Open, Shared and Reserved Tables OR How to find your place at 33C3

As explained in our previous post, placing all Assemblies and suiting everybody’s needs is next to impossible. This year we’re changing the concept a bit: Out of all applications, we selected the ones providing the most benefits to all visitors and reserved a fixed space for them. All the other ones can choose their place themselves.

That means, in addition to the Reserved Tables and the Shared Tables that you know from the previous years, we also have so called Open Tables. For the Shared Tables the same rules as last years apply: These aren’t intended to be occupied permanently by any Assembly. The Shared Tables are for people without an Assembly and for workshops organized by the surrounding Assemblies. The Open Tables can be used to stay longer and set up a home base. You can leave your stuff there, but if there are free seats people can join you, as it always used to be with the Assemblies. Don’t hog the whole table if there are free seats! There will be enough Open Tables for all registered Assemblies. The congress is a place where people share with each other, not just ideas and skills, but also the space.

How to find your place at 33C3:

  • If a space was reserved for you please call the DECT number ASSM (2776) to get information on where your Assembly is placed.
  • If you haven’t got a reserved space and want to occupy an Open Table, please have a look around yourself to find a good spot. Once settled down, please update your location in the wiki accordingly. Feel free to also enter your location into
  • If you have any other issues e.g. not finding a suitable Open Table please call ASSM (2776) on DECT, too.