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Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give!

Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick! To get an idea what Lightning Talks are about and how they work, look at last year's sessions at [1].


Lightning talk registration is open! Just enter your information in the Lightning Talk form and follow the instructions. Don't forget to mail us a link to your Lightning Talk page, as stated in the instructions. There is no registration deadline. We assign timeslots on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you plan on giving your talk on a specific day, submit your slides as soon as possible. Preliminary slides are okay, but remember to update them on the day before your talk. If you have any questions, please send a mail to the Lightning Talk team. We speak English and German.


Lightning talk sessions are offered on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of the congress, in Hall G. Each session starts at 12:45 and ends at 15:00. There will be a break of 15 minutes in the middle of each session.

Below is the current schedule of the confirmed lightning talks.

Day 2

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning Talk Introduction Day 2
Day 2, 12:45
Introduction for the Lightning Talk Session on Day 2
lightning talk, introduction Gedsic en - English
Technology in education and for-profit interests
Day 2, 12:50
In 2015 the global education market was estimated $4.9 (USD) trillion. It is not surprising that technology giants, private enterprises and publishing houses lobby aggressively to shape education policy so that they can conveniently sell their products and services. In this talk I will share some examples from my work with Education International, the global education union federation on how this takes shape at the global and national level (e.g., copyrights, scripted lessons, standardisation etc.). As a way forward I would also like to invite the conference participants to join me in a workshop to discuss some of these aspects bringing together people working or interested in education & technology.
education policy, for-profit lobby, technology in edcuation, innovation Nikola en - English
Plotting Iridium Satellites with Google Earth
Day 2, 12:55
Present a way to nicely plot satellite positions with the help of google earth.
iridium Sec en - English
Opening patents for makers - a green light to make
Day 2, 13:00
The objective of the legal project "Greenlight" is to introduce more clarity and

security in the patent system for free-innovators (makers, DIYers). (1) It is about creating a space in the system where they can freely work, tinker on patented devices, and share their ideas with no fear of patent infringement. (2) In addition to that, we would like to establish a database ("greenbase") which would centralize makers' ideas (on hardware, but not only) and serve as a) a source for patent search for patent offices, and

b) enlist activities protected by the legal exception (the greenlight).
Nata en - English
How to decode AFSK data
Day 2, 13:05
In the days of early homecomputers like the Commodore 64 it was possible to use audio cassette tapes as storage medium. To encode digital data into an audio signal that can be stored on tape a modulation technique called Audio Frequency Shift Keying (AFSK) was used. This talks explains how AFSK works and demonstrates how to decode the audio signal back into bits and bytes.
commodore, c64, encoding, retro, audio, tape Noniq en - English
The SIPSA protocol — real anonymity
Day 2, 13:10
I have devised a technology that allows to hide both source and destination addresses in IP packets on the network level and I'd like to share it with you. This lightning talk gives a brief intro to the technology. Source IP spoofing for anonymization over UDP (SIPSA) is a proposal for a protocol that in many network environments would allow two hosts on the network to hide both their source and destination addresses, while still being able to communicate information. A proof of concept tool that allows testing SIPSA is freely and publicly available on github.
anonymity, ip, sipsa Kirils en - English
Efficient wifi phishing
Day 2, 13:15
This lighting talk will give a short introduction to advanced Wi-Fi phishing techniques. The presentation will be demonstrating how to conduct these type of attacks using the latest version of the open-source tool Wifiphisher.
wifi, phishing, wifiphisher, offensive Sophron en - English
OpenCare: The Future of welfare in the hands of hackers
Day 2, 13:20
The migration issue dominates the European political debate. The influx of migrants, some people say, will break the European welfare system. Any new person coming in is reducing the amount of care that others can get. Care is a zero-sum game. Is that really the case?

It turns out that, when faced with care challenges, communities rise to meet them. By doing so, they step outside of our current paradigm, one of provision of care services by a combination of the state and private business. This changes the game completely to one of decentralization and reciprocity.

