30C3: ohne Motto (2013)

Das 22. Türchen der #35C3 Memory Lane: Den tiefen Staat sichtbar machen

35c3-calendar 22

Das zweiundzwanzigste Türchen.

Es ist ein Konzept politischer Analyse, aber auch zentraler Aspekt von Verschwörungstheorien: der „tiefe Staat“, der ein gewisses Eigenleben führt. Einen gleichnamigen Vortrag hielt Andreas Lehner im Jahr 0 nach Snowden, also auf dem 30C3 und zu der Zeit, als sich vermeintliche Paranoia gegenüber Staaten und Geheimdiensten als schlichte Wahrheit entpuppte.

In seinem Vortrag …

Das 21. Türchen der #35C3 Memory Lane: Mein Bügelbrett war’s

35c3-calendar 21

Das einundzwanzigste Türchen.

Eine echte Bank im Programm des Chaos Communication Congress sind die Security Nightmares, präsentiert von Ron und Frank, die sich in eingespielter Manier und mit wachsendem Zynismus die Bälle zuwerfen. Exemplarisch sei heute die Ausgabe vom 30C3 herausgegriffen, die ihrerseits die Nummer 14 der ausgesprochen traditionsreichen Vortragsreihe ist.

Das Jahr des 30C3 war auch das Jahr …

Maintenance: events.ccc.de


Some of you might have noticed the downtime of events.ccc.de during 30C3. Problems where based on multiple circumstances: On the one hand, we provided a lot more effort to features within the wiki. On the other hand, we postponed the necessary serverupgrade a bit too long. We already rented a new system some month before the congress started, but did not find the time to move all pages over to it.

As the wiki broke down the pages were moved to the new server during the congress to get the wiki available on the last day. As this has been just a quick copy action, we actually did not have any …

30C3 recordings: all formats released


Congress is over now and as always, there has been much more to see than what could be seen in four short days. If you missed some of the talks however, we can help out: Almost all talks have now been released on http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2013/ in various formats.

If you prefer a plain directory listing, please go to http://cdn.media.ccc.de/congress/2013/. It has been reported that this URL also works quite fine with various media players e.g. XBMC.

Each talk is available as MPEG-4 AVC/H264 and WebM/VP8 in 720×576 resolution (anamorphic 16:19). For the talks in hall 1 we additionally …

Project C.H.A.O.S.: Thank you for participating


Some days before congress we asked you to create videos of your home hackerspace/community. Those videos were then shown during longer breaks on stage and sometimes also appeared in the streams. A big THANK YOU for all the people who did a great job on such a short notice to show us their world and how diverse the hackerspace movement really is.

Because the videos we’re shown randomly and without prior notification, there is a big chance, that you did not see all the awesome Videos, that have been created for project C.H.A.O.S. That’s the reason, why we want to showcase them here. For privacy …

Photography at the 30c3: Watch where you’re shooting!


TL;DR: Ask everyone who you can see in your lens for their permission before taking a picture or video! If someone asks you to delete a photo they might be in, or put away your camera, please do so!

Each congress is a huge social event, a great time many people want to remember and share with their friends. Thanks to smartphones and social media, photography in public places increases year after year.

Some of you in attendance may be very accustomed to environments where taking pictures and videos in public areas is common place. The 30C3 is not one of those places. For a variety of reasons, …

Organize your own content!


There was a time when we put all user-generated community-driven crowdsourced events under the label “workshops”. We said that a workshop need not be an event with hands-on and making, it’s just something that happens at a special time and place, outside of the big halls.

For the 30c3, we’ve added 3 new REALLY BIG rooms (Hall D-F) in addition to the halls we used last year (Hall 13-14) just for your events. We also chose a more appropriate name for everything that is organized by you: “Self-organized Sessions“.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to give an introduction into your favorite …

Everything alright with your preorder?


Is your preorder not marked as paid, but you transferred the money last week or earlier? Mail us right now and be sure to provide transaction metadata (name of account holder, account number, sort code). We may not be able to help you with your failed preorder on site, so please make sure you have your tickets before going to the cash desk (or be prepared to buy a ticket on site).

If you’re planning to buy a congress ticket on site, please make sure you bring enough cash as we cannot accept any other kind of payment.

Can’t be in Hamburg? Try Congress Everywhere!

Can’t be in Hamburg? Try Congress Everywhere!


TL;DR: Please set up a congress everywhere near you, invite your neighbors and take part in C.H.A.O.S.!

Remember when we met in Berlin at the bcc? The 25C3 was when we first stuck those pesky signs on the door that read “Sold out, we’re sorry”. The building was already incredibly packed and we couldn’t let anyone in anymore. This inspired the concept of “congress everywhere” which debuted at the 26C3. The theme of that congress was “Here be Dragons”, so the idea to expand the fun of the congress beyond the bcc was called “Dragons everywhere”.

