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Description An introduction to and status update about MNT Reform, a new DIY, open source portable computer based on i.MX6 and 3D printing.
Tags oshw, diy, computer, laptop, notebook, arm, i.mx6
Person organizing User:mntmn
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 3
Desired timeframe middle


(Note that the slides are just a PDF export of the Reform article. Updated much better slides will be provided in the next days.)

The Reform is a modular portable computer project by Lukas "mntmn" Hartmann (electronics/software) and Ana Dantas (industrial design). It is centered around an NXP i.MX6 SoC (to be upgraded by i.MX8) and 4GB RAM. The idea is to give the owner total control and freedom using and modifying their device, avoiding binary blobs (by using FOSS drivers) and spying components. All components will be fully documented and reproducible with mainstream maker equipment. I will briefly show the new prototype #2 during the talk.