Lightning:Working for the military - can civil clauses keep us away from it?

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Description Military is inherently interested to be at the top level of new

technological development. As a result, many researchers from several different disciplines (not restricted to technical development) are easily confronted with the situation that their research results are used or financed by the military.

Because many civil researchers do not want to serve the military, some universities, applied universities and federal states not only in Germany established a so called civil clause. The idea is to restrict cooperation of these institutions with the military and arms industry.

Usually, the clauses are undermined because cooperation with arms industry and military are too lucrative. We discuss a recent example: a cooperation of the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen with the German armed forces despite a civil clause in the federal state statute.

Tags academia, military, research, civil-clause, politics, computer-science
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The slides are very preliminary. We are just working on them. It is on civil clauses at universities and the discussion about them on the computer science studies at the university of applied sciences in Bremen. The question is in the end, how do we avoid to work for people, we don't want to work for? The presentation will be done by me and Aaron. I don't know his login here. But we will revise this before the talk

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