Resources exhausted: Tear Down

Resources exhausted: Tear Down

TLDR: Tomorrow its over, teardown starts at 18:15, don’t do anything stupid.

Dear life forms participating in Congress,

tomorrow, 36c3 will sadly come to an end and teardown awaits. For that, we need your help.

We ask all assemblies to start dismantling their installations after the Closing Event at 18:15 on December 30th. Please use gates Hall 2 – Gate 2.5, Hall 2 – Gate 2.6 and Hall 3 – Gate 3.6 for loading. There will be angels with pallet trucks to help to move your stuff to the gates. Entry to the premises has to happen via Gate Süd 1. We kindly ask you to first pack your stuff, move it to the gates and only then get your car.

After packing your stuff, please stack your chairs correctly sorted and leave the tables clean. Please do not remove said chairs from your assembly place, but stack them at the very location. Please do only tear down the Schuko part of the power distribution. We kindly ask you not to tear down stage elements, movable walls, tables or any other decorations unless you are asked to.

But tearing down the assemblies is not everything, we are happy for every helping hand. We are creating teardown shifts in the Engelsystem and ask you to sign up for them. After the Engelsystem will have gone offline, we will continue with teardown and Teardown Heaven will operate from Hall 4.

After December 30th, we will need much help till January 4th. Please come to Hall 4 between 10 and 22 o’clock and keep looking for further blog posts.

Your buildup and teardown team, known as LOC