In this talk, we explore some of the amazing care services that communities are providing - right now - to people that the state and private business have let down. We then ask how we, as the tech community, could support these initiatives to become more resilient and to scale where possible.
health, hardware, software, politics, infrastructure, autarchy, welfare, housing, community, medicine, resilience, disruption, sustainability, open science, hacktivism, money, investment, privacy, security, migration, refugees, facism, authoritarians Ladyniasan en - English
Evolving Internet Transport
Day 2, 13:25
The Internet works, we can move files across the network. Protocol development and deployment is hamstrung by ancient API's and middleboxes configure to let the minimum amount of traffic through. Developers need a new approach to accessing the network, libraries and tools adapt to network conditions. We will present the current set of problems hampering development on the Internet and the Open Source NEAT System that aims to address them.
internet, networking, internet transport, ietf, taps Adventureloop en - English
Feinstaub Sensor selber bauen
Day 2, 13:30
Das OK Lab Stuttgart widmet sich mit dem Citizen Science Projekt der Feinstaub­messung. Du und 299 Paten installieren selbst gebaute Messgeräte an der Außenwand ihres Hauses. Aus den übermittelten Daten generiert eine sich ständig aktualisierende Karte für die gesamte Region. So wird Feinstaub sichtbar… Jeder kann mitmachen, die Einzelteile liegen bei ca. 30 EUR.

Wir wollen ganz viele Sensoren in Deutschland und der Welt haben, offene Daten für jeden, das ist #opendata Anmeldung für das Basteln: - doodle 33C3 Wir basteln am Tag 2 15 Uhr und Tag 3 15 Uhr - bitte im doodle anmelden. AUSGEBUCHT - trotzdem kommen, wenn Interesse

