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Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give!

Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick! To get an idea what Lightning Talks are about and how they work, look at last year's sessions at [1].


The Lightning Talks are full! You can still try to register a talk using the Lightning Talk form, but as of Dec. 26, we already have ten talks on the waiting list.


Lightning talk sessions are offered on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of the congress.

Each session starts at 11:30 and ends at 13:30, with a 15 minute break from 12:30 to 12:45.

All sessions take place in Saal Borg. Resistance is futile.

There is also an additional, self-organized session for all the lightning talks on the waiting list. See Session:Lightning_Talks_Self_Organized for details, schedule and contact info.

In the unlikely case that something bad happens to the wiki or this page, follow @C3_LightningTLK on twitter for announcements.

Below is the current, preliminary schedule of the confirmed lightning talks.

Day 2

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning:Lightning Talk Introduction Day 2
Day 2, 11:30
Introduction for the Lightning Talk Session on Day 2
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Lightning:ShaarliGo: self-hosted microblogging
Day 2, 11:35
self-hosted microblogging inspired by Destilled down to the bare minimum, with easy hosting and security in mind. No PHP, no DB, no server-side templating.
self-hosted, microblog, shaarli, golang, atom, xslt, cgi, old-school, data, rfc4287, technological sovereignty Mro en - English
Lightning:Digital Information for Refugees
Day 2, 11:40
How can important information reach refugees/newcomers? I will present some insights from our user research which we conduct together with refugees/newcomers on digital information on consumer protection topics. Many of the results can be generalised and should be of interest if you plan to create a digital project that supports migrants.
user research, newcomer, refugee Dataista en - English
Day 2, 11:45
MetaContainer - decentralized, capability-based resource sharing.
nix, decentralized Zielmicha en - English
Lightning:Intro to Arduino and Other Happenings in Hardware Hacking
Day 2, 11:50
A short intro to classes which are happening in the hardware hacking area and kits you can do on your own
hardware, electronics, arduino, soldering, kits Hammes Hacks en - English
Lightning:Child Growth Monitor
Day 2, 11:55
Quick and accurate data on malnutrition
Muck en - English
Day 2, 12:00
This talk describes how our group wants to end the vendor lock-in and monopoly of big semiconductor manufacturers by introducing an open semiconductor manufacturing process standards (LibreSilicon process) for manufacturing chips. This will allow portable macros cells (like FreeFLASH and FreeRAM) to become a thing.
hardware, software, social Leviathanch en - English
Lightning:Known Beacons Wi-Fi Automatic Association Attack
Day 2, 12:05
This lightning talk will introduce a new automatic association technique that forces wireless clients to unknowingly connect to an attacker-controlled Access Point. The new attack is called "Known Beacons" and the presentation will be demonstrating how it can be conducted using a new feature of the upcoming Wifiphisher release.
Sophron en - English
Lightning:All Colors are beautiful - Color based network analysis
Day 2, 12:10
Color Based Network Analysis describes a different way to look at network streams and identify issues.
colors, network Der-flo en - English
Lightning:Hacker eG
Day 2, 12:15
Viele von uns haben neben dem angestellten Hauptjob kleine Einnahmen nebenbei. Oder könnten sie haben. Aber die Menge rechtfertigt kein eigenes Unternehmen. Man braucht ein Unternehmen, in das man nach Bedarf ein- und austreten kann, und das einem die Gelder einfach uns stressfrei weiterleitet. Eine Genossenschaft. Es wird erläutert, wieso, wie das geht und was die Voraussetzungen sind. Und Interesseanmeldungen gesammelt.
user:ajuvo Ajuvo de - German
Lightning:High Speed Frequency Sweeping with the rad1o
Day 2, 12:20
How to use the rad1o badge to quickly scan large portions of the spectrum.
rad1o, sdr, hackrf Schneider en - English
Lightning:The Instrumentality of a Hacker
Day 2, 12:25
A demo of me taking over a piano.

I will bring the main logic board on scene and show how a piano can be weaponized through acts.

A thing to keep in mind is that the piano can be backdoored through the USB connection only, no need to look up for JTAG on the board.
GovanifY en - English
Lightning:Lightning Talk Session Break
Day 2, 12:30
BREAK TIME! tuwat!
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Lightning:Living on a dollar a Day
Day 2, 12:45
About the problem of electronic waste and our responsibility.
D 70WN en - English
Lightning:Tihange Doel Radiation Monitoring
Day 2, 12:50
Tihange and Doel – two unstable nuclear power plants that put millions of people at risk. TDRM – a radiation monitoring network. A talk about technology, activism and how to change world.
radition, monitoring, sensors, network, activism Teubi en - English
Lightning:The story of how eduroam went down for a day at Ulm University and the problem's peculiar resolution
Day 2, 12:55
A few weeks ago on an early monday morning it was reluctantly determined by us and our staff that eduroam somehow stopped working at our university in Ulm over the weekend.