But what was this notion of “congress everywhere”? …

Highlights of 30C3 Art & Beauty Track and Works


“You can create art and beauty on a computer.” The quote has been derived from Steven Levy’s famous hacker ethic in his book »Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution« – published in 1984, the debut year of the Chaos Communication Congress at Bürgerhaus Eidelstedt in the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg.

30 years later »Art & Beauty« (»Kunst und Schönheit«) – its ironic twist entirely unfolding in German language – is one of five content tracks in the conference program. You can’t overlook it in the Fahrplan –  the purple colour coding is as weird as the naming is misleading.

The particular …

Assemblies! Please arrive early for set up!


TL;DR: Please get to the CCH by 25th/26th with your assembly setup if possible

Beat the crowds and start building your assembly on the 25th! (Day -1). It makes loading so much easier for all of us and gives you time to make sure you have everything you need. Why get stuck in traffic around and inside the building? If you arrive early enough on the 25th, you may even be able to drive right into the unloading hall!

If you’re unloading a vehicle with equipment or other stuff you plan to use at the 30C3, put <a …



We of the “Chaoswelle“, the Amateur Radio operators of the Chaos Computer Club and our 30C3 assembly are bringing a very special piece of hardware: A Radome!  We plan to place it on the roof of the CCH. But we won’t tell you what’s hidden underneath.

The radome is about 4 Meters (13 ft.) in diameter and was formerly used by the US to listen to “hostile neighboring countries”. Today, it belongs to the Stakenburg Observatory who is graciously loaning it to us for the 30C3.

Get your Lightning Talk on!


Did you think that the thrill of sharing your ideas in front of a huge audience at a C3 was something you’d never do? Was your talk one of the hundreds that got rejected? Did you come up with an awesome hack today that you need to share? Well, you’re in luck because the Lightning Talks are back for the 30c3!

Taking place at 12:45 on Days 2, 3 and 4, these fast paced sessions are perfect for pitching new software or hardware projects, exploits, creative pranks or strange ideas you need to get out to a global audience. Even if you don’t have an awesome idea or project to share, a Lightning Talk …

Capture the Flag


Dear Congress Visitors!

You’re tired of running around the Congress on the Schnitzeljagd (sounds like it’s fun!) or didn’t get a place? You’re like knocking your head on problems? Then we might offer something interesting for you!

Grab a few friends and join our capture the flag competition. These so called CTFs are hacking competitions in which participants solve various challenges – all based around gaining access to remote machines by exploiting vulnerable binaries, solving mathematical problems and completing various other tasks. This CTF will be run in “Jeopardy” style, i.e. challenges …

Experience the Congress at its best – join the angels!


Angels are the voluntary auxiliary carbon compounds making the whole congress possible. They run everything: introduction of speakers, audio/video streams and recordings, data, electricity and phone networks, bars, and even emergency services.

What makes being an angel so special, you may wonder. Let us answer this with a question: Are you able to run an event with thousands of visitors, creative minds, eager to discuss, explore and most of all: create?

Join the angels and find out! Doing so, you will join a community as old as the Congress itself. Since the very first Congress in 1984, …

“Hackerschnitzeljagd” – a scavenger hunt for hackers


For the 30C3 we have designed a scavenger hunt for hackers and geeks. You will be challenged with puzzles and tasks including writing code, printing 3D objects, solving riddles and much, much more… The hunt will take place on the second day of the congress (28th of December) from 2pm to around 8pm and is made for about 10 teams competing with each other. A team should consist of 3 to 6 members. All you need is a computer, a twitter and email account and a blog of your choice (soup, tumblr, etc.) for documentation purposes.

If you like challenging riddles and games, write to info (at) …

How to get power at 30C3 – bring ALL your multi-outlet power strips!


German summary: Unbedingt Mehrfachsteckdosen mitbringen! Außerdem: Cat5-Kabel, Lampen für Eure Assembly, Telefone, Werkzeug, etc…

Distributing power on 30C3 requires a lot of planning and effort, and of course a truckload of equipment. This year the setup consists of 5 kilometers (km) of CEE compliant three-phase and 8km of 230V/16A power cabling, resulting in a total of 13km of cables needed to distribute power at the venue. To connect all the cables there are also about 100 three-phase distributors needed, 25 of them being “big” ones with 63 amperes. On top of this power backbone we will …

The Speakers Corner


You have spontaneous thoughts on the current political state of affairs? You want to present the awesome project you made at the congress? You have an idea for a little barcamp for a theme that in your mind is not sufficiently presented at the congress? You want to have a public debate? You have a talk longer then 60 minutes? You want to hold a rejected talk anyways?

