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Description Development of free open source tools for Digital Radio broadcasting.

Community gathering of opendigitalradio.

Setup of a low power Digital Radio DAB+ Broadcast over the camp (channel 10B, 211.648 MHz)

Has website, Camp 2015 Ideas
Persons working on Hb9egm, Mc odr, Ra5h
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags radio, DAB+, digital radio, SDR, RF, mmbTools, opendigitalradio, broadcasting, transmitter, receiver, rad1o, Amateur Radio, campradio
Located at village Village:Lemanicus
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Development of free open source tools for Digital Radio



  • Setup of "high" power DAB transmission with amplifier, filter, antenna.
  • Single Frequency Network. Many transmitters on the same frequency, synchronised by GPS disciplined clocks.
  • Using the Rad1obadge as transmitter.
  • Produce a slideshow from conference talk by extracting snapshots from video streams.

TO DO, under progress:

  • Implementation of DAB announcement (FIG 0/18, FIG 0/19)
  • DAB analyzer to see channel impulse response
  • Use the rad1obadge as DAB receiver

Future, ideas:

  • Pre-distortion
  • FIG 0/6 Service following
  • ..

Contacts, discussions:

  • Exchange of GPSDO with other projects
  • MuCCC, colocation of infrastructure, modulation test with ETL
  • Ettus support of UHD
  • VOC to get campus radio, video streams

Setup of a low power Digital Radio DAB+ Broadcast

We got the channel 10B (211.648 MHz) on VHF Band III allocated by BnetzA (special thanks to Andi from MuCCC, Cpunkt and others that made this possible). So we have got capacity for many channels to transmit any audio (without copyright) so if you have a programme to broadcast, please contact us. Take your DAB+ receivers !


Content on the DAB transmission:

  • Projects:Campradio
  • Streams of conference talks with slideshow (snapshots from video)
  • 8 bits music
  • Locally produced content

DAB slideshow with snapshots from video from talks

ffmpeg -i -vframes 1 radio6/foo.png