Tag 0 des 34C3 veröffentlicht, um unser aller Vorfreude ins unermessliche zu steigern.
Viel Spaß :-)

Hier gibt es den 1GB-Download von media.ccc.de und hier auch eine Youtube-Version in geminderter Qualität.

Film über den geheimen Drohnenkrieg: National Bird


Diese Woche läuft in Deutschland der Dokumentarfilm National Bird über den Drohnenkrieg und Whistleblower an. Auf dem 33C3 gab es in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin Sonia Kennebeck und Cian Westmoreland schon eine Sondervorstellung. Wer die verpasst hat, kann den Film nun im Kino sehen.


Filmplakat National Bird.

Kennebeck richtet ihre Kamera auf die Menschen, die nicht mehr schweigen wollen über den geheimen Drohnenkrieg der Vereinigten Staaten, auch wenn sie als Bild-Analysten oder als …

33C3 Movie Night


On day 3 Hall F will become the official movie hall of 33C3. From 6pm until about midnight we will show three films. While Zero Days and Traceroute have been official submissions to the 33C3 programme, “61 Tage” is a self organized session that will be shown independently by one of the people who made it.

18:00 Zero Days (116 min) EN

A documentary by oscar winning Alex Gibney (Taxi to hell, Going Clear) about digital warfare by the USA with the help of Stuxnet and others.

Trailer on media.ccc.de

20:00 61 Tage (25 min + Q&A) – DE

What if WE had to flee? Who could we trust? Who would help …

Open, Shared and Reserved Tables OR How to find your place at 33C3


As explained in our previous post, placing all Assemblies and suiting everybody’s needs is next to impossible. This year we’re changing the concept a bit: Out of all applications, we selected the ones providing the most benefits to all visitors and reserved a fixed space for them. All the other ones can choose their place themselves.

That means, in addition to the Reserved Tables and the Shared Tables that you know from the previous years, we also have so called Open Tables. For the Shared Tables the same rules as last years apply: These aren’t intended to be occupied permanently by any …

We work to make it work for you!


If you say that you want to make the 33c3 also work for visitors with disabilities then this might be your chance.

As a part of the subtitles team, you would help to transcribe talks live. If you like to type fast you are welcome to join us, if you don’t know how fast you can type, check your skills here 10fastfingers.com.

Please register as an subtitle angel in the engelsystem first and join as a subtitle angel. All introduction meetings will be announced in the 33c3 wiki. We are looking forward to having you as angel!

Our goal this year is to cover hall 1 and 2 with a 100% live subtitles. …

Speakers: please support the translations, send us your slides!


If you’ll be giving a talk at 33C3 in Hamburg, you should know that your talk will be simultaneously translated from English to German (or vice versa) by our team of volunteers. The only exception is talks where we feel that a translation is likely not to do it justice, like plays or performances.

For the quality of the translations it helps a lot if we can prepare a glossary for each talk. It would be awesome if you could send us any material that may help us do that, such as presentation slides or a manuscript. We’ll will not share these outside our team of volunteers.

If you have any …

GSM and Phone Infrastructure


Good news: There will be GSM at 33c3! Bad news: There are no SIM Cards available! At the past events we spread thousands. Please bring your SIM Card(s) and share your SIM Cards.

To (hopefully) prevent so much questions during the very short setup time, here is our plan ™:

  • 23.11. – Extension registration in GURU for 33c3 is open.
  • 23.12. – Starting GSM setup.
  • 24.12. – Setup the Eventphone PBX, hang up DECT antennas.
  • 25.12. – 11:00 a.m. Start issuing preregistered orga DECT phones, rollout wired devices, registration of new orga DECT phones if (inter)network is working.
  • 26.12. – 11:00 a.m. Start …

Translations at 33C3


Listen to the simultaneous interpretations of all German-language talks with a DECT phone. Read more details below or short information in the Wiki.

It always happens: there’s that one brilliant talk by a team of hackers who built a wooden self-driving car with COBOL-based firmware on a Raspberry Pi. You’re about to head all the way out to Hall G, you only re-check the schedule to make sure that it really is there – damn, what’s that? It turns out the talk is in German and now you won’t be able to understand a word of it. “If only I had a babelfish,” you think to yourself as you redirect your …

Awareness Team at 33C3


tl;dr: The Awareness team (DECT 113) will provide a point of contact for people to process experiences, resolve conflicts and to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere especially for minorities.

There will be thousands of people at 33C3, all of whom have different needs and all of whom are different and unique in the way they feel, think and act.
Respectful behaviour amongst each other, including respect of personal boundaries, ought to be the standard, but even at the Congress there may be situations where people are discriminated against in word or deed. Sexism, racism, homo- and …

Welcome to HHackertours – your provider of sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts!


Visiting the 33C3 and wondering what the city has to offer? Try one of our tours! Our goal is to show Hamburg to the visitors of the 33C3 like no other tour guide would. We have selected tours showing the behind the scenes of our most fascinating technology related sites.

