Hey, we’re going to Mildenberg!

Whoah! We’re going to Mildenberg
Whoah! Back to the campground
Whoah! We’re gonna have a party
Whoah! In the Brandenburgische Seenplatte

We’d like to make your travel to camp as smooth and relaxing as possible and have therefore in the following blog post done a detailed writeup of the different modes of travel to camp. A big thank you to everyone who took part in our survey! It’s been a great help.

Bassliner Shuttlebus from Berlin and Hamburg
Following a similar route to last Camp, we’ve organized shuttle services from Berlin and Hamburg. All tours will get you directly to Camp location and back after the event. There is no silly luggage restriction, as all buses come with luggage trailers.

One-way-tickets from Berlin are 13€ and Hamburg costs 23€. Detailed instructions and the booking system are on the bassline website: https://bassliner.org/reiseziel/ccc/.

IMPORTANT: The bus schedule is based on the feedback from the survey. More times can be added, should you’re ideal route not be in the list.

More Bassliners from your city and your time/date
Bassliner offers to do buses from all German cities at your requested date. Key requirement is that you have at least 25 people bindingly committed to the tour. We’ve created a wiki page to help you find 24 other people in your city. All other info can be found there.
IMPORTANT: Deadline for all extra tours is Saturday, the 10.08.2019 23:42 CEST.

By Train ..
As with every CCC Event, there is a DB Event ticket for the Camp.

If you are younger than 27, you may also use the DB Summerticket, which is only 99,60€. There are 4 journeys on it and you can add a detour to some friends or add a stop at the Verstehbahnhof.

.. to Gransee station continuing by public transport bus or shuttle bus to camp

The train station Gransee is being serviced hourly by the RE5 train from Berlin. From there a public transport bus (line 854) drives to Camp (Ziegeleipark) at 10:40, 11:40 and 12:40 daily.

We’ve organized an additional shuttle service, since 3 buses won’t provide enough capacity.
Tickets cost € 3,50. Times are:

  • on the 19.08. 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00
  • on the 20.08., 21.08. and 25.08.from 14:00 until 20:00 (min. 1 x / hour if needed more frequently)
  • on the 26.08. from 9:00 until 14:00 (min. 1 x / hour, if needed more frequently)

.. to Zehdenick station continuing by public transport bus to camp
You can check the buses (line 838) from Zehdenick station on the Brandenburg public transport website, which will get you straight to Camp (Ziegeleipark).

There is more information on the buses in the Camp Wiki.

The address for your sat nav can be found in the wiki.

Extrapolating the numbers from our survey, we expect about 2000 private cars! Please double check if Bassliner or public transport might be possible, as it saves parking spaces and helps our environment. Should you have spare space in your car, please consider adding it to the ride sharing/ hitchhiking wiki page!

Please be aware that no cars will be allowed to stay on the camp site and time and space for loading and unloading will be limited. We ask you to carry light luggage onto the event site. We’re trying to source some carts to help with moving luggage.

Ride Sharing/ Hitchhiking
Can be found in under the Ridesharing Wiki page.

By bicycle
The Berlin – Kopenhagen long-distance cycling route runs past camp after ~97km from Berlin. The route is part of D11 as well as EuroVelo 7. The Berlin-Kopenhagen bike route is both scenic as well as separated from cars. It runs through forests and along the river Havel. The whole route is properly tarmacked and road bike friendly.

Anyone not keen on the full distance can take the tube to Oranienburg station. cycle along the B273 eastwards until you hit the Havel and then join the Berlin-Kopenhagen route for 42km.

Camp Wiki contains more into for arriving by bike

By ship
Team Harbor takes care of all creatures arriving by boat. Please contact them if you plan on coming by ship!

Other modes of transport
We’re keen to hear which modes are missing in the blog post, please add them in the wiki.

Enjoy your journey and we’ll see you in Mildenberg.