Quickly we found that none of the usual solutions would work this time as every service on its own was working just perfectly.

Be part of an astonishing journey into the depth of the network of Ulm University, the protocol spanning tree and malconfiguration and see with your own eyes how an unplugged network device caused eduroam and our public wifi named welcome to break down and learn how to avoid these circumstances in your own network as they can be reproduced in many scenarios.
eduroam, networking, spanning-tree, packet reflection Johannes Deger en - English
Lightning:BTMining - A dataset looking for a problem
Day 2, 13:00
I have a dataset of 68 years of parliamentary documents from the German parliament, and no idea what to do with it. But maybe you do! So, I am sharing the dataset with all of you so you don't have to collect it yourself.
politics, open data, dataset, data-mining Malexmave en - English
Lightning:Imperfect VR
Day 2, 13:05
Imperfect VR started as a workshop about coding and the politics of VR at Electromagnetic Field in 2016. Since then I have delivered roughly 10 workshops in the UK and in China, mostly in universities and underground art spaces. For many of the participants it was their first coding experience. In this short talk I present the project and briefly discuss a vision of democratizing coding and VR.
vr, coding, education Crcdng en - English
Lightning:REXUS - VIPER
Day 2, 13:10
REXUS (Rocket EXperiments for University Students) is a program by DLR and SNSB

VIPER (Vaporizing Ice Penetration Experiment on a Rocket) is a REXUS project by FH & RWTH Aachen, which

collects data on ice melting processes in low pressure and microgravity environments, similar to those on the Saturn moon Enceladus.
Harryr en - English
Lightning:Unlock your inner Clock
Day 2, 13:15
Learn how to take full advantage of how light is switching your body from sleepy night mode into active day mode.
light, inner clock Rudimentor en - English
Day 2, 13:20
Headhunters are an easy way to get a job (interview), but not without major drawbacks. This talk will present those drawbacks and basic strategies to avoid them.
headhunter, job, employer, employee, career Mike01 en - English
Day 2, 13:25
p≡p wants to roll out mass encryption. We've given up on the idea that ppl start protecting themselves, so we're writing protocols (and software) compatible with existing crypto and transport protocols, aka p≡p does what the user would want to do. This approach of taking away crypto needs from users’ view can be plugged into existing communication software.
crypto, mail, easy, plug'n'play, software, floss, open source Sva en - English

Day 3

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning:Lightning Talk Introduction Day 3
Day 3, 11:30
Introduction for the Lightning Talk Session on Day 3
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Day 3, 11:35
Presentation of the new advancements of openage, the free Age of Empires II engine.
game, open source, software, nyan JJ en - English
Lightning:Atari & Commodore Fuck-ups
Day 3, 11:40
Atari and Commodore once were big players in the computer industry. They are long dead now, only the brand is revived like a zombie every now and then. Let's take a look at some nails of their coffins.
retro, fun, entertainment SvOlli en - English
Lightning:Attribution Generator: License Notices for Pictures from Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia
Day 3, 11:45
There is a treasure chest of good pictures with a free license on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. But how to give credit where credit is due and generate an attribution that conforms with the license? Here's a tool for you.
Johl en - English
Lightning:Database Data Layouts
Day 3, 11:50
Designing databases is almost as hard as constructing rockets.

Choosing the database data layout, i.e., the representation of relational data in physical memory, is an important design decision.