Save a seat for a tour on our webpage and follow us on Twitter to get updates about new tours, changes and important updates. We also have a page in the congress wiki to help you find our assembly.

Here’s a list of our tours (English and German):

**Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)

Einladung zum Junghackertag auf dem 33C3


Update (19.12.): Das Kontingent ist ausgeschöpft. Weitere Anmeldungen sind leider nicht mehr möglich. Ohne Anmeldung gibt es keinen Einlass.

Mittwoch, 28.12.2016, 10 Uhr bis ca. 17 Uhr, Congress Center Hamburg Dammtor
(freier Congress-Eintritt für Jugendliche bis einschließlich 14 Jahren mit einer erwachsenen Begleitung).


Don’t forget your (DECT) phone


“Works for us” is not enough.
“Works for you” is our aspiration.



We will provide to you the best phone infrastructure of all chaos events, combined with the shortest setup time ever. So do not forget to …

33C3 CTF

33C3 CTF


This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the C3 CTF. Grab some of your hacker friends and sign up. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Capture the Flag (CTF) is a team-based competition testing hacker skills like pwning, reversing and breaking cryptography. 33C3 CTF will start on Day 1, Dec. 27th, 2016 at 9pm local time (UTC+1) and last for 48 hours. While this falls within congress time, the competition is hosted on the internet, is free to play for everyone and requires no setup.

If you’re on-site be sure to pay us a visit. Anyone else can contact us on irc: /join #33c3ctf on …

Bescheinigung sicherer Umgang mit Lebensmitteln // German certificate for food handling


damals: “Gesundheitszeugnis”

Für Gemeinschaftsküchen und Essensverkauf gelten in Deutschland Regeln. Zum Beispiel müssen die Gerätschaften für Lebensmittel zugelassen sein und auch die Menschen, die damit umgehen, brauchen eine Schulung. Bestenfalls habt ihr nicht nur den Schein, sondern auch etwas Wissen mitgenommen ;-)

Wofür brauchst man den Schein und bringt der mir sonst auch was?

Wenn ihr im Erfa oder im Job jetzt oder später mit Lebensmitteln zu tun habt, sollte man den haben. Nicht für die eigene Pizza im Ofen, sondern wenn ihr Essen führ mehrere Menschen zubereitet und/oder verkauft. …

33C3 – Call for Angels!


Join the Angels for the best Congress experience

Our Camp and our Chaos Communication Congress would not be possible without the great work of our volunteers, called Angels. Your engagement as an Angel is the perfect opportunity to become a part of Congress and make it even more amazing for everyone involved. Apart from that, volunteering is a great chance to meet new people.

What makes being an Angel so special, you may wonder? Let us answer this with another question: Are you able to run an event with thousands of visitors, creative minds, eager to discuss, explore and most of all: create? …




Dearest Kids and parents,

There’ll be a Kidspace again at 33c3, so that parents can provide their kids (<12Y) the opportunity to rest as well as to move. Besides the mandatory ball pool, the breastfeeding-corner as well as the video games we’ve come up with a few
new attractions – we hope you will enjoy them. Additional up-to-date information for you:

Kidspace Wristbands

There’ll be unique wristbands for the kids, just like in the years before. However, we’ll have different wristbands this year and need to order two different sizes. Therefore, we really need to ask you to sign up your kids …

Call for Interpreters: translate 33C3!


If you are multilingual and fluent in German and English, please consider joining the translation team.

We interpret ALL THE talks in the four main halls live. German talks are interpreted into English, and vice versa. Our work is transmitted via the internal phone network, streamed to the Internet, and recordings are published on CCC sites and YouTube. Also, this year we are expanding: for the two large halls (Saal 1 & 2) we have a second translations channel that will be broadcast in the same way.

That is a lot of stuff to translate, and for that we need YOU. At Saal 1 & 2, you have …

Hello, this is 33C3 „works for me“

Hello, this is 33C3 „works for me“

Design Specifications

33C3: „works for me“

works for me
A commonly used phrase by software developers to indicate that the bug reported by a user is not repeatable on their machine, and will therefore receive no more attention. Usually connotes a dismissive approach, where anything that is not visible immediately to the developer is „someone else’s problem“ and is therefore not worth fixing.

Like no other, the year 2016 pointed out how well „works for me“ works for us.
It does not. Mutual hate, envy, insensibility and exclusion have driven us apart.

Feeling isolated and …

Enter your Self-Organized Sessions and Lightning Talks!


The Call-For-Participation to submit a talk for the main halls is long over – but congress wouldn’t be congress if there weren’t many more options to get on a stage to tell a crowd of curious listeners what you have to say!

