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Description We will provide the camp live-streams (video and audio) on traditional distribution ways DVB-T a and DVB-T2 on three channels, each with approx. 6 Watt ERP power.
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Persons working on Eligs, Florolf, RFguy
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Tags radio, RF, broadcasting, transmitter, DVB, DVB-T, DVB-T2
Located at village Village:C3VOC, Village:MuCCC
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We are broadcasting the lIve-streams on three DVB-T transmitters in different modes each: One frequency with MPEG2 on standard DVB-T, one frequency with H264 on standard DVB-T and a third frequency with H264 encoding DVB-T2. We are not using HVEC (H265) encoding on DVB-T2 (like Germany is planning in the future) as there are practically no H265 DVB-T2 receivers available at the moment.

We use R&S Low Power Transmitters SLX8000 with a Tandberg MAS400 ASI/IP Gateway.

Antennas are self made Groundplanes with vertical polarisation with 0 dB gain.


The german regulatory authority (Bundesnetzagentur) assigned us following channels:

  • Ch 35 - 586 MHz DVB-T MPEG
  • Ch 40 - 626 MHz DVB-T H264
  • Ch 49 - 698 MHz DVB-T2 H264

Maximum ERP Power are 37.8 dBm / 6 Watt


DVB-T2 Ready USB Devices:

There will be also an UKW/FM Transmitter R&S SR8010 at 89.30 MHz.

There is also a DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) group at the camp:

First impressions


Antenna Building