Speakers: please support the translations, send us your slides!

If you’ll be giving a talk at 33C3 in Hamburg, you should know that your talk will be simultaneously translated from English to German (or vice versa) by our team of volunteers. The only exception is talks where we feel that a translation is likely not to do it justice, like plays or performances.

For the quality of the translations it helps a lot if we can prepare a glossary for each talk. It would be awesome if you could send us any material that may help us do that, such as presentation slides or a manuscript. We’ll will not share these outside our team of volunteers.

If you have any material that you can give us, please send it to us at speakers(at)c3lingo.org or use our very handy upload form at https://speakers.c3lingo.org/. You can also give us your materials in person at congress if you prefer – just let us know.