diy, feinstaub, sensor, bausatz, ok lab, opendata Riedelwerk de - German
Law Hacking: Fixing the new Radio Directive
Day 2, 13:35
The new EU radio device directive (2014/53/EU) endangers more than "just" Freifunk - it could also be a barrier for research. We are looking for research groups from german institutions to co-sign a statement asking the Bundestag to fix a few glaring holes in the proposed implementation
politics, law, research Malexmave, Jiska en - English
A stochastic particle-based chemical system simulator for the web
Day 2, 13:40
This summer I wrote a simulation engine for simulating large amounts of particles that are randomly moving around and reacting with each other, and with membranes for particle separation. This allows the simulation of simple chemical and biological systems. I wrote the engine in Dart which means it runs in a web-browser. I want to tell something about the algorithms I use in the engine and show some nice simulations!
science, biology, simulation, chemistry, dart, web Hbergwerf en - English
Lightning Talk Session Break
Day 2, 13:45
Break time!
Gedsic en - English
Open Steno Project
Day 2, 14:00
Short introduction to the Open Steno Project including Software and Hardware
science, lightning talk, steno, stenotype, python, learning, gaming, diy, 3d printing, hardware, software Anobo en - English
3D gedruckte Medikamente
Day 2, 14:05
Das Potential von 3D-Druckern für die Medizin kann kaum unterschätzt werden. Organe, Prothesen, aber auch Medikamente können individuell sowie passgenau hergestellt werden. In diesem Talk geht es um Medikamente, die direkt aus dem Drucker kommen. Dabei schauen wir uns nicht nur das auf dem Markt erhältliche Epilepsie-Medikament Spritam (Levetiracetam) an, sondern wagen einen Blick in die Zukunft.
3d printing, medicine, pharmacy Wahram de - German
Malware Analysis and Storage System (MASS)
Day 2, 14:10
The Malware Analysis and Storage System is an Open Source software created by researchers at the University of Bonn and the Fraunhofer FKIE. MASS is able to analyze malware samples on multiple analysis systems and provides a rich RESTful API to query and retrieve information from the MASS database.
malware, mass, open source software, science Fabian en - English
COALA IP - A blockchain-ready intellectual property licensing protocol
Day 2, 14:15
Content creators on the internet are getting a raw deal. They get a fraction of the revenue earned by hosting and distribution platforms, even though their work is what keeps these sites filled with traffic-driving content. The COALA IP group is collaborating to design and implement a free and open specification for representing and licensing intellectual property on blockchains. COALA IP's goal is to establish easy-to-use ways to record attribution information and other metadata about works, assign or license rights, mediate disputes, and authenticate claims by others. We believe there should be a global standard at the data level, without the need for centralized control.
blockchain, intellectual property, open standard, web, linked data Timdaub en - English
Day 2, 14:20
Void Linux is a general purpose operating system. I'll give a yearly status update of the project and speak of the road ahead of us
operating system, linux, distribution Gottox en - English
Day 2, 14:25
A new Ticket-Format which paves the way for a new way of access-control. Replacing the current password-style auth ( where it is hard to buy a second hand ticket ) with ethereum smart-contracts ( where you can verify you have a valid ticket )
espass, tickets, ethereum, blockchain Ligi en - English
Wo ist Markt?
Day 2, 14:30
You will get to know the open data, open source project "Wo ist Markt?" (Where is a market?), a map visualization of the weekly markets in various cities. You will learn how the project started, how it evolved and about the current state of development. Last but not least you learn how easy it is to contribute to the project: adding market data for your city or developing.
code for germany, code for berlin, open data, markets, opendata, codeforgermany, codeforberlin, codeforamerica Tbsprs en - English
Day 2, 14:35
After the Snowden reports, lots of new instant messaging protocols and -messengers spawned. mailbox3000 is a new approach which aims at reusing existing technologies and simplicity. Essentially, The concept is to exchange short e-mails via http using libsignal for encryption and http basic auth for authentication, using only one server in the middle which stores messages until they are fetched by the client. The server software is implemented as a small cgi so that everybody can set up his own server.
instant messaging Gnrp en - English
Le reset, a feminist hackerspace.
Day 2, 14:40
Le reset, is a feminist hackerspace in the center of Paris. We'd like to open a discussion on how to make our spaces more inclusive. To do so, we'll present how we created a feminist inclusive hackerspace in Paris : le Reset.
feminism, queer, hackerspace, safer space, paris Herdir en - English
Hacking medical tech development
Day 2, 14:45
In November 2016 Copernicus Science Centre, the biggest science centre in Poland, organized a hackathon unlike most others; the idea was to devise a solution to a very specialized medical problem, the target group of participants was composed mainly of makers and product designers, and the goal was to bridge the gap between academic research and the unrestrained creative spirit of the general public. I was an advisor to the organizers, concerned mainly with keeping all involved parties happy with the design process. The results were far above anybody's expectations and pushed us to make more events in the same vein. Come to the talk to hear how it went and what we want to do next.
medical, tech, public, research, academia en - English
Day 2, 14:50
BalCCon 2k17 - Balkan Computer Congress has been conceptualized as a three day gathering of the international hacker community in the organization of LUGoNS – Linux users of Novi Sad and Wau Holland Foundation. The first part of the program has been planned for presentations, workshops and lectures on the current topics regarding privacy, technology, software development, hardware hacking, free software and socio-political issues. Hands-on projects and hacking have been planned for the second part of the program. Our goal is to gather all the communities from the region, continent and the World in an effort to hack, play, learn, pass knowledge and exchange experience. BalCCon aims to become the central hacker community in South East Balkan, as well as to provide an opportunity for all people in this part of Europe to connect and to cooperate.
balccon, hacker, congress Jelena en - English
Free Software Song
Day 2, 14:55
Join us now and share the software. You'll be free hackers, you'll be free
song, free software, music, guitar, singing, sing-along, community Mquintus en - English

