Auf die Bühne, fertig, los!


English summary: There’ll be two live bands in the family village, Saturday (Day 4) at 2pm and 4pm, have fun!

Dieses Jahr gibt es im Family Village auch eine Bühne – Ihr habt Euch vielleicht schon darüber gewundert? Es wird dort zwei Kinderbands geben, Mitsingen erwünscht!

Samstag, Tag 4, 14 Uhr: Suli Puschban

Sie ist ein Phänomen. Ein Unikat in der Musiklandschaft, das sich jeder Einordnung widersetzt: Liedermacherin, Kinderliedermacherin, Kabarettistin. Charmant, witzig, tiefgründig. “Kinderlieder sind kein Kinderspiel!”, sagt Suli Puschban und schreibt über das Kind-sein in Berlin, wo sie …

Mobilfunk auf dem Camp


Good news everybody. There will be a mobile phone network at the camp.
We will setup a 2G/3G network and experiment with 4G as well.

Our network will support general data and voice services. The mobile
network will be connected to the POC, IOW it’s possible to call between
DECT and GSM numbers as usual.

Number registration is done via the guru UI.

Additionally we’re planning to add an interface to send and receive SMS
over HTTP. So you can create your own SMS-IRC gateway!

You will need to use a congress or camp SIM card to connect to our
network, so please bring your SIM cards from previous …

Hey, we’re going to Mildenberg!


Whoah! We’re going to Mildenberg
Whoah! Back to the campground
Whoah! We’re gonna have a party
Whoah! In the Brandenburgische Seenplatte

We’d like to make your travel to camp as smooth and relaxing as possible and have therefore in the following blog post done a detailed writeup of the different modes of travel to camp. A big thank you to everyone who took part in our survey! It’s been a great help.

Bassliner Shuttlebus from Berlin and Hamburg
Following a similar route to last Camp, we’ve organized shuttle services from Berlin and Hamburg. All tours will get you directly to Camp location and …

Being an Angel at Chaos Communication Camp 2019


Hello fellow life form.
Let’s get it out of the way: We need lots of volunteers, especially for teardown. If you want to help, become an angel.

I want to help
That’s easy. You just need to register on Engelsystem and come to heaven on camp. You’ll find more details in our wiki.

I want to help with buildup
There are not as many different tasks during buildup, so please don’t arrive early without talking to us first. If you are resilient, love to to tackle even heavy work and want to arrive early for buildup please contact us at so we’re able to plan for you accordingly. Be …

Camp Field Day – 8.6.2019

Camp Field Day – 8.6.2019


Am 8. Juni wird es eine Begehung des Campgeländes im Ziegeleipark Mildenberg geben. Für alle, die sich nicht mehr genau an das Terrain erinnern können oder noch nie dort waren, gibt es die Gelegenheit, das Gelände zu besichtigen, nach guten Plätzen für eure Villages zu suchen und Fragen zu stellen, die wir hoffentlich klären können. Wir starten um 13:00 Uhr am Eingang des Ziegeleiparks. Die Adresse lautet: Ziegelei 10, 16792 Zehdenick. Wenn du planst dabei zu sein, dann schreib uns bitte vorab eine E-Mail an:

On Saturday, 8th of June, we’ll visit the camp site at …

Wir sind in der Natur, deal with it

Wir sind in der Natur, deal with it


Hello camp visitors,

there is general camp planning going on for several weeks so far. Now we need information in terms of your villages in order to do concrete campsite planning. If you want to create some big stuff we need to know. You can find the contact details below in this post.
For your orientation we gathered some facts that are clear so far:

The watersystem we build up for the camp is limited in its capacity and unfortunately won’t be very high due to local supply limitation. This means that we need to watch our water consumption a little bit. From the overall capacity we need …

Beteiligt Euch mit Vorträgen am Chaos Communication Camp 2019

Beteiligt Euch mit Vorträgen am Chaos Communication Camp 2019


Das Chaos Communication Camp ist das alle vier Jahre stattfindende Hacker-Treffen und die Open-Air-Hackerparty des Chaos Computer Clubs (CCC) in Mildenberg. An fünf Tagen im Brandenburgischen Hochsommer kommen tausende Hacker, Technikfreaks, Bastler, Künstler und Utopisten auf dem Camp-Gelände zusammen, um sich auszutauschen, voneinander zu lernen und miteinander zu feiern. Wir beschäftigen uns mit Themen rund um Informationstechnologie, Computersicherheit, Hacking, mit der Make- und Break-Szene, dem kritisch-schöpferischen Umgang mit Technologie und deren Auswirkungen auf unsere Gesellschaft. …

Lost something at #cccamp15?


Camp is over since long, but some people are still working hard to get all the things back into place. There is still plenty of stuff in our storage that needs to get cleaned and stored back, to be ready for the next congress! One of those piles is the famous lost’n’found, you might have heard about it :)

All those things are idling now in Berlin, and waiting patiently to get back to you!

Please write to if any of the found items listed there belong to you. Please write us some details about your lost thing, so that we can be sure that the item actually belongs to …

Towards a greener CCCamp?


When in this years’ camp’s opening ceremony hukl noticed that the on-ground generators actually are a little embarrassing for the hacker’s scene and the camp should in fact be self-sustaining, he struck an important chord: If not even the self-proclaimed tech elite is able to power its festival without burning fossiles, the IT-revolution will never be a very green one.

And it got us thinking where most of the electricity is spent on site (we will leave out central infrastructure for now), and we guess we’re basically heating wires and transformator coils. If we can eliminate on-tent demand for …

Video and audio streaming during #cccamp15


As with most chaos events, c3voc and friends will cater for recording and streaming of the lectures in the two main tents. On the campsite you will be able to watch them on DVB-T channels 35, 40, 49 or listen to them on your DECT or GSM phone (numbers 8001 & 8002 and 8011 & 8012 for simultaneous interpretation). There will be programming broadcast on FM radio at 89.30 MHz and DAB at 211.648 MHz (channel 10B).

If you participate via the internet, you can enjoy our live streams using your favorite device at If all goes well, we will also provide ReLive …

Start #cccamp directly in Berlin


There will be a bus-shuttle from Berlin directly to the campsite! 

Departure: Berlin Ostbahnhof (East-Station)
Arrival: Camp \o/

Getting there: 
– Wednesday, August 12th, 15:00 (3 PM) 
– Thursday, August 13th, 15:00 (3 PM)

Getting back: 
– Sunday, August 16th, 15:00 (3 PM)
– Monday, August 17th, 15:00 (3 PM)

Reservation opens today, Thursday 6th August, 12:00 (noon), please go ahead:

If you want to have a bus at another time, please gather enough people for that date via the wiki. As soon as there are more than 30 people interested in getting a bus at …