Lightning:A glimpse at the debate regarding the right to Internet access

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Description The right to Internet access is a debatable topic and this presentation aims to point out some of the arguments against considering it a human right. The criticism is meant to show some weak parts of this notion, so that it can get improved overtime and clear out the doubts.
Tags human rights, right to internet access, debate
Person organizing User:Cristina.r
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 4
Desired timeframe middle


Having access to Internet is by no means a privilege of our modern society and it became so important that it was proposed as a human right. Should we currently consider it a value of our society or we fail yet to envision a clear stand on it? This lightning talk is meant to show some of the arguments that are brought by the critiques of the right to Internet access, having as main goal pointing out weak points of this notion. The analysis will consider what makes something a human right, the challenges of implementation, the belief that Internet access is just a commodity, not a value of our society. Also, it will point put that Internet lacks a clear vision of what's its purpose of use and potential evolution.

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