Day 3

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning Talk Introduction Day 3
Day 3, 12:45
Introduction for the lightning talks session on Day 3
lightning talk, introduction Gedsic en - English
Introduction to pwntools
Day 3, 12:50
Short introduction to the exploitation framework Pwntools.
pwntools, ctf, exploitation, pwnies, gallopsled, formatstring, elf, linux Kokjo en - English
Konfetti - Karmapoints for a better Neighborhood
Day 3, 12:55
We are a open-source project started at the refugeehackaton 2015 in Berlin. Our goal is to connect old and new neighboors thru an app called Konfetti. It uses a karma like point system to organize volunteer work improving the living quality of all members of the community, connect people on eye level and to produce positive IRL experiences to counter prejudice.
app, refugee, civic tech Rootzoll en - English
Imag - personal information management tool for the commandline
Day 3, 13:00
imag is a personal information management suite for the commandline written in Rust.
pim, rust, commandline Musicmatze en - English
CVE-Search - An Open Source CVE Information Aggregator
Day 3, 13:05
cve-search is a tool to import CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) into a MongoDB to facilitate search and processing of CVEs.

The main objective of the software is to avoid doing direct and public lookup into the public CVE databases. This is usually faster to do local lookups and limits your sensitive queries via the Internet.

cve-search includes a back-end to store vulnerabilities and related information, an intuitive web interface for search and managing vulnerabilities, a series of tools to query the system and a web API interface.
vulnerabilities, cves, threat intel Pidgey en - English
TDRM — Tihange Doel Radiation Monitoring
Day 3, 13:10
The nuclear power plants Tihange and Doel in Belgium have had many faults in the past few years. We have built a network of sensor stations to monitor radiation, with already 20 fully operational monitor stations in the field! Our website displays current readings of radiation near the power plants and in Aachen. In this Lightning Talk, we'll describe the situation and show you how we used Raspberry Pis to build our own sensors.
nuclear power plant, radiation, monitoring, raspberry pi, fiff, akw, strahlung, messung Teutelbier en - English
Die Digitale Gegenbehörde - Eine Versicherung gegen staatliche Repression
Day 3, 13:15
Wie wir die Hartz-IV-Sanktionen abschaffen werden. Sanktionsfrei ist eine Onlineplattform, die für Hartz-IV-Betroffene die Kommunikation mit dem Jobcenter übernimmt, kostenlosen Zugang zu Rechtsberatung bietet und gleichzeitig gegen verhängte Sanktionen versichert, indem sie sie ausgleicht. Diese einzigartige Kombination aus skalierbarem Tool und Kampagne erzeugt digitale Solidarität unter den Betroffenen sowie finanziellen und öffentlichen Druck auf die Jobcenter. Dadurch wird die Sanktionspraxis kippen.
hartz4 Meingrundeinkommen de - German
Hacking Windows95
Day 3, 13:20
Hacking Windows 95 should be easy in theory. In practice, finding working exploit tools against Windows 95 turned out to be a 3 day project. I will show critical authentication errors in Windows 95 which can be used remotely to guess the SMB password, and how this can be used to install a Netbus server on Win95 plus and gain remote code exec.
hack, windows Zzzz en - English
Free Digital Territories
Day 3, 13:25
We speak about our plans when we visit in May 2017 two indigenous communities in Brasil. Based on their project Baobáxia we want to work out if and how Freifunk mesh technologies could support them for more interconnectivity.

On invitation by art school CAPACETE (Rio de Janeiro) we plan to go to the indigenous area "Barra Velha" in Brasil to support the interconnectivity of Baobaxia communities which they are part of. Baobáxia is a community-built project to connect about 200 Brazilian quilombos to assist the interchange and preservation of traditional, community-built culture. A special challenge is found in the fact that many of these communities are located in remote areas with no access to the Internet.

