Chaospatinnen: Opening Gates since 2013

The time has come again – 32C3 is approaching. After the premiere of our “Chaospatinnen” concept worked out really well in the last two years, we are happily looking forward to continuing the model at the 32C3: The Chaosmentors are getting ready to support new visitors through their first Congress experience.

For first time visitors:

You are interested in Computers, Technology, Hacking and Digital Rights? You’d like to participate, but feel alone with your questions?
You don’t think you count as a hacker or programmer and have doubts if you fit to 32C3?
Maybe you’re worried you might be a minority? But you would like to learn how to solder, build robots, or are curious about programming, encryption or lockpicking?

We are happy to welcome you at 32C3! We are the chaos mentors and would like to help you get started and really excited – just send a message to chaospatinnen at lists dot ccc dot de and tell us something about yourself. Let us know about your interests so that we can find a suitable mentor for you. Do not hesitate to tell us how you feel about the congress and whether there are any doubts or inhibitions. We’ll do our best to encourage you and to take your specific needs into account.
As mentees, you will get a mentor and a group with similar backgrounds and interests assigned. The mentor will be available for your questions beforehand, if there are any. On congress, the mentors welcome you when you arrive and show you the congress site. We are also available at our chaos mentors assembly.

Please sign up before the 13th of December. The earlier the better!

We are a group of people who have had a blast at congress for 2, 5 or 30 years now. We still remember how difficult that first step can be, though. But trust us, it’s worth it – a world of endless knowledge, fun and awesome people is waiting for you. But also the Chaos community can learn from new ideas and perspectives! Hence we want to make it as easy and fun as possible for newcomers to join in the fun at Congress.

For mentors:

Like last year we need and appreciate support from friendly, reliable and experienced Congress visitors. If you would like to welcome a group of mentees and support them, please let us know and drop us a line about yourself, your interests and skills at chaospatinnen at lists dot ccc dot de. Thank you so much in advance!

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