You have the opportunity to do all that and the congress orga team gives you an exposed stage for it. At the Speakers Corner you will be able to unbureaucratically express your mind in front of the congress audience. The stage is …

Call for Interpreters!

This year the Chaos Communication Congress is not only celebrating its 30th edition, it is also the fifth time that we, the translators group, are going to bring you live interpretations of congress talks from German into English. If you are an excellent speaker of the English language and have a sufficient grasp of German and perhaps some familiarity with the kind of content that the congress will feature, please contact us.
If you want to help us organising, please get in touch as well. If you know somebody who might want to help, point them towards our direction. This is the second …

Show & Tell


People from all over the world attend 30C3. Either in person or through the chaos everywhere congress streaming.  They get to know new friends and learn about cool hackerspaces, makerspaces and other communities from everywhere. Many People bring a lot of stuff to the congress and create a temporary home in the CCH. Unfortunately, even the greatest assembly can only give a faint idea, how special all the different communities are in their local space.

Last year we tried to create a back channel to the remote congress locations and let those who could not be in Hamburg show us their space. The …

Welcome to HHackertours – your provider of sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts!


Visiting the 30C3 and wondering what this city it is in has to offer? Try one of our tours! Our goal is to show Hamburg to the visitors of the 30C3 like no other tour guide. We selected fascinating tours showing the behind the scenes of our most fascinating technology related sites.

The first tour we have to offer is a fascinating look behind the scenes of our harbor. For more tours to come check our assembly’s webpage or follow us on twitter.

Container Terminal Tour

The harbor tour “eye to eye with giants” takes you directly onto the container terminals of the second largest harbor in Europe. …

Seidenstrasse – a pneumatic tube system for 30C3


Besides the usual digital infrastructure with Wifi, telephone etc., 30C3 will feature for the first time a pneumatic tube system, with the pretty name Seidenstrasse. The installation OCTO, built from drainage pipe and vacuum cleaners, by the artist group Telekommunisten served as inspiration – some of you might remember it from the last transmediale.

The system will cover the major part of the 30C3 building. A preliminary net plan which takes into account the various limitations of emergency fire doors and escape routes can be found here:


Two kilometres of drainage pipe have been ordered and …

Online Ticket Sale is Closing Soon


If you still need a ticket for 30c3, your should order right now!

The ticket shop will not accept any new orders after December 10th, 23:59:59 CET.

We’re doing this in order to grant everybody enough time to make the payment. There will be an on-site sale too, but if you want to speed up the process at the entrance, better buy your ticket online right now. Keep in mind that we only accept cash at the venue!

If you have already paid for your ticket, but it has not been marked as paid on the website within 5 days of your payment, please contact us (be sure to provide some identifying information …

Call for beans!


Dear fellow coffee lover,

a small group of nerds will for the first time set up an assembly on coffee at the 30C3.
At the moment the group is fairly small: If you’re dedicated to excellent coffee, please join us. We appreciate nice-looking coffee machines, geekz with their own favorite method of pouring coffee, or anything else related to coffee you have lying around.

One project in our assembly will be a bean exchange: Bring your favorite beans, sort them according to their taste, and take beans others brought home with you – obviously not without tasting them before. If you want to …

30C3: The Network Operation Center


Yes, there will be internet access in the way you have come to know us for – unfiltered, high-speed, high-uptime and, for us, high-fun.

Last year the Chaos Communication Congress moved back to Hamburg, to the humongous CCH. With a building that size came a new set of puzzles and challenges in the deployment of a Wi-Fi network, a backbone inside the building of at least 10 Gbps per patchroom, and 30 Gbps of global IP transit.
This year we’re going bigger than ever. More rooms in the CCH means we have to deploy more network equipment than ever before. We will have a new Wi-Fi equipment sponsor. …

Preliminary Version of 30C3 “Fahrplan” released!


We just released the first preliminary version of the 30C3 schedule (“Fahrplan”): https://events.ccc.de/congress/2013/Fahrplan/.

We know that we are pretty late this time and understand that some of you need to make arrangements depending on the Fahrplan. We feel bad about it. Sorry!

We are very excited about the lectures confirmed so far and we are confident that the 30C3 is going to be the most awesome congress ever. You may still notice several gaps and talks that seem to be missing. These are talks that are still awaiting the final confirmation by the speaker. Other events are meant as a …

Credit Card payments now possible


Starting today it is also possible to pay your orders via credit card. Please note that we still prefer wire transfer over credit card payments, and we’ll charge you an extra fee for paying via card. If you do not want to pay the surcharge and absolutely cannot pay via wire transfer, there’s always the possibility to pay cash on site.

