Assembly deliveries

Dear Assemblies,

the Congress is now right around the corner and you’re asking yourself how to best deliver your assembly equipment. Bringing things by car will be especially easy this year, as you can drive them right up to the gates of Hall 2.

This years procedure will look like this:

  • Use c3nav to find out where your assembly is located (search for the name and then click on “Details”) [currently c3nav is still WIP. If you can’t find your assembly right now, come back later. In urgent cases ask the assembly team.]
  • Look for the gate in hall 2 closest to your assembly.
  • Use the entrance “Tor 1 Süd” to enter the Messe grounds. Then you need to go all around the buildings to your gate for hall 2. (You have to drive past halls 1, 3, 5, over the bridge, then past hall 4 and to your gate in hall 2).
  • Once you’re at your gate please unload your stuff onto a pallet or cart (will be provided at the gates) as fast as possible and bring it to your assembly. Please relocate your car off the grounds once you’re done unloading.

Important: Starting on the 27th we’ll need the license plate number of every car that wants to enter. Otherwise the gatekeepers at the entrance won’t let you pass.

If you are bringing a car with a trailer, please consider that parking a trailer on the parking spots costs money. We are working on a solution, but we can’t promise anything right now. Please contact us, if you need a parking spot for your trailer so we can get an estimate on the numbers.

You can reach us by mail at

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Your LOC