31C3: A New Dawn (2014)



Bitte weitersagen.

missig art

Liebe Kunstliebhaber,

ein Künstler hat in der Anti-Terror-Lounge beim 31C3 eines seiner Bilder stehenlassen, was dann leider fälschlicherweise beim Abbau an zwei Helfer verschenkt wurde. Er hätte das aber sehr gern zurück. Wir bitten die kunstbeflissenen Helfer, sich bei uns zu melden unter epass(at)ccc.de (Paßnummer optional).

Angaben zum Kunstwerk: 76 cm x 96 cm, Lack & Acryl (siehe Abbildung)

Der Künstler dankt im Voraus!

The YouTube and stream dump problem


In the past the CCC has decided to not run its own YouTube account as we didn’t want to advertise this service. Despite the growing success and continual improvements to media.ccc.de as a streaming platform, people still want to watch CCC talks on YouTube. Unfortunately, many YouTube accounts have shown up which claim to be official CCC accounts. We ignored this for a long time as it was a nice service for the viewer and hey – it’s CC-BY content. However there are some problems with these accounts which we will address later.

To understand the problem we need to discuss another topic, stream …

Einmal Agent sein! – Agent for a day!


For the authentic 007 feeling it’s not necessary to apply at your nearest agency. On Day 3 the “Schwarzbeutel” Challenge (20:30, Hall A) as part of our “Know Your Enemy” initiative offers you the possibility to peek into that noble profession. As a team of up to thee individuals you get a black bag with all the required tools.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
Open the door of the target persion’s room without the alarm going off. Reach his PC before the screensaver activates. Steal the gpg secret key and take photos of secret documents in a locked briefcase. Find information on …

Bus-Parking-Lot at the CCH


Note for everyone parking on the bus-parking in the basement of the CCH:

This parking-lot is reserved for busses only and regarding to the experiences of the last year, there is a high possibility for cars parking there to be towed away. To avoid high fees and problems to get the car back, you might consider to remove your car as soon as possible. There will be tour busses tomorrow that might arrive at the CCH during the day and cars will most likely be removed, if the busdrivers do not find a place to park.

Assemblies at 31C3: Map available


Please go and have a look in the wiki (or direct link to the .png). Please be aware that this is only a beta version. Keep an eye on the version numbers, we’ll be updating from time to time.

Also there are now the lists of clusters in the wiki available. Please contact us on c3-assemblies (at) lists.ccc.de if you have any serious problems with your group. Please don’t forget that we can not fulfil every single wish in total, and tried to give everyone in average the best possible experience and place.

Feel free to give us some less serious feedback after Congress at the above mentioned …

Capture the Flag on 31C3


Dear Congress Visitors,

For the 3rd time during CCC you can take part in the CTF competition, proving you are a worthy hacker. Grab a bunch of friends and knock on our ports, smash some stacks, corrupt some heaps and get yourself some shells. Servers are expecting your exploits from Dec. 27 at 21h00 CET for 48 consecutive hours.

The CTF will be in “jeopardy style”, requiring no setup on your part and it will be open to everyone, online or on-site. Register your team at 31c3ctf.aachen.ccc.de and visit our assembly to bribe us with beer or mate. There will be a couple of easier challenges, so if …

Brew-it-yourself mit den coffeenerds


Dear Coffee lovers,

At the last congress a lot of you already found their way to our assembly of the Coffeenerds, where you could brew your own delicious coffee.

We are a group of nerds, that like to share our passion about good coffee and we want to offer as many visitors as possible the taste of unique coffees. Following our brew-it-yourself concept, a lot of brewing methods like Aeropress an V60 can be tried out.

Last year you already donated lots of coffee beans and brewing equipment, so everybody could try and drink for free. Thank you for that! We will bring our own equipment again, but …

Simultaneous translations at 31C3


_31C3 is getting closer, and the translation team is once again at the ready to translate all German talks into English, and also a selection of English talks into German.

You can listen in on the streams by either selecting the appropriate stream, or by changing the stream audio channel (if your player allows). If you are on the Eventphone DECT network, you can dial in to various streams: 8011 for Saal 1, 8012 for Saal 2, 8014 for Saal G, and 8016 for Saal 6.

Call for translators

If you are multilingual and fluent in German and English, please consider joining the translation team. Simply …

Assemblies at 31C3


Assemblies are categorized by their topics this year, based on our experience and the info you gave in the form for the orga. We want this to be a further step towards decentralization of the organisation of the Congress.

Assemblies won’t get specific tables assigned, instead they form clusters with other assemblies. Space is assigned to the clusters. This means that you have to coordinate with the other Assemblies in your cluster, agreeing who gets which tables of the allocated space. At Congress you will find a stack of assembly signs in your cluster area and it’s up to you how you spread …

Welcome to HHackertours – your provider of sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts!


Visiting the 31C3 and wondering what the city has to offer? Try one of our tours! Our goal is to show Hamburg to the visitors of the 31C3 like no other tour guide would. We’ve selected fascinating tours showing the behind the scenes of our most fascinating technology related sites.