In this talk, row and columnar databases are compared with regards to the insert and filter operation.
Wieso en - English
Day 3, 11:55
Presentation of the decoded binary format storing files on the reMarkable e-ink tablet.
remarkable, eink tablet, file format Ax3l en - English
Day 3, 12:00
I would like to present a Case against Weapons Patents.
patent crime Ideenschmied eu en - English
Lightning:A novel heating method for coffee
Day 3, 12:05
A not so serious talk about an coffee heating device which uses the in-situ resources at the office and the responsible use of modern manufacturing technologies for manufacturing prototypes of said device.
coffee, 3d printing, additive manufacturing, science Ripper en - English
Lightning:Interledger - What If Money Worked Like the Internet?
Day 3, 12:10
What if we could stream micropayments as fast, easily and cheaply as data? What if we could replace large, closed payment networks like Visa and SWIFT with an open, interconnected system? Interledger is an open payment protocol inspired by TCP/IP that could be the foundation for an "Internet of Value". It uses a simple packet format like IP to route value across independent payment networks. Early versions of the protocol are being used to connect cryptocurrencies, blockchains, banks, and mobile money systems.
cryptocurrency, micropayment, internet of value, blockchain, network, networking, open source, bitcoin, ethereum Emschwartz en - English
Day 3, 12:15
BalCCon2k18 - Balkan Computer Congress has been conceptualized as a three day gathering of the international hacker community in the organization of LUGoNS – Linux users of Novi Sad. BalCCon aims to become the central hacker community in South East Balkan, as well as to provide an opportunity for all people in this part of Europe to connect and to cooperate.
Jelena BalCCon en - English
Lightning:Capricorn: Staying ahead of ransomware
Day 3, 12:20
Using honeypots on the local machine of the user, Capricorn prevents ransomware from encrypting files that are important to the user. This open-source and cross-platform application is always being developed further, hence the reason for this talk. To improve the program, everybody is invited to share his/her thoughts and/or give feedback and suggestions.
ransomware, capricorn, anti-ransomware, prevention, open-source, tool, call for participation Libra en - English
Lightning:RIOT — The friendly OS for the IoT
Day 3, 12:25
This lightning talk introduces the free and open source RIOT operating system for the IoT in a condensed manner.
iot, operating system, making, free software Miri64 en - English
Lightning:Lightning Talk Session Break
Day 3, 12:30
BREAK TIME! tuwat!
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Lightning:Reform DIY Laptop
Day 3, 12:45
An introduction to and status update about MNT Reform, a new DIY, open source portable computer based on i.MX6 and 3D printing.
oshw, diy, computer, laptop, notebook, arm, i.mx6 Mntmn en - English
Lightning:Shit might hit the Fan driven code
Day 3, 12:50
Will talk about the Offline Survival Manual, IPFSDroid and WALLETH
foss, git, android, code, ipfs, ethereum Ligi en - English
Day 3, 12:55
We propose the concept of Technological Sovereignty to go beyond the political horizons of Free Software. People around Calafou wrote a book on it last year and this year we bring you the second volume. Technological sovereignty radicalises and communalises the idea of user controlled technologies. We ask for (German) translations and mention the toolchain used to make the book.
politics, technological sovereignty, books, society Maxigas en - English
Lightning:Formal verification for the greater good
Day 3, 13:00
It is criminally easy to make a mistake designing concurrent systems - and cars, planes and nuclear plants just happen to be such. Formal verification is one solution, somewhat secluded from mainstream engineering; this talk aims to bring more awareness to it.
formal verification, tla+, concurrent Wldhx en - English
Lightning:Small modifications
Day 3, 13:05
What would hacking look like, if it is not only with computers, but with tactile materials and embodied spaces?

What if the material traces of care, play and delights are allowed to flourish, like plants sprouting between the cracks of the pavement?

How would the interstices between private and public spaces feel like?

Poetic hallucinations on primitive hacking, everyday resourcefulness, co-existing micro-cosmoses...

The brain is not a computer. ...start something we cannot finish...
diy, social, play, outdoor, urban spaces, art, design, primitive technology, making Xin en - English
Lightning:Quality of life as political paradigm ... because winter is coming!
Day 3, 13:10
The talk uses a metaphorical comparison to the Game-of-Thrones universe to address boring politics: How to deal with inconvenient and unpopular truths like the unsustainability of our current economic system. The talk then proposes to switch the optimization criterion: away from "boosting economic growth" and "creating jobs" towards "maximizing quality of life".
politics, economy, game-of-thrones Carsten en - English
Day 3, 13:15
BorgBackup is a deduplicating backup program. Optionally, it supports compression and authenticated encryption.
backup, python, crypto, compression, deduplication TW en - English
Lightning:Unstillbares Verlangen
Day 3, 13:20
Everybody knows the future will be insane. What should we do about it? Become raging hedonists? Lobotomize ourselves? Wait for deliverance by Techno-Jesus?
philosophy, futurism InvertedChicken en - English
Lightning:DHCP Anonymity
Day 3, 13:25
DHCP Anonymity Profiles (RFC 7844) implementations
dhcp, anonymity, rfc7844, python, systemd, networkmanager, mac, randomization Juga en - English