The project is supported as an art project by ifa (Insitut für Auslandsbeziehungen)

Feel free to connect us. Especially Portuguese speaking people could help in planning phase.
internet, human rights, freifunk, free networks, internet access, culture, art Pgys en - English
Discreete Linux: Protection against trojan-based surveillance
Day 3, 13:30
Discreete Linux is an operating system with the special purpose of protecting whistleblowers, human rights defenders, journalists, trade union and political activists and other targets against governmental surveillance attacks with trojan software.

Since Edward Snowden has revealed the extent of the global surveillance of the world's population by governments and intelligence agencies, this threat has continued to grow. Today also numerous commercial providers of surveillance tools are also selling Trojan software to dictatorships and states that proclaim torture.

This talk aims to explain the basic ideas of Discreete Linux and show some perhaps not so well-known trojanization methods used by the NSA.
surveillance, trojans, encryption Ayshe Rustikal, Mark Zorko en - English
Food Hacking Base 2016&2017
Day 3, 13:35
I'm going to brief you on the activities both done and planned by Food Hacking Base (fhb) during 2016&2017.
foodhackingbase, food hacking Algoldor en - English
Day 3, 13:40
Yearly status update for openage. openage is a free reimplementation of age of empires 2 using modern technologies.
software, open source, c++, opengl, gpl JJ en - English
Lightning Talk Session Break
Day 3, 13:45
Break time!
Gedsic en - English
Day 3, 14:00
nyan is a hierarchical key-value database used in openage to store the unit hierarchies and allow modding
software, c++, open source, gpl JJ en - English
Hacking DOCSIS
Day 3, 14:05
Talk about hacking DOCSIS and how AVM lost their private keys. What impact does it have internationally?
hacking, docsis, cable, avm, fritz!box Chaosmaster en - English
I'm Tomu
Day 3, 14:10
Can a hobbyist fit an ARM processor inside your USB port for less than $10 USD?
usb, hardware, security, arm Mithro en - English
Day 3, 14:15
Introduction to the Opencast open source video management software, what it can do and for whom it might be useful.
open source, video, elearning Jankoppe en - English
The way we walk
Day 3, 14:20
Die Neuerfindung des Fußgängers in Zeiten des Smartphones. Ein kurzweiliger Lichtbildvortrag mit 12 Fallbeispielen aus dem Leben eines Fußgängers mit Smartphone.
smartphone, draußen, laufen, spazieren, techniktagebuch Joeran de - German
Hacking the Oculus SDK
Day 3, 14:25
Interoperability in the VR headset market seems to be a one-way street. While some companies allow anyone to support their SDK, others close down their SDK in an attempt to gain exclusivity. We've worked around this problem by implementing a compatibility layer through reverse engineering.
virtual reality, security, hacking LibreVR en - English
Keyless Gone
Day 3, 14:30
We present a simple implementation of a Keyless Go / Keyless Entry relais station attack.
security, automotive, keyless go Bibor, MRQ en - English
Hackbases: 5 Years
Day 3, 14:35
The CHT/Totalism Hackbase (Lanzarote, Canary islands, Spain) started December 26th 2011 and has been running in some form since then. A number of other spaces have started since then (full list at I will talk about the past 5 years, the current situation (new subseason, CHT5-A, starting on January 3rd, lasting into February), and the possible cool futures of these spaces.
hackbases, coliving, infrastructure, selfhosted Dcht00 en - English
Policy hacking and social engineering
Day 3, 14:40
Policy hacking und social engineering and examples from Germany and Austria
policy, social engineering, open data Vavoida en - English
Day 3, 14:45
Wie koche ich Gulasch für 600 Nerds? Und wie funktioniert die zweitgrößte jährliche Chaos-Veranstaltung in Deutschland mit freiem Eintritt im öffentlichen Raum? Und was ist die Winter-GPN?
ccc, event, hackcenter, talks, entropia, gulasch, karlsruhe Obelix de - German
Open-sourcing Internet Voting in Geneva
Day 3, 14:50
In December 2016, the Geneva local government decided to publish the source code of part of the internet voting software used in Switzerland. There has been an involvement of the local communities, open-source associations, Pirate Party, and other hackers. This talk presents the key steps that allowed the local government to change its approach.
evote Rachyandco en - English
Robots txt abuses by government agencies against transparency
Day 3, 14:55
robots.txt often abused by government agencies against transparency measures to hide very specific information from search engines, often in order to mask results of relationship related to "name surname" search of high ranking officials or companies.

