Call for Heralds


Are you able to speak English (and ideally also German) fluently in front of a large crowd?
Be prepared – for the time being, you might be the face of the Congress!

We are in the process of building our team of Heralds in preparation for 32C3 and we decided to change things a bit for this year’s Congress!

What are Heralds? Heralds vocalize general announcements to the audience, manage the Q&A after the talks and – most importantly – introduce the speakers to the crowd. Starting this year, we want Heralds to be able to focus solely on the speaker and the topic of the talk at hand.

We want you to be the best Heralds possible, so from now on, Heralds will not only be responsible for all the talks within a four hour time slot, you are also given the possibility to sign up early (read: now!), enabling you to prepare in advance of the Congress. We hope this will put Heralds less „on the spot“ and provide an even better Congress experience for everyone involved.

Mail us!

If the preliminary Fahrplan piqued your interest and you feel up to the job, please mail us, noting the talks you are interested in, ideally with a short introduction and why you feel best suited for the talks you chose, at 32c3-herald(at)

Please do so until December, 16th, 2015!

More information about Heralds can be found in the wiki.

Picture: CC BY-SA 2.0 by hudson