36c3 – asking your questions!

We would like to introduce another important angel team to you! 

Not all interested people could buy a ticket, and not all interested guests always fit into every hall. That’s a pity, but there is still the stream at https://streaming.media.ccc.de

Also, some participants decide to watch the stream because  it is more comfortable in their own assembly than in the lecture hall –  others stay at home and watch the lectures from their own sofa.

However, interesting talks tend to leave some questions unanswered, so the audience can ask them in a moderated round of Questions & Answers after each lecture (if there’s time). This possibility is also given to the stream viewers, thanks to the Signal Angel team!

The Signal Angels are your connection to the lecture hall. With the help of these angels, you can already ask questions during the talk. The signal team collects them and asks the questions afterwards during the Q&A-session – that way, the answers also end up in the stream and in the recording. You only have to know in which lecture hall the talk will take place. You can look this up e.g. in the Fahrplan (timetable), or read it out of the URL of the stream.

The Signal Angel team monitors an IRC channel for each hall, these channels can be reached at 

You can also ask questions on Mastodon and Twitter, so use the following hashtags for your questions 

  • #ada
  • #borg
  • #clarke
  • #dijkstra
  • #eliza
  • #cwstage
  • #oiostage

If you’re participating locally, you’re welcome to join the Signal Angel Team! For more  information on how to become a Signal Angel, please visit the wiki.

The Signal Angels are looking forward to asking your questions!