In order to pay via card, log on to the ticket shop and find the “pay via credit card” link below the wire transfer instructions.

Fahrplan Sneak


The final 30c3 schedule is going to be late, we know… however, please stay tuned, as it’s still work in progress, and we can promise the Fahrplan will be awesome!

We’d like to tell you about some of the security highlights at 30c3. There are three major groups of interest this year:

  1. Cryptography
  2. Hardware & Embedded Device Security
  3. Software & Protocol Reverse Engineering

First, let’s start with a cryptography highlight: Nadia Heninger, Tanja Lange and Daniel J. Bernstein will be presenting “This Year in Crypto”. They will cover stuff that was broken before and continues to be broken …

Kids and Congress: Call for Participation!


You have children and attend 30C3?

This year we plan to have a big area of the Congress as a Kidspace, to give children of three years of age and up the chance to age-appropriately participate in the Congress. We have enough space in two big foyers to allow for a quiet space on one hand, and a more playful area on the other. The quiet one allows for relaxing with your children and to refuel with a power-nap. The playful area invites to play around, build caves, listen to radioplays on the Audiobox and have hands-on experience in child-appropriate electronics- or tinkerworkshops. And of course …

Chaospatinnen – Mentoring for people visiting the Congress for the first time #30C3


To all those interested in participating at the Congress for the first time

You are interested in technology, computers or net politics? However, you doubt whether you would fit into the Chaos Communication Congress, since you are neither a programmer nor an experienced hacker? But yet, you would love to learn about hacking, soldering, encryption, lockpicking or robots? 

Then you are more than welcome at the Chaos Communication Congress! We are convinced that this is just the right place for you and would like to encourage you to attend 30C3. Therefore we founded the Chaos Mentors. Feel free …

Get your assembly ready until Sunday, 1st of December!


An assembly is your place at 30C3, the /home of a group of people belonging together, hackers who like to work and hang out. At bcc we had such groups around projects, but last year we invented the concept of assemblies as an experiment, that worked out great!

(Picture of assembly: maltman23)

You find background on the idea of assemblies in last years blogpost on this topic. In sum it is like the villages in the camp: Bring your toys and tools, show your projects and work on them, and just have fun – and let others participate in what you’re doing! Write a nice wikipage on your assembly, give …

Tickets available for preorder


Last year Congress moved to Hamburg and it was great to have enough space for all of you! To ensure that this will be the case for 30C3 again, we booked some more space this year. Therefore we kindly ask you to choose one of our supporter tickets, as 30C3 will cost us much more than standard tickets priced at 80 EUR will pay. Supporter tickets are available for 100, 120 and 140 EUR.

In addition business tickets for 350, 550 and 750 EUR are on offer if you or your company want to make a larger contribution to congress, supporting congress and all the volunteers driving it. Please note that this …

The 30c3 Security-Track

30c3 logo

This year, in order to better align the workload with the actual expertise of the reviewers, several topic-specific teams were formed. (More here.) Security related topics were staffed by a team of three to four core members. Additionally, six reviewers with differing security background were supporting the review.

Since in some cases the content of the actual presentations overlapped with the focus of more than one content team, submissions were shifted back and forth. Most of the overlap occurred between Hardware, DiY & Making, and Science & Engineering. Overlaps with Society, …

On the acceptance and rejections in the 30c3 Society, Politics & Ethics track


Within the next hours, everyone who submitted a talk or lecture (not: lightning talk or workshop) should receive their notice of acceptance or non-acceptance. Some of you will be disappointed, because talks that you considered important did not make it into the program. We would like to share with you how decisions were made and by which priorities, so everyone can have a better understanding of how the final Society, Politics & Ethics program came into existence.

First, we would like to give you some background on the content team process. In previous years, there was one global content …

The 30C3 wiki is online: Travel, venue and accommodation information published


It’s getting colder outside, and the summer is long gone. There are only a few months left before the next congress starts. So for us, it is time for us to start preparing congress and for you it might be the time to start planning your trip. To assist you with your planning, there is the congress wiki!.

For now its focus is providing information for your personal preparation:

30C3 Call for Participation


30C3 – 30th Chaos Communication Congress

December 27th–30th 2013, CCH, Hamburg {#magicdomid3}

30C3 is the 2013 edition of the Chaos Communication Congress, the Chaos Computer Club’s international conference and hacker party.
During the four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thousands of technology enthusiasts, tinkerers, artists, utopians and from Europe and all over the world come together at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) to exchange ideas, learn and party together. Participants engage with topics covering information technology, computer security, the …