A research has been done on Italian public agencies and European Union to identify "what do they hide". A prototipe to re-index those into search engine by proxying requests has been developed.

Looking for hackers interested in making it a stable transparency opensource project  :-)
transparency, search, robots Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) en - English

Day 4

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning Talk Introduction Day 4
Day 4, 12:45
Gedsic en - English
Don't make it fast, make it real
Day 4, 12:50
(Trying to help) Sorting out a few confusions about real-time systems and why you might care. Speed, Determinism, Bandwidth, Cycle Duration, Update Frequency, Synchronity, Latency, Jitter, Resolution, Accuracy, Precision, Dead-time, Stability, Priorities, Preemption. How are these related to each other ... and how can each one of them ruin getting good results from your shiny, modular and distributed, $THING (e.g. 3D printer)?
hardware, real-time, robotics Ahb en - English
Avoiding singularities in robotics
Day 4, 12:55
Presenting a type of hybrid, serial-parallel bio-inspired robot geometry suitable for large and small robotic manipulators that do not exhibit the usual singularities. It has little or no limitations in speed or trajectory and the payload-to-weight ratio is far better than current serial robots, while the workspace is larger than most parallel robots known today. If you have knowledge in 3D software like solidworks and like to animate a model, or - even better, if we find a way to hack a prototype during days 1,2,3 of the congress - get in touch with me!
singularity, robot, manipulator, anthropomorphism, bio-inspired Petaflot en - English
SeaNaps - a blockchain-based festival
Day 4, 13:00
SeaNaps is a festival leveraging blockchains and smart contracts.
blockchains, smart contracts, festival, art, conference, concert, workshops, culture Herr flupke en - English
Day 4, 13:05
let's create the social podcast network we all wish it'd exist
Informatom en - English
The Other Side of the Inzestverbot
Day 4, 13:10
Growing up is always hard, but nowadays it's even harder because - at least in the west - people tend to have less children and so, many of us already went or are going into the world without siblings. This is fatal because Siblings teach us solidarity, kindness and to threat the Other with love and understanding. But fear not, fancy French Philosophers have come to neat and quite handy terms which are maybe solving this little civilisatory problem. In an attempt to mediate between the two, words from Jacques Derrida and Claude Levi-Strauss will be thrown together to make a point of more tinkering/hacking with our personal affairs.
philosophy, personal relations, tinkering, morals Louis Fabu en - English
Version control für writing musical notes (question)
Day 4, 13:15
I'm wondering how to get version control for writing musical notes
music, version control, github, musescore, musical score, composing BenjaminWand en - English
Financial surveillance vs responsible journalism
Day 4, 13:20
I'm a Data Journalist. I'll explain how I analysed leaked data to uncover a secret banking database containing information on millions of people. The resulting story made the front page of the Times of London.
journalism, investigative journalism, leaks, data protection act, whistleblowing Atomic en - English
Austerity Map
Day 4, 13:25
We should break the abstract topic of austerity down to individual stories. These are far more likely to create action by people. A solution for this can be an austerity map.
politics, opendata 2martens en - English
Day 4, 13:30
Panopticon is a graphical disassembler written in Rust that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows and OS X. It aims to create a free replacement for tools like IDA Pro and BinDiff.
disassembly, security, binary Seu en - English
Libre Solar - Open Renewable Energy Hardware
Day 4, 13:35
Within the Libre Solar project we are developing components for a renewable energy system based on open source hardware electronics. The future vision is to combine the components to a smart and open DC nanogrid for off-grid energy supply or as an extension to the conventional AC grid.
oshw, renewable energy, open hardware, can bus, mppt, battery management, libre solar Martinj en - English
A visual story about JavaScript
Day 4, 13:40
This is a public service announcement in 120 seconds.
javascript, html, tags Kirils en - English
Lighting Talk Session Break
Day 4, 13:45
Break time!
Gedsic en - English
A Backdoor (/Bug?) in WhatsApp
Day 4, 14:00
I demonstrate that the WhatsApp client on Android automatically retransmits messages and encrypts them with newly announced public keys without user interaction. This makes it possible for WhatsApp to snoop on selected messages. WhatsApp is aware of this bug(?) since before April 2016 and did not fix it.
whatsapp, cryptography, security, vulnerability T0b0 en - English
LibrePCB: Next-gen libre EDA software
Day 4, 14:05
Quick presentation of the LibrePCB project:
pcb, eda, cad, electronics, software Dbrgn, Rnestler en - English
Rust in 5 minutes
Day 4, 14:10
A 5 minute introduction to the programming language Rust. I will introduce Rust and its unique concept of Ownership and Borrowing, talk about its package manager cargo, the awesome and friendly Rust community and finally about "real world" usage of Rust.
rust Rnestler en - English
Tindering Islam
Day 4, 14:15
The word "religion" was so far barely mentioned on the CCC. Coming from Syria, I felt the urge to contribute to the event by explaining an idea, which would change the way religious people relate to their religion. The topic is about reforming the religion. Islam is the case study, but the idea could be applied to any religion.
religion, tinder, islam Maxmaya22 en - English
Orwell's law
Day 4, 14:20
An amendment to secret service law is coming to the second hearing in Czech Parliament. We call the law Orwell's law, because it reminds us of 1984. We would like to spread the word about this and hopefully get some people to sign it and/or write articles about it, and maybe then we can change it to be more acceptable.
law, civil rights, mass surveillance Zlo en - English
Elphel NC393L - Open Hardware Cameras for hackers.
Day 4, 14:25
Building robotics, UAV navigation, medical imaging, document scanning, photofinishing, stereo and panoramic and even cinematographic cameras. Apply for a sponsored camera !
innovation, fpga, hardware, software, community, medicine, open science, diy, sensor, hacking, engineering, real-time, robotics Polto en - English
Datenreichtum beim Denkmalamt: Aus PDF wird RDF
Day 4, 14:30
Jailbreaking Governmental Data: PDF becomes RDF:

I show how to make data published and updated as PDFs (deep-)linkable by turning them into RDF plus a simple HTML view.

I took a simple example (the official lists of bavarian historic monuments). Other - and maybe more useful - applications of the same approach may be e.g. the EU meeting and parliamentary protocols, that also come as PDFs.
bayern, opendata, linkeddata, semanticweb, rdf, pdf, denkmal, scraper Mro en - English
Day 4, 14:35
Short introduction of Meetling, an open-source web app for collaboratively preparing meetings.
meeting, python, open source Noya en - English
Day 4, 14:40
Showing the YaraRules project to the public and the benefits of using Yara and having a public ruleset ready for you to test your files with.
security, malware Jovimon en - English
The pledge
Day 4, 14:45
Over 2,800 people in tech signed our pledge and publicly committed to resist Trump.
never again, pledge, trump, religious targeting, ethnic targeting, human rights, personal data Zestyping en - English
Day 4, 14:50
A global project initiated by JPCERT and Cybergreen Initiative to measure the vulnerability of the internet. Motto: what you don't measure, you can't improve! "Pollution" analogy to risks on the net. Polution is a global problem. UDP amplification attacks are as well. It's something we need to solve together.
remediation, metrics, cert, internet health, pollution Ipo2323 en - English
How EcryptFS and E4Crypt make security worse
Day 4, 14:55
On top of the conceptual flaws of File based crypted Filesystems, which are well known, I discovered another more serious, totally avoidable issue, regarding the userspace helpers....
Zem en - English