tu wat – GSM and UMTS will be ready

Good news everybody: There will be GSM at 34c3! We even have 5000 plain
white SIM cards available which will be distributed by the POC again,
for a small fee of 2€ per card. SIM cards from previous events will work
as well.

The GSM network will work on 1800 MHz (DCS-1800), so it should work with
all European and quad band phones.

Additionally to the GSM network, there will also be a UMTS (3G) network
on 850 MHz (Band 5). These frequencies are very common in US phones and
should also work a lot of modern high-end LTE (4G) phones. If you want
to be sure, please look it up for your specific device.

GSM is expected to be much more stable than UMTS, so if you want to be
reachable by voice/SMS you should set up your phone to prefer GSM
instead of UMTS.

This should be ready at day 1, probably earlier.