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During all the years there were really great workshops at the Chaos Communication Congress. Unfortunately they were a bit hard to find, and they still are, because we announce them very late and in the wiki only, some workshops aren't in there either, we don't answer mail from people doing the workshops, we lock the rooms when a workshop should take place, we mistake one room for another and we don't provide necessary equipment (no videoprojector etc.). So it is clear, that the lack of attendees in some workshops was surely not because of uninteresting topics but merely because we don't give a shit about them. Oh, and yes, if you give a workshop, you should still pay for a ticket and engage in the presale rat race.

The plan was to create the fahrplan directly from pentabarf, but there is currently no way export a current version to the homepage. It works for the elite lectures, however.


Official List (currently not updated because we don't care)

A desperate self-organized attempt at having decent workshops

Day 1 - 2010-12-27

Day 2 - 2010-12-28

Day 3 - 2010-12-29

  • 10:00-11:00: Haecksenfrühstück/ Haecksen breakfast - meet the women's network of CCC, WOMEN ONLY, Workshopraum A03, for details please see
  • 11:00-14:00,Haecksenworkshops, Workshopraum A03 : Vorträge/Presentations (for details please see
   * Bioinformatics & Machine Learning - a Brief Introduction,
   * Sentiment Analysis / Opinion Mining
   * "A short teaser regarding the documentary on women developers/hackers"
   * und wenn die Zeit es zulässt: Games with a purpose 

Day 4 - 2010-12-30


Our approach to these problems is to send workshop organizers and attendees from one one desk to the next and back.

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