Day 4

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning:Lightning Talk Introduction Day 4
Day 4, 11:30
Introduction for the Lightning Talk Session on Day 4
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Day 4, 11:35
How can internet-connected robots/IoT preserve privacy?
zerotier, networking, ros Zielmicha en - English
Lightning:Closing The Gaps In The Software Citation Workflow. One @software Citekey At A Time
Day 4, 11:40
Given the importance of software programs, scripts, packages, etc. in scientific work, it is clear that these will become more important publishable units. It's finally happening for data. However, the citation workflow is not as smooth as for "classic" academic products like journal articles and books. This talk briefly explains a few options of adding citation information to a software project.
software, citation, science Gittaca en - English
Lightning:Climate change - the economics
Day 4, 11:45
An economical perspective on climate change. What damages can occur due to climate change? What are the costs of climate change mitigation? What are problems with Emission Trading schemes?
Nielsole en - English
Lightning:Evolution of the KiCad library
Day 4, 11:50
In the last few years, there was quite some refactoring of the official KiCad library. In this short presentation I will talk about what changes happened, why, and what that means for current and new users.
kicad Pointhi en - English
Lightning:Digital democracy in public broadcasting
Day 4, 11:55
Public broadcasting in Germany receives a massive eight billion euros annually, yet it is subject to little or no public feedback, ranking, or even debate on what constitutes value or quality. This talk will introduce, a web application for payers to publish which broadcasts they would like to support.
public broadcasting, digital democracy Roschaefer en - English
Day 4, 12:00
Experimenting with client-side content filtering. CrowdFilter is a research project at the TU Dresden.
research, filtering, content, censorship, firefox, webextension Bitkeks en - English
Lightning:Supernova Neutrinos
Day 4, 12:05
A long time ago, in a galaxy not-so-far away, a star exploded – and we got a glimpse of what happened deep inside. I’ll explain how we boldly observed what no telescope has observed before and introduce a next-generation neutrino telescope.
science, physics, astronomy, research Jost en - English
Day 4, 12:10
There will be a conclusion of some difficulties in licensing activists and social movement photography for online and offline media use. I'll propose the creation of a platform that uses CC-licensing, we actually call I'll promote the ongoing donation process by the platforms campaigning website plus calling for participation in the project.
photography, creative commons, social media, attribution, sharing, remix Fotopia de - German
Day 4, 12:15
Adaconf - How to make a conference in 31 days

This November 25th was the first iteration of a general purpose IT conference for women and trans people - Adaconf. We were amazed by the response as our open beta test got three international speakers, whereof two travelled from America solely for this.

Working in an agile manner, focusing on the Minimally Viable Product and utilizing the special super powers of the volunteers, we managed to create a three track conference in 31 days. In this talk I will share my best tips and tricks about creating a conference.
agile, conference, women @emalstm en - English
Day 4, 12:20
NeoPG is a modern replacement for GnuPG. In this talk I will highlight some long-standing problems of OpenPGP and propose a new approach to move forward.
openpgp, gnupg Marcus en - English
Lightning:A glimpse at the debate regarding the right to Internet access
Day 4, 12:25
The right to Internet access is a debatable topic and this presentation aims to point out some of the arguments against considering it a human right. The criticism is meant to show some weak parts of this notion, so that it can get improved overtime and clear out the doubts.
human rights, right to internet access, debate Cristina.r en - English
Lightning:Lightning Talk Session Break
Day 4, 12:30
BREAK TIME! tuwat!
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Lightning:PrivacyScore: Tracking the Trackers
Day 4, 12:45
I will briefly present, a platform you can use to investigate how privacy-friendly a website is, quantified by taking into account trackers, TLS deployment, use of security headers, and so on.
privacy, web-privacy, scanning Malexmave en - English
Lightning:The MoonGen Packet Generator
Day 4, 12:50
MoonGen is a fast, flexible, and precise open source packet generator.
dpdk, lua, net Emmericp en - English
Lightning:OmNomNom - Your friendly Telegram canteen bot
Day 4, 12:55
OmNomNom is a Telegram chat bot that knows the menus and business hours of many canteens. It is available via Telegram by the username @OmnBot. I will talk about the architecture of the software and the infrastructure I use to run and deploy the bot.
open source, telegram, chatbot Someone en - English
Lightning:Schwäbischer Vortrag
Day 4, 13:00
Leid hän gsagt se hädded gern en Vortrag uff Schwäbisch, also mach i des und verzähl äbbes über Spätzla. (Wir wurde zugetragen, dass ein Vortrag in schwäbischer Mundart erwünscht sei, also komme ich dem nach und halte einen Vortrag über ein regionales Nudelgericht.)
dialect, cooking H0uz3 de - German
Lightning:FSFW - Fork us in real life!
Day 4, 13:05
Wir wollen anregen, dass sich an Hochschulen Interessenverbände für freie Software und freies Wissen gründen und stellen als Vorbild die Arbeit der Hochschulgruppe für Freie Software und Freies Wissen, die sich 2014 an der TU Dresden gegründet hat, vor.
politics, university Sebi dd, Carsten de - German
Lightning:All Creatures Welcome - CW Rape
Day 4, 13:10
There's a very serious and tragically common problem which does not receive enough attention. After the events of June 2016, some members of the CCC have made great efforts to ensure a safe and supportive space but others apparently would prefer "business as usual". As Desmond Tutu once said "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor". Unless the CCC can make a unified and authoritative decision, what happened then will happen again.
Cjd en - English
Lightning:Working for the military - can civil clauses keep us away from it?
Day 4, 13:15
Military is inherently interested to be at the top level of new

