Project C.H.A.O.S.: Thank you for participating

Some days before congress we asked you to create videos of your home hackerspace/community. Those videos were then shown during longer breaks on stage and sometimes also appeared in the streams. A big THANK YOU for all the people who did a great job on such a short notice to show us their world and how diverse the hackerspace movement really is.

Because the videos we’re shown randomly and without prior notification, there is a big chance, that you did not see all the awesome Videos, that have been created for project C.H.A.O.S. That’s the reason, why we want to showcase them here. For privacy reasons, we did not include a embedded video player but will only list the links.

flipdot hackerspace kassel Germany
RaumZeitLabor Mannheim Germany
HeatSync Labs Arizona, USA
Infinity hackbase Dharamsala, India
Hackerspace Bamberg Germany
IT-syndikat Innsbruck Austria
TkkrLab Enschede The Netherlands
shackspace Stuttgart Germany
NYC Resistor New York, USA

We really hope, that these videos will give you some new ideas for your own community or will even lead to new hackerspaces around the world. Thanks again for participating in project C.H.A.O.S. @30c3!

Update: changed location of IT-syndikat to correct city and country, thx for the info.