32C3: Gated Communities (2015)

32C3 CTF


Dear Congress visitors,

for the fourth time at the Congress, we will organize a Capture The Flag competition, which will be open to all participants, on-site and online. Gather some friends and 

register your team. In good tradition, this years challenges are heavily biased towards binary exploitation. Ports will open at 20.00 UTC (21.00 local time) on December 27th and expect your …

Einladung zum Junghackertag auf dem 32. Chaos Communication Congress


Am 28.12.2015, 10 Uhr bis ca. 15 Uhr im Congress Center Hamburg, Dammtor (Freier Congress-Eintritt für Jugendliche bis 14 Jahren und eine erwachsene Begleitung).

Am zweiten Congresstag findet traditionell der Junghackertag statt, zu dem wir Kinder und Jugendliche einladen. Am Junghackertag erhalten Schülerinnen und Schüler Gelegenheit, in die Hackerkultur zu schnuppern und eigene Eindrücke auf einer der weltweit größten Hackerkonferenzen zu sammeln. Jeder Nachwuchshacker, der schon einen Lötkolben halten kann, ist herzlich willkommen.

Gegen Spende bieten wir verschiedene Bastelsets an, die wir …

32C3 Ticket Status


As of Saturday morning, the 32c3 ticket presale is sold out. We are overwhelmed by the enormous number of people who want to join us in Hamburg, but unfortunately the venue’s capacity is limited. Therefore, there will not be another batch of tickets for presale.

schlange congress

No more tickets in pre-sale. CC BY-NC 2.0 via flickr/Sascha Ludwig

There will be an also 

very limited amount of day passes for sale on-site. Please …

Call for Heralds


Are you able to speak English (and ideally also German) fluently in front of a large crowd?
Be prepared – for the time being, you might be the face of the Congress!

We are in the process of building our team of Heralds in preparation for 32C3 and we decided to change things a bit for this year’s Congress!

What are Heralds? Heralds vocalize general announcements to the audience, manage the Q&A after the …

32C3 anerkannt als Bildungsurlaub in Hamburg und dem Saarland


Erstmalig ist der Chaos Communication Congress als Bildungsveranstaltung in einem Bundesland anerkannt worden. Somit sind Kongressteilnehmer, die in Hamburg* angestellt sind, in der Lage Bildungsurlaub zu beantragen und müssen nicht ihren normalen Erholungsurlaub dafür verwenden.

Wie beantrage ich den Bildungsurlaub?

TL;DR Ausdrucken(PDF, HTML), oberen Teil jetzt zum Arbeitgeber um Urlaub zu beantragen, unteren Teil beim Kongress stempeln lassen, anschließend zum Arbeitgeber um Teilnahme zu bestätigen.

Folgendes Dokument(PDF, HTML) musst du ausfüllen und die Anmeldebestätigung deinem …

Chaospatinnen: Opening Gates since 2013


The time has come again – 32C3 is approaching. After the premiere of our “Chaospatinnen” concept worked out really well in the last two years, we are happily looking forward to continuing the model at the 32C3: The Chaosmentors are getting ready to support new visitors through their first Congress experience.

For first time visitors:

You are interested in Computers, Technology, Hacking and Digital Rights? You’d like to participate, but feel alone with your questions?
You don’t think you count as a hacker or programmer and have doubts if you fit to 32C3?
Maybe you’re worried you might be a …

32C3 tickets are available now


You can find the ticket store at https://tickets.events.ccc.de.

We try to make congress affordable for everyone – therefore we are happy to announce that the standard ticket price is cheaper than last year, now at 90 EUR.

However, please consider buying a supporter ticket to help covering our costs, because the standard tickets won’t cover everything we need to pay for. Supporter tickets are available at 110 EUR and 130 EUR. Business tickets are available at 450 EUR, 600 EUR and 750 EUR and come with an invoice.

In case you are on a tight budget and you cannot afford the regular price, do not …

32C3: Gated Communities

32C3: Gated Communities


It is 2015, a large part of the population has withdrawn to heavily guarded islands of comfort.

  • Technological eco-systems created by single companies relieve us from the burden of choosing our own mobile phones, computers or fitness trackers and understanding how they work. We let their commercial interests decide, which media outlets, news bulletins and expressions of opinion we notice and which are accepted by the globally valid terms of service.
  • Filter bubbles take the pain away of thinking for ourselves. Strongly opinionated agitators provide acceptable sources of information and handy …

Call for Participation: 32nd Chaos Communication Congress


32C3 — 32nd Chaos Communication Congress

December 27th through 30th 2015, CCH, Hamburg, Germany

The Event

The Chaos Communication Congress is the annual symposium and hacker party of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). During four days between Christmas and New Years Eve, thousands of hackers, technology freaks, artists and utopians get together in Hamburg to communicate, learn from each others, and party together. We focus on topics such as information technology, digital security, making and breaking, and we engage in creative, sceptical discourse on the interaction between technology and …