technological development. As a result, many researchers from several different disciplines (not restricted to technical development) are easily confronted with the situation that their research results are used or financed by the military.

Because many civil researchers do not want to serve the military, some universities, applied universities and federal states not only in Germany established a so called civil clause. The idea is to restrict cooperation of these institutions with the military and arms industry.

Usually, the clauses are undermined because cooperation with arms industry and military are too lucrative. We discuss a recent example: a cooperation of the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen with the German armed forces despite a civil clause in the federal state

academia, military, research, civil-clause, politics, computer-science Besto en - English
Lightning:The Circle of HOPE
Day 4, 13:20
Why you should attend The Circle of HOPE conference in New York City from 20-22 July 2018.
2600, hackers on planet earth, conference Aestetix, Maltman23 en - English
Lightning:Noisebridge Needs You
Day 4, 13:25
Noisebridge has been a hackerspace in San Francisco, California for almost 10 years. Many people have been there, and many cool projects have come out of it. We want to tell you about some of the projects, and what you can do to help make sure Noisebridge survives for another 10 years.
noisebridge, hackerspaces, hacking Aestetix, Maltman23 en - English



Waiting list

These are the entries that are on the waiting list. The start date is incorrect, as there is no Day 5 session. But we had to put something in there. The time marks the place in the waiting list.

title start duration description tags organizer language
Day 5, 01:00
Eine Wahl ist alle 4 Jahre aber Demokratie ist immer. Dieser Vortrag stellt die App Democracy vor, welche dem Nutzer die aktuellen Bundestagsentscheidungen per Push-Nachricht aufs Handy zur Abstimmung schickt.
digital democracy, bundestag, democracy-app Roschaefer de - German
Day 5, 02:00
https, security Yorickvp en - English
Lightning:CHATONS - network of independant, ethical hosters
Day 5, 03:00
Reaching out to all independant hosters of online services that respect their user's privacy: let's exchange on tools, communication and community building in a network.
hosting, email, nextcloud Agnez en - English
Day 5, 04:00
5 is a free and open source web service to share open hardware electronics projects. This lightning talk will give a quick overview of how electronics are made and hopefully inspire you to make use of the projects on and upload your own designs.
electronics, hardware, making Kaspar en - English
Day 5, 05:00
We're going to do a quick talk about a project where we've built a signals intelligence workflow that can be used with cheap SDR hardware
sigint, metadata Bleepbloop en - English
Day 5, 06:00
Yearly overview of Food Hacking Base activities.
food, drinks, fermentation Algoldor en - English
Lightning:RadioFlow, a case of public money turning into public (free) software
Day 5, 07:00
I will present an online radio app developed with Apache Cordova, which uses a Django backend to handle the configuration (stream URL, social links, web, email) and weekly shows schedule. This app was developed for Radio Nacional Argentina, and agreed by contract to publish all of its code as Free Software.
radio, mobile apps, public money Rama en - English
Day 5, 08:00
Introduction to PeekabooAV anti virus opensource project server application software to scan email attachments using CuckooSandbox
behavior analysis, cuckoosandbox, amavix, email, mail, malware, virus, antivirus, anti virus, python, opensource, project, osbar, scan, sandbox Jack28 en - English
Lightning:Hear What You Like To Hear
Day 5, 09:00
"Hear What You Like To Hear" is a citizen project I initialized as a hearing restricted person. In this session I will introduce to my motivation, the research approach, and show a prototype based on the open source project openMHA (1) on a Raspberry Pi 3.

A project in cooperation with Fraunhofer IDMT, supported by BMBF

open source, open science, raspberry pi Pgys de - German