Follow us on twitter for updates, more tours and tour dates!

Save a seat for a tour on our webpage.

Here’s a list of our tours:

If you’ve ever wanted to stand next to a particle accelerator, DESY is the place for you. One of Europe’s leading accelerator research centers, our tour will give you an idea of how …

Did we get your preorder payment?


Do you have a preorder for 31C3 and it is not marked as paid yet? Did you transfer the money already?

Often, banks mix up or lose payment references, and we have little to no chance to find out which payment belongs to which order. Therefore, we need your help (and data) to match those transactions.


A Respectful Goodbye for your Beloved Old Hardware



Do you also have that one piece of hardware,

that you just can’t say goodbye to?

You sadly can’t use it anymore
and it’s been collecting dust for a while,
but you don’t want to just bin it
because it still has some meaning to you?

Bring it to 31C3 for a majestic farewell ceremony!

Whilst mechanically destroying your hardware
you can indulge in memories
and share them with your friends
at 31C3.

Our facility can fit hardware
from the size of a microSD up to a desktop computer.

Things that might break in spectacular ways are especially welcome.

Please don’t leave behind
the remains of your …

Hackerschnitzelcloud: What a wicked game to play


One week to go until the Congress starts and with it the games from the Hackerschnitzelcloud. You can download an Android app from the Play Store and test the games you created so far. If you want to test the iOS application, send us an email at 31c3(at)toto.io and ask for an invite link.

test qr

With these QR codes you can also start a test game to get an impression of how a game on a phone works. So get your app and register at Toto-Website. To get your first …

31C3 Lightning Talks


Did you think that the thrill of sharing your ideas in front of a huge audience at a C3 was something you’d never do? Do you work on a cool project and want to get the word out? Was your talk one of the hundreds that got rejected? Did you come up with an awesome hack that you need to share? Well, you’re in luck because there will be Lightning Talks at 31C3.

Taking place at 12:45 on Days 2, 3 and 4, these fast paced sessions are perfect for pitching new software or hardware projects, exploits, creative pranks or strange ideas you need to get out to a global audience. Even if you don’t have an …

Welcome to the Hackerschnitzelcloud at 31C3!


Symbolbild Hackerschnitzelcloud

There will be a new, even better version of last year’s famous game: The Hackerschnitzelcloud. And there will be not just one game, but many, hunting through the CCH.

The Hackerschnitzelcloud is a magic platform for scavenger hunts. You can submit riddles and missions of all degrees of difficulty and shape them into mind-blowing games playable on mobile phones. You can submit single puzzles or …

Looking for volunteers!


Since the first congress of 1984 there have been plenty of voluntary auxiliary carbon compounds that make the whole congress possible. They run everything: introduction of speakers, audio/video streams and recordings, data, electricity and phone networks, bars, build-up, tear-down and even emergency services.
Your engagement as an Angel is the perfect opportunity to become a part of congress and make it even more amazing for everyone involved. Apart from that, volunteering is a great chance to meet new people.
In return, the angels get a quiet space to relax; the famous ‘Heaven’ includes …

Seidenstrasse returns! Pneumatic delivery system will be back at 31C3


“Seidenstrasse”, the popular pneumatic tube delivery system made from vacuum cleaners and drainage pipe at 30C3 will reappear at the 31C3.


Besides sending and receiving bits like you are used to, it will also be possible again to send capsules containing “real” stuff like cookies, hard drives and many more things.
In addition Seidenstrasse supports onion routing to enable you to communicate anonymously.
We also want to let you know: We have not yet received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act.

To have a pneumatic tube system again this year, we need your help!

If you borrowed …

There is Art & Culture at 31C3


After the big success of the Art & Culture track at the 30c3 we knew it would be hard to get a program as good as this one again. But yes, we succeeded. We got some great submissions to our lovely planning systems and we acquired some others.

I want to make a short walk through of the A&C track to give you a glimpse on what you can expect from these talks. Please note that the talks here have no particular order:

    There is this old appartment in Chemnitz which had not been touched for 20 years. Time stood still in these rooms until people were …

31C3 Online ticket sale ends soon


If you still need a ticket for 31c3, your should order right now!

The ticket shop will not accept any new orders after December 12th, 23:59:59 CET. Your payment must reach us before Dec 23th.

We’re doing this in order to grant everybody enough time to make the payment. There will be a limited on-site sale too, but if you want to speed up the process at the entrance, better buy your ticket online right now. Keep in mind that we only accept cash at the venue!

If you have already paid for your ticket, but it has not been marked as paid on the website within 5 days of your payment, please contact …

Chaospatinnen – taking you by the hand since 2013!


Attention: registration for the chaos mentors program has closed”

The time has arrived again – 31C3 is coming up. After the premiere of our “Chaospatinnen” concept worked out really well last year, we are happily looking forward to continue the model at the 31C3. Chaosmentors are getting ready to support new visitors through their first Congress experience.