Two of those options are waiting for your entries:

Lightning Talks:

These fast paced sessions are perfect for pitching new software or hardware projects, exploits, creative pranks or strange ideas you need to get out to a global audience. Even if you don’t have an awesome idea or project to share, a Lightning Talk is perfect for pitching your Assembly, your workshop or even …

33C3 halfnarp: The talks that ‚work for us‘

33C3 halfnarp: The talks that ‚work for us‘


The 33C3 content committee is proud to announce a lecture selection that ‚works for us‘. Our five hard-working 33C3 track teams have hand-picked a set of around 150 excellent lectures to be formed into the best four day, six track programme possible.

Having to select talks from an impressive lot of more than 500 submissions was a hard and sometimes frustrating task. But we have been amazed by the overwhelming interest in volunteering to present at 33C3. We’re thrilled to see that support and enthusiasm to contribute to this year’s event is as high as it ever been. Some speakers even refuse to …

Chaos Mentors: We make congress work for you!


It is that time of the year again – 33C3 is approaching and the Chaosmentors are getting ready to support new visitors during their first Congress experience.

For those who visit the Congress for the first time:

You always wanted to visit Chaos Communication Congress but worry about getting the best out of the experience? You are interested in computers, technology, hacking, privacy, free speech and perhaps just need pointing in the right direction?

We are the „Chaospatinnen“ (chaos mentors) and we welcome you to the Chaos Communication Congress. We encourage you to participate in 33C3 this …

The wiki works for you!


The Chaos Communication Congress lives off your participation and engagement. It is an event for the community by the community. In the long and colorful tradition of utter chaos, we foster decentralization and self-organization. In an attempt to offer some orientation and coordination, we keep a wiki.

The wiki works for you (and everyone else, we hope!) to find information about congress, but its main purpose is enabling you to contribute and make congress work for everyone.

The 33c3 Wiki is now online, you can enter Assemblies and share useful information.
(Registration for self-organized …

Assemblies – get prepared to contribute and share!


Before we open the registration for Assemblies in the wiki, we want to let you know about some conceptual changes: Since 29C3 we’ve tried our very best to leave no Assembly behind and reserved space for (nearly) every group that applied. You all know the result: Each Assembly got less and less space each year for doing the things they’ve planned to do – even if that was just to hang out together. This year this is going to change. We will not allocate space for each individual Assembly, but rather allocate enough space for the ones actively adding value to our community on site – be it for …

33C3 Tickets: Freier Verkauf / open presale


Reminder: The first round of open ticket presale will start on next Monday (2016-07-11 20:00 Uhr, UTC+01, Europe/Berlin).

The ticket shop is available at https://tickets.events.ccc.de, most of the questions are answered in the FAQ.

Ticket Preis
Standard-Ticket 100 EUR
Supporter-Ticket 120 120 EUR
Supporter-Ticket 140 140 EUR
Supporter-Ticket 250 250 EUR
Business-Ticket 450 450 EUR
Business-Ticket 600 600 EUR
Business-Ticket 750 750 EUR
Up-and-coming 25 EUR
Mitglied des CCC
Member of CCC
90 EUR
Day Passes
keine/none …

Call for Heralds 33C3


Are you able to speak English (and ideally also German) fluently in front of a large crowd?
You have a ticket or you are sure to get one? (This year we can not help you to get one if you are to late)
Be prepared – for the time being, you might be the face of the Congress!

We are in the process of building our team of Heralds in preparation for 33C3. We will use a similar process like last year. Before the …

33C3 Tickets: Status and Open Sale


The ticket contingents of the first phase of our presale are by now exhausted. Only some vouchers (such as the ones sent to angels) can be redeemed from now on.

The second phase – the open presale without vouchers – will start in a staggered manner on three days:

  • 2016-11-07 20:00 (Mo)
  • 2016-11-19 15:00 (Sa)
  • 2016-11-25 10:00 (Fr)

(All times are in UTC+01:00, Europe/Berlin, CET)

If you have any further questions about the presale, please have a look at our FAQ at https://tickets.events.ccc.de/content/faq_en.html or contact us at 33c3-tickets@cccv.de.

33C3 Bildungsurlaub [Stand: 2016-12-08]


Auch dieses Jahr ist der Chaos Communication Congress als Bildungsveranstaltung in einigen Bundesländer anerkannt worden. Somit sind Congress-Teilnehmer in der Lage Bildungsurlaub zu beantragen und müssen nicht ihren normalen Erholungsurlaub dafür verwenden.


Auf dieser Karte ist der aktuelle Stand der Anerkennungen sichtbar.

Bitte schaut hier regelmäßig nach, wie der …

33C3 Ticket sales


The presale for this year’s congress is organized in two phases. The first phase has started on Monday afternoon.

During the first phase we invite the active core of our community to participate in the ticket sale. In the second phase we will (just as in the years before) sell tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

Phase 1: During this phase, we want to make sure that those who made last year’s congress possible can again contribute to 33C3. In the past days, we sent voucher codes to a number of groups. These vouchers enable recipients to participate in the first phase:

  • Group vouchers: …