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Description p≡p wants to roll out mass encryption. We've given up on the idea that ppl start protecting themselves, so we're writing protocols (and software) compatible with existing crypto and transport protocols, aka p≡p does what the user would want to do. This approach of taking away crypto needs from users’ view can be plugged into existing communication software.
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Tags crypto, mail, easy, plug'n'play, software, floss, open source
Person organizing User:sva
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 2
Desired timeframe end


p≡p motivates a new standard to securely encrypt and verify written communications without reinventing the wheel: p≡p eases secure communications relying on well-established end-to-end cryptographic methods by design. Following standards like OpenPGPG or OTR it integrates into existing systems for written digital communications and automating key management tasks.

p≡p's protocols automate the steps taught to users at cryptoparties, to protect their personal security and privacy by default. For easy integration of p≡p into application programming we provide very simple APIs because ultimately p≡p wants to change the default: from unencrypted, unverified and unanonymized to encrypted, verified and anonymized.

We support multiple platforms, multiple languages, multiple crypto technologies and multiple message transports. We will offer a Peer-to-Peer, End-to-End and device based secure synchronization of keys and configuration that is regularly audited Open Source and Free Software.


There will also be a full talk going into technical details, especially on the example of thunderbird and enigmail at the FSFE Assembly, time&date not fix yet.

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