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If you're a group or work on some project on 27C3, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project. There's a category named Category:Projects in this wiki. Your project will be listed in this category, once you include a link to it on your page. Simply add [[Category:Projects]] to your project page.

Reserving seats and table space for your project

Those of you, who feel their work will be interesting for others to come around and have a look at it or talk to you, can apply for seats and tables. Thus you can make sure that you'll have enough space at a predefined location. Unfortunately, there's usually much more demand than available space.

Like every year, assigning seats and table space for projects is quite challenging. We don't want to be unfair and we'd definitely like to prefer activists working on cool projects much more than just assigning this scarce resource to people merely using it for hanging around and watching movies.

Hence, if you'd like to reserve seats and table space for you and your project, please tell us about what you'll be doing, how many seats you need (please be realistic in this point) and - if you already know - where you'd like to be placed. And don't forget to provide us with a contact email address.

Create a wiki page for your project giving brief answers to the questions above and place a link to that page right here, at the bottom of this page! Feel free to provide more detailed information on your project page. This helps us in making our decisions and moreover it might actually attract other hackers on 27C3.

All projects, properly documented before Friday, December 10th 2010 will be taken into consideration. You'll receive notice from us around December 18th. As we'll not assign all tables to projects, but leave a fair amount for whoever comes first, quite likely some of you will not get a reservation for 27C3.


Floorplans with project placements: See Floorplans

List of projects applying for reserved space

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