Lightning:RadioFlow, a case of public money turning into public (free) software

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Description I will present an online radio app developed with Apache Cordova, which uses a Django backend to handle the configuration (stream URL, social links, web, email) and weekly shows schedule. This app was developed for Radio Nacional Argentina, and agreed by contract to publish all of its code as Free Software.
Tags radio, mobile apps, public money
Person organizing User:Rama
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 4
Desired timeframe middle


With this lightning talk I'd like to, firstly, remark the importance of getting software made with public money, to be published as Free Software. It's very likely that we would all save a lot of budget if we were opening up all of the code produced with public money, for the benefit of the global community.

Second, I'd like people involved in any kind of radios, be that pirate, free, community radios, etc. get to know about the existence of this tool and start using it!