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Description Self Organized Lightning Talks to give the Waitlist for the Big thing a Chance (Organizer Zem)
Type Talk
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, political, hardware, software, art, music, game, inside, outside, embedded, network, web, hacking, coding, security, safety, food, drink
Person organizing User:Zem
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Subtitle Ligntning Talks Self Organized Session
Starts at 2017/12/28 22:00
Ends at 2017/12/28 23:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Room:CCL Hall 3

There is a small Waitlist for the Lightning Talks in the Big Lecture Halls, so in this Self Organized Session you can Talk for five minutes about everything you want.

title start duration description tags organizer language
Automatic system shutdown with pam-tally 22:05 5 As more and more Linux and Unix systems are installed on mobile devices one has to do something about the horrifyingly insecure screen lockers and login prompts.

I will show you a patch to pam_tally2 allowing you to shut down your laptop on failed login and explain why you want that.

security, software User:Zem English
PeekabooAV 22:10 5 Introduction to PeekabooAV anti virus opensource project server application software to scan email attachments using CuckooSandbox behavior analysis, cuckoosandbox, amavix, email, mail, malware, virus, antivirus, anti virus, python, opensource, project, osbar, scan, sandbox User:Jack28 English
Democracy-app 22:15 5 Eine Wahl ist alle 4 Jahre aber Demokratie ist immer. Dieser Vortrag stellt die App Democracy vor, welche dem Nutzer die aktuellen Bundestagsentscheidungen per Push-Nachricht aufs Handy zur Abstimmung schickt. digital democracy User:Roschaefer Deutsch
Hear What You Like To Hear 22:20 5 "Hear What You Like To Hear" is a citizen project I initialized as a hearing restricted person. In this session I will introduce to my motivation, the research approach, and show a prototype based on the open source project openMHA (1) on a Raspberry Pi 3.

A project in cooperation with Fraunhofer IDMT, supported by BMBF


open source, open science, raspberry pi User:pgys Deutsch
Lightning:RadioFlow, a case of public money turning into public (free) software 22:25 5 I will present an online radio app developed with Apache Cordova, which uses a Django backend to handle the configuration (stream URL, social links, web, email) and weekly shows schedule. This app was developed for Radio Nacional Argentina, and agreed by contract to publish all of its code as Free Software. radio, mobile apps, public money User:Rama English 22:30 5 is a free and open source web service to share open hardware electronics projects. This lightning talk will give a quick overview of how electronics are made and hopefully inspire you to make use of the projects on and upload your own designs. electronics, hardware, making User:kaspar English
Lightning:CHATONS - network of independant, ethical hosters 22:35 5 Reaching out to all independant hosters of online services that respect their user's privacy: let's exchange on tools, communication and community building in a network. hosting, email, nextcloud User:Agnez English
Lightning:Nerd-In-Residence 22:40 5 A project to create a discussion forum, through a "Nerd-in-Residence". With Art, Workshops and a events, we want to create a first contact to help raising understanding and awareness about privacy. Privacy, Art User:akendo English
free space 22:45 5
free space 22:50 5

How to Participate:

You may contact me (zem) via PGP 1553A52AE25725279D8A499175E880E6DC59190F