For mentees:

You are interested in Computers, Technology, Hacking and digital Rights? You’d like to participate, but feel alone with your questions?
You don’t think you count as a hacker or programmer and have doubts if you fit at 31C3? …

Let’s do the halfnarp


Placing lectures into time slots is the most crucial part of constructing a solid Fahrplan. Some speakers like presenting early in the morning, while some entertainment sessions belong to the night program for obvious reasons. That’s the easy part.

But minimizing potential collisions between events is an art, as we’ve learnt over the past years. Sometimes, we underestimate the interest in certain events or fail to anticipate two lectures’ attracting a highly similar crowd.

Such collisions can cause quite some frustration. Imagine not being able to attend one of two (or even two of three) …

31C3 Ticket Shop Has Opened


Need to say more?

We’ve opened the 31C3 ticket shop. You can buy tickets online at https://tickets.events.ccc.de/.

You’ll notice we had to raise prices slightly.

It is awfully difficult to predict the total income for an event of this size. Maybe the price for a standard ticket is 10€ too much now, depending on how many people will come. If that turns out to be true, we’ll reduce it again next year.

In the meantime, if you can’t afford to pay the standard price, don’t hesitate to use the “Apply” button on the bottom right of the page. It will present you with a text input and send a mail on …



Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Julia, dodger and erdgeist, the 31C3’s “meta content team”. Our mission is to coordinate the five so called “track teams” introduced for the 30C3 conference. We would like to give you a better idea of how the 31C3 Fahrplan is orchestrated, for what reasons lectures are accepted and rejected and how we strive to make the conference program even more interesting.

From the introduction you might have noticed that there is not a single entity deciding what you see at the conference and there is not a benevolent dictator judging by personal …

31C3 Call for Assemblies


The congress wouldn’t be the way it is without assemblies. This year, of course, there will be assemblies again, and we hope to gain your active participation in it!

What exactly is an assembly?

An assembly is the congress equivalent of a village at the camp: Groups of people from hackerspaces, with common interests or working on the same projects gather in an assembly. They spend their time together, plan world domination or hold workshops and talks (sessions).

Can we also produce content?

Yes, this is exactly what we want! Ideally, besides the main tracks there will be a parallel universe of …

Mit der Bahn zum Congress / Take the train to the Congress

Symbolbild à la Bahn: Hacker auf dem Weg zum Congress

Symbolic image à la Bahn: Hacker on their way to congress

As in previous years, the German railway company (Deutsche Bahn) is offering a special ticket for your travel to the Congress. The cheapest fare is, like last year, 99,00 Euro.

All further information regarding this special offer and how to book it can be …

31C3 special terms at Generator Hostel


We’ve blocked some rooms in the Generator Hostel, which is close to central station

Double rooms are available for 70.00 Euro, a bed in a six-person dorm 17.00 Euro per night.

Please book your room by sending an eMail to groupshamburg@generatorhostels.com – don’t forget to say the magic word “CCC2014”!


31C3 special terms at Radisson hotel


We’ve blocked some rooms in the Radisson hotel next to the conference venue.

Single rooms are available for 119.00 Euro, double rooms for 129.00 Euro per night, breakfast and WLAN included.

Book a room either at the hotel’s reservation page – or if you prefer booking by phone, don’t forget to say the magic word “31C3”!


The 31C3 Wiki is online: Get ready and contribute!


Nearly exactly a year back we also went public with the conference website: our wiki, that serves as the main hub for the whole community driven and decentral approach of running the congress. We are using again some semantic forms to gather the various activities provided by all of you. Thanks that we all together make this happen!

So please go ahead and plan your travel and accommodation, check out the FAQ for an overview on all the information provided and you might also wanna have a look at the how-to-survive-guide.

Just like last year, our venue will be the CCH in Hamburg. and it will be …

Maintenance: events.ccc.de


Some of you might have noticed the downtime of events.ccc.de during 30C3. Problems where based on multiple circumstances: On the one hand, we provided a lot more effort to features within the wiki. On the other hand, we postponed the necessary serverupgrade a bit too long. We already rented a new system some month before the congress started, but did not find the time to move all pages over to it.

As the wiki broke down the pages were moved to the new server during the congress to get the wiki available on the last day. As this has been just a quick copy action, we actually did not have any …

31C3 Call for Participation Deadline imminent


It is this time of the year again – summer comes to an end, the leaves are turning brown, and the deadline for the 31C3 CfP is looming. So hurry up and submit your talk proposals before the submission deadline swooshes past on Sunday, September 14, 2014 (23:59 UTC).

You can find more information about submitting a talk to the 31C3 content team in the Call for Papers in english and German. All submissions of lectures and workshops have to be entered into our conference planning system, which is located at the following URL: https://frab.cccv.de/cfp/31C3. Please follow the instructions there. If …

31C3 Call for Participation (EN)


31C3 – 31. Chaos Communication Congress

December 27th–30th 2014, CCH, Hamburg

The Event

The Chaos Communication Congress is the yearly conference and hacker party of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). For four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thousands of hackers, techies, hobbyists, artists, and utopians meet in Hamburg to learn from each other, chat, meet and greet, or simply to party. We engage in topics focused around information technologies, computer security and safety, the maker and breaker scenes, the critically-constructive intercourse with technology and its implications on …