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NOTE: this information is scarce! If you want to fix it, help us :)

There are plenty of ways to stay some days in Leipzig. You can choose a nice hotel room or a dorm in a hostel – see the list below. But you can also rent appartments for more people ("Ferienwohnung" would be the german word), look for private rooms for rent or even via couchsurfing for free! As for now we will not have a gym for cheap sleeping, but we are still trying to find something.

If you want to share an appartment or big dorm with other congress participants, just use the talk-page of this wiki page to find people going to congress looking for the same.

If you are from Leipzig and have some space in spare you could and want to offer to other hackers, pease just create an account in this wiki and add it as a couchsurfing option to your userpage. This will add your place to the list of free couchsurfing places so interested persons can directly contact you.

Here are some examples of some sites finding a place to stay, but not the normal Hotel/Hostel places. We have not checked any of those. Please add and comment if you find something useful:


Unknown, there will not be a Gym.

However, it will be possible to sleep in one of the halls on site for a small fee. It will be open from Day 0 (26.12.) until 31.12. There will be showers. Details to be announced.

Caravan and RV

Camping spaces (for RVs and Caravans) close to Messe
You could buy Tickets for staying close to the CCL here

Distance: 7km (30min with bicycle/ over 1h with public transport)

7 € Caravan / Night / Adult

16 € RV /Night /Adult

Cars do cost extra

(Showers and toilets included)

Table of Hotels and Hostels

Please update the list or make comments anytime!
Be aware
  • all of the prices are "from". That means: The price in the list is just the cheapest one, and might be more expensive with booking. It is just the price we got via checking them.
  • If we just got one price for all rooms types, we put it in both collums for single and double. Please update if you get other prices.
  • Double room tells the price for the whole room. If not, is is commented with "per person". Please update if you got new information or guess on this.
Looking for a dorm?
  • Please sort the list by comment, there you find prices for the dorms. (todo: extra column for "dorm" with the cheapest price to have it sortable as well?)

You might also be interested in the HotelExchange.

hotel name dist [km] cat sng